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4 [logo] Trademark for Smith, H.D. Company      
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A&E Manufacturing Company Profile   Alloy Steel (Cont.) 1914 Use by Kraeuter
  Langline Trademark     1917 Use by Vaughan & Bushnell
  Ratcheting Box Wrench, 3/4x7/8     1919 Use by Cornwell
A.L.A.M. Wrench Size Convention     1920 Use by Abegg & Reinhold
ACME Trademark for Whitman & Barnes     1920 Use by Armstrong Bros.
AISI 1038 Steel Herbrand 905-A     1922 Use by Bonney Forge & Tool
AISI 1340 Steel Herbrand 1218     1922 Use by Mossberg
  Herbrand 1723     1922 Use by Service Engineering
  Herbrand 1731-B     1923 Use by Herbrand
  Herbrand 5929, 2     1923 Use by P&C Tool
  Herbrand S-11, 2     1925 Use by Walden-Worcester
AISI 6140 Steel Barcalo Combination Wrench, 15/16 C-V     Standard Alloys
  Barcalo Combination Wrench, 3/4 C-V   Amborn, G. Patent 0,956,259, 2, 3, 4
  Barcalo Combination Wrench, 5/8 C-V     Patent 1,054,661
AISI 8640 Steel Herbrand H4     Patent 1,054,662
AISI 8642 Steel Herbrand 1831     Patent 1,054,663
  Herbrand 4925     Patent 1,054,664
  Herbrand 6923     Patent 1,054,665
AISI 8645 Steel Barcalo "Barcaloy"     Patent 876,925
  Barcaloy Combination Wrench, 11/16     Patent 876,926
  Barcaloy Combination Wrench, 3/4     Patent 956,259
  Barcaloy Combination Wrench, 3/8     Patent 985,766
  Barcaloy Combination Wrench, 5/8   Amborn, Jr., G. Patent 570,213
  Barcaloy Combination Wrench, 9/16     Patent 570,214
AISI 8742 Steel Herbrand 1218     Patent D35,385
  Herbrand 1222   American Artisan 1915 Ad for Carll Reversible Wrench
  Herbrand 1725     1915 Notice for Bemis & Call
  Herbrand 1731B     1917 Ad for Vaughan & Bushnell
  Herbrand 1827   American Blacksmith 1909 Ad for Champion Tool
  Herbrand 1936     1909 Ad for Wizard Ratchet Wrench
  Herbrand 1940   American Carpenter Builder 1913 Ad for Mayhew Screwdriver
  Herbrand 3929   American Engineer and Railroad Journal 1906 Notice for Q.M.S. Company
  Herbrand 5731A   American Grinder Mfg. See also Blackhawk Mfg.
  Herbrand H-11     Parent of Blackhawk Mfg.
  Herbrand H-15   American Machinery 1922 Notice for Allen Mfg. No. 19 Set
  Herbrand S-10   American Machinist 1904 Ad for Whitman & Barnes
  Williams 1960     1913 Notice for Oswego Tool
AISI Steel Standard Alloys     1914 Ad for Allen Mfg.
ALL PURPOSE Trademark for Vlchek Tool     1927 Notice for Husky Wrench
APCO-Mossberg See also Frank Mossberg Company   American Metal Products Ampco [logo] Trademark
APCO Cunha Patent Ratchet   American Motorist 1912 Ad for Stephens Ratchet Wrench
  Merger with Frank Mossberg Company   American Plierench Corp. See also Eifel
  Offset Double-Hex Box Wrench, 5/8, 2     Company Profile
AT-8011 Wrench See Bonney AT-8011 Wrench   American Saw Company Alligator Trademark
AUTO-CREEPER Trademark for Brown Company     Company Profile
Abegg & Reinhold Company Profile     No. 1 Alligator Wrench
  Varco Trademark   American Swiss File & Tool Successor to Braunsdorf-Mueller
Abegg, W.A. Patent 1,365,071   Ampco Metals Ampco [logo] Trademark
  Patent 1,398,054   Ampco [logo] Trademark for American Metal Products
  Patent 1,422,067     Trademark for Ampco Metals
Able, E.T. Patent 2,788,690   Anderson, A.T. et al Patent 1,101,381
About Alloy Artifacts Our Mission   Anderson, J. & J.E. Anderson Patent 1,123,462
Accessory and Garage Journal 1914 Ad for Mossberg Auto-Clé   Anderson, J.A. Patent 1,770,899
  1916 Notice for Syracuse Wrench   Andrews, H.D. Patent 2,462,250
  1921 Article on Walden-Worcester   Angquist, T.F. et al Patent 2,982,161
  1921 Notice for Packer Auto   Angquist, T.F. Patent 2,982,161, 2
Action Hot Forged Tools Trademark for Thorsen Manufacturing     Patent 3,193,897
Action Model 2022A Wrench     Patent 3,398,451
  Model 2024A Wrench   Animation Blackhawk 151
  Model 2028A Wrench   Any Angle Wrench See also Imperial Tool Company
  Model 530A Socket     Production by Automatic Transmission Co.
