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External Links

This page will provide links to various external web sites with content that may be of interest to readers of Alloy Artifacts. These sites have been chosen based on informational content, although some may include limited commercial activities as well, such as listings of tools for sale or auction catalogs.

Please note that Alloy Artifacts is not affiliated with these other sites and has no control over their content or policies.

Tool Company History Sites

These are links to sites providing information on old tools and old tool companies, similar in spirit to Alloy Artifacts.

Alloy Artifacts has many international visitors, including some who have set up websites with information on the tools of their country or region. These sites will generally have much better coverage of country-specific tools than what we can offer.

Tool Collector's Clubs

These are generally membership organizations for people with an interest in collecting older tools. Some content may be limited to members only.

Tool Catalog Resources

Catalogs are a very important source of information on older tool companies and their products. The sites in this list have substantial selections of tool company catalogs available for download in PDF or other formats.

Tool Discussion Boards

These sites all have active discussion boards where you can post photographs and ask questions.

Tool Museums

This section provides links to physical tool museums, to help you plan your next vacation trip.

Tool Applications

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