Adams, H.I. Patent 1,413,698, 2   Arc-Joint Craftsman Tongue-and-Groove Pliers
Adamson, C.F. Patent 1,108,111, 2   Armaloy Trademark for Armstrong Bros. Tool
Adapter 1.5-Hex Drive, OTC P-61-6     Use by Armstrong
  1/2-Drive, MTF 5/8-Drive   Armstrong Bros. Tool See also Armstrong
  1/2-Drive, Mystery Brace Bit     Armaloy Trademark
  1/2-Hex Drive, Service 5/8-Hex     Armstrong Trademark, 2
  11/16-Drive, Mossberg 371     Catalog Resources
  3/4-Drive, Blackhawk T9XX     Company History
  3/4-Drive, P&C 6071     Patents Issued and Licensed
Adjustable Wrench Any Angle 8 Inch     Production for Caterpillar, 2
  Arrow Tool 10 Inch     Trademarks
  B&C 10 Inch "S"   Armstrong, L.F. Patent 1,732,549
  B&C 6 Inch "S"   Armstrong, P. Patent 1,676,210
  B&C No. 80   Armstrong See also Armstrong Bros. Tool
  B&C, 8 Inch "S"     Model 1021-S Wrench
  BMCo 8 Inch     Model 1077-B Wrench
  Bahco 70 6 Inch     Model 1090-D Wrench
  Bahco 8 Inch "Volvo"     Model 1092-F Wrench
  Barcalo 12 Inch     Model 1094 Wrench
  Barcalo 4 Inch     Model 1122 Wrench
  Barcalo 8 Inch     Model 1159-A Wrench
  Barcalo N6     Model 1160 Wrench
  Baxter Tower & Lyon     Model 1163 Wrench
  Bergman 6 Inch     Model 1164 Wrench
  Bergman 8 Inch     Model 1166 Wrench, 2
  Billings 77-10     Model 1167 Wrench
  Billings 77-12, 2     Model 1168-L Wrench
  Billings 77-4     Model 1170-L Wrench
  Billings 8 Inch     Model 1172-L Wrench
  Billings 8 Inch "S"     Model 1623-C Wrench
  Blue Point, 10 Inch     Model 1705 Wrench
  Blue Point, 12 Inch     Model 2 Wrench
Adjustable Wrench (Cont.) Blue Point, 15 Inch     Model 204-A Wrench
  Bonney 10 Inch     Model 23A Wrench
  Bonney 6 Inch     Model 2415 Wrench
  Bonney BW8     Model 2426 Wrench
  Boos Tool   Armstrong (Cont.) Model 2426-Special Wrench, 2
  Carll, Reversible     Model 2429 Wrench
  Cleveland Auto-Grip     Model 25-524 Wrench
  Cornwell AJ-10B     Model 27-602 Wrench
  Craftsman 10 Inch "JW"     Model 403 Wrench
  Craftsman 10 Inch Locking     Model 404 Wrench
  Craftsman 10 Inch Vanadium     Model 405 Wrench
  Craftsman 12 Inch     Model 4122 Wrench
  Craftsman 12 Inch Vanadium     Model 422 Wrench
  Craftsman 4 Inch Vanadium, 2     Model 424 Wrench
  Craftsman 44604     Model 5 Wrench
  Craftsman 6 Inch Vanadium     Model 5B782 Wrench
  Craftsman 8 Inch     Model 5B786 Wrench
  Craftsman 8 Inch Locking     Model 607A Wrench
  Craftsman 8 Inch Vanadium, 2     Model 624-A Wrench
  Craftsman 8 Inch, 2     Model 629C Wrench
  Crescent 10 Inch Crestoloy     Model 637 Wrench
  Crescent 12 Inch     Model 661D Wrench
  Crescent 12 Inch Alloy     Model 661G Wrench
Adjustable Wrench (Cont.) Crescent 12 Inch Crestoloy     Model 807 Wrench
  Crescent 4 Inch Crestoloy, 2     Model 903 Wrench
  Crescent 6-8 Inch     Model A-C-3 Wrench
  Crescent 8 Inch     Model F-51 Ratchet
  Crescent 8 Inch Crestoloy, 2   Armstrong (Cont.) Model F-91 Ratchet
  Crescent 8-10 Inch     Model FA-50 Ratchet
  Cronk     Model FA-51 Ratchet
  Danielson 12 Inch     Model H-110 Extension
  Danielson 8 Inch     Model H-115 Extension
  Danielson Bet'R-Grip 12 Inch     Model H-115P Extension
  Danielson Bet'R-Grip 4 Inch     Model H-1230 Socket, 2
  Danielson Bet'R-Grip 6 Inch     Model H-1231 Socket, 2
  Danielson Bet'R-Grip 8 Inch, 2     Model H-1254 Socket
  Danielson Vanadium 10 Inch     Model H-1258 Socket
  Danielson Vanadium 4 Inch     Model H-12xx Sockets
  Danielson Vanadium 8 Inch     Model H-140 Universal
  Diamond 10 Inch     Model H-15 Wrench
  Diamond 10 Inch Diamalloy, 2     Model H-20A Tee Handle
  Diamond 10 Inch Wide     Model H-50 Ratchet
  Diamond 10 Inch     Model HA-51 Ratchet
  Diamond 10-12 Inch     Model HD-1240 Socket
  Diamond 12 Inch     Model M-51 Ratchet
  Diamond 12 Inch Diamalloy, 2     Model NM-110 Handle
Adjustable Wrench (Cont.) Diamond 12 Inch, 2     Model NMA-51 Ratchet
  Diamond 15 Inch Diamalloy     Model S-110 Extension, 2
  Diamond 4 Inch     Model S-110P Extension
  Diamond 4 Inch Diamalloy, 2, 3     Model S-115 Extension
  Diamond 6 Inch   Armstrong (Cont.) Model S-1224 Socket
  Diamond 6 Inch Diamalloy, 2     Model S-140 Universal
  Diamond 6 Inch, 2     Model S-15 Speeder
  Diamond 6-8 Inch Diamalloy     Model S-150 Drive Plug
  Diamond 8 Inch     Model S-20 Socket Set
  Diamond 8 Inch Diamalloy, 2, 3     Model S-20A Tee Handle
  Diamond 8 Inch, 2, 3     Model S-33 Socket Set
  Diamond DH16     Model S-40 Flex Handle
  Diamond DH18     Model S-41 Flex Handle, 2
  Dunlap 10 Inch     Model S-50 Ratchet, 2
  Dunlap 8 Inch     Model S-51 Ratchet
  Duro-Chrome 2087A     Model S-818 Socket
  Fleet 4008-S     Model S-91 Ratchet
  Fleet 4210-S     Model SA-51 Ratchet
  Fulton 8 Inch     Model ST-1222 Socket
  Gellman "Polly" No. 121     Model ST-1224 Socket
  Gellman 91     Model ST-1234 Socket
  Girard 10 Inch     Model ST-1240 Socket
  Herbrand 21-10     Model T-4 Wrench
Adjustable Wrench (Cont.) Herbrand 21-12     Model TKKX20 Wrench
  Herbrand 21-4     Model TKKX4B Wrench
  Herbrand 21-6     Model X-1252 Socket
  Herbrand 21-8     Model X-1258 Socket
  Hickory 8 Inch   Armstrong (Cont.) Model X-1268 Socket
  Hit "ROI" 150 MM     Model XX-110 Extension
  Hit "Strong" 200 MM     Model XX-1258 Socket
  Hjorth 6 Inch     Model XX-1264 Socket
  Kilborn & Bishop 4 Inch     Model XX-1284 Socket
  LACO 6 Inch     Model XX-50 Ratchet
  Master Quality 12 Inch     No. 1023 Wrench
  Master Quality 6 Inch     No. 1025 Wrench
  Master Quality 8 Inch     No. 1027 Wrench
  McKaig-Hatch, 12 Inch     No. 1027C Wrench
  McKaig-Hatch, 4 Inch     No. 1028-S Wrench, 2
  McKaig-Hatch, 6 Inch     No. 1029 Wrench, 2
  Merit 10 Inch, 2     No. 1029C Wrench
  Merit 6-8 Inch     No. 1033A Wrench
  New Lobster 200mm     No. 1033C Wrench, 2
  P&C 1708     No. 1039B Wrench
  P&C 1708-S, 2     No. 1727 Wrench, 2, 3
  P&C 1712     No. 1728 Wrench
  PWA 1056 Pratt-Whitney     No. 1729 Wrench
Adjustable Wrench (Cont.) Penens 4204     No. 1730 Wrench
  Plomb 706, 2, 3     No. 1731 Wrench, 2
  Plomb 706S     No. 1731A Wrench, 2, 3
  Plomb 708, 2, 3     No. 1734 Wrench
  Plomb 708S   Armstrong (Cont.) No. 2028 Wrench
  Plomb 710, 2     No. 2029 Wrench
  Plomb 710S     No. 31 Wrench
  Plomb 712, 2     No. 5037 Wrench
  Proto 704-S     No. 6725 Wrench
  Proto 708-S     No. 7725A Wrench
  Proto 712-S     No. 7729A Wrench
  Scholler 10 Inch     No. 7731A Wrench
  Scholler 8 Inch     No. 8025 Wrench, 2
  Super Tool 200mm     No. 8028A Wrench
  Truecraft 204     No. 8033 Wrench
  Truecraft 206     No. 8723 Wrench
  Truecraft F208     No. 8727 Wrench, 2
  Utica 6 Inch     No. 8729 Wrench
  Utica 90-10, 2, 3     No. 9725 Wrench
  Utica 90-12, 2     No. 9729A Wrench
  Utica 90-8, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 21
  Utica 91-10     Socket Set, 3/4-Drive H-15
  Utica 91-4     Trademark for Armstrong Bros. Tool, 2
Adjustable Wrench (Cont.) Utica 91-6   Arras & Brown Patent 2,677,982
  Utica 92-8   Arrow Tool Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch
  Vlchek AV6     Company Profile
  Vulcan Mfg. 10 Inch   Artisan See also Gamble's Auto Stores
  Westcott 78     Model 4270 Ratchet, 2
  Westcott 80     Model 4570 Ratchet
  Westcott 82     Production by S-K Tools
  Western Giant 6 Inch     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 16-Piece, 2
  Williams 10 Inch, 2     Trademark for Gamble Stores
  Williams 4 Inch, 2   Asahi Tool Box-End Wrench, 36mmx41mm
  Williams 6 Inch, 2   Ash, L. & H.B. Stewart Patent 754,633
  Williams 8 Inch, 2, 3   Atha Tool Ballpeen Hammer
  Williams AB-8     Company Profile
  Williams AP-10   Atkinson, R.L.S. Patent 1,678,313, 2
  Williams AP-12   Auto Accessories Corp. Successor to Packer Auto Specialty
  Williams AP-4   Auto Service Tools [logo] Trademark for Miller Tool & Mfg.
  Williams AP-8   Auto-Clé Acquisition by Mossberg
  Williams APL-6     Mossberg Auto-Clé Socket Sets
  Wright Wrench 8 Inch     No. 1 Socket Set
Adjusto Blackhawk 151 Drain Plug Wrench   Auto-Kit See also Danielson, J.P. Company
  Trademark for Blackhawk Mfg.     Brand Used by Danielson, J.P. Company
Advertisement Bay State Autokit, Motor Age (1908)     No. 100 Wrench Set, 2
  Bay State, Automobile Trade Journal (1909)     No. 100 Wrench, 1/2x9/16
  Bay State, Horseless Age (1906)     No. 100 Wrench, 3/4x7/8, 2
  Blackhawk, Motor Boat (1919)     No. 100 Wrench, 5/8x3/4, 2
  Cornwell, Popular Mechanics (1925)     No. 100 Wrench, 7/16x1/2
  Greene Tweed, American Machinist (1904)     No. 100 Wrench, 9/16x5/8
  Greene Tweed, Machinery (1906)     No. 200 Wrench, 1/2x9/16
  Hinsdale, Popular Science Monthly (1929)     No. 200 Wrench, 15/16x1
  Hinsdale, Popular Science Monthly (1931)     No. 200 Wrench, 3/8x7/16
  Hjorth, Hardware Dealers' Magazine (1904)     No. 200 Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  Husky Wrench, Popular Mechanics (1925)   Automatic Transmission Co. Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch "Any Angle"
  Miller Combination Tool, Hardware Dealers' Magazine (1906)     Maker of "Any Angle" Wrench
  Miller Combination, Automobile Trade Directory (1907)   Automobile Dealer and Repairer 1909 Ad for Buffum Tools
  Miller Combination, Horseless Age (1907)     1915 Ad for Walden-Worcester
  Plomb Tool, Popular Science Monthly (1928)     1922 Ad for J.H. Faw "Fawsco"
  Plomb Tool, Popular Science Monthly (1929)     1922 Notice for Brownbilt
  Utica, American Review of Reviews (1912)   Automobile Journal 1919 Ad for Bay State Pump
  Utica, Popular Mechanics Shop Notes (1906)     1922 Notice for Fairmount Valve Lifter
Agrippa Trademark for Williams, J.H. & Co.   Automobile Supplies (Sears) 1913 Catalog Aristocrat No. 1 Set
Aiken, E.L. Patent 2,088,224   Automobile Trade Directory 1907 Ad for Miller Combination
Albrecht, J.J. Patent 873,977     1907 Ad for Syracuse Wrench
Albright, R.R. Patent 1,561,501     1908 Ad for Charles E. Hall Co.
Alderman Brand Used by Frank Mossberg Company     1908 Ad for Rex Wrench
Allen Mfg. Catalog (1922) Bay State No. 19 Set     1909 Ad for Lakeside Forge and Wrench
  Catalog (1922) Bay State No. 20 Set     1911 Ad for Braunsdorf-Mueller
  Catalog Resources     1911 Ad for Cronk & Carrier
  Company History     1911 Ad for Syracuse Wrench
  Handle Bar, 7/16-Hex Drive     1912 Ad for Walden Mfg.
  Look ... Triangles [logo] Trademark     1920 Ad for Kraeuter Pliers
  Patents Issued     1920 Ad for Zim Accessories
  Ratchet, 7/16-Hex Drive     1924 Ad for Bethlehem Spark Plug
  Socket Set, Bay State No. 19   Automobile Trade Journal 1906 Ad for Railway Appliances
  Socket, 7/16-Hex Drive 13/16     1906 Notice for Miller Combination
  Successor to Bay State Pump Company     1912 Ad Packer Auto Socket Sets
  Trademarks Registered     1912 Notice for Vlchek Tool
  Tri-Markt Trademark     1919 Notice for Bonney
  Universal, 7/16-Hex Drive     1921 Notice for King Pressed Steel
  Use of Bay State Brand     1922 Ad for K-D Valve Lifter
Allen Wrench & Tool Company Profile     1924 Notice for K-D Manufacturing
  Friction Ratchet   Automotive Industries 1917 Ad for Bay State Pump
  Universal Ratchet     1919 Ad for Allen Mfg.
Allen, F.R. Patent 1,000,878, 2, 3   Aviation 1918 Ad for Buffum Tools
  Patent 1,124,191   Award Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1
  Patent 1,261,092, 2   Ayer, F.H. Manufacturing See also Ayer
Allen, W.G. Patent 960,244     Company Profile
Allenite See also Daido   Ayer, F.H. Patent 1,072,807, 2
  Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive     Patent 1,199,737
  Open-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16     Patent 1,199,738
  Ratchet, 1/2-Drive     Patent 882,609
  Trademark for Daido   Ayer See also Ayer, F.H. Manufacturing
Alligator Wrench American Saw No. 1     Socket, Pressed-Steel 1-9/32
Alligator Trademark for American Saw Company     Tee Handle Ratchet
Alloy Steel 1909 Use by Crescent Tool      
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(Section B↓)   [B]    
B Barcalo-Buffalo [logo] Trademark for Barcalo Mfg.   Bog Mfg. (Cont.) Manufacturing Dates
B [diamond logo] Trademark for Barnes Tool     Model 202 Ratchet
B [triangle logo] Trademark for Billings & Spencer, 2     Model 202A Ratchet
B&C [logo] Trademark for Bemis & Call     Model 252 Socket Set
B&C See also Bemis & Call     Model 328 Ring Groove Cleaner
  Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch "S"     Model 3A Wheel Puller
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch "S"     Model 415 Wrench, 2
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch "S"     Model 496 Wrench
  Model 80 Wrench     Model 635 Ell Handle
  Monkey Wrench, 10 Inch     Model 637 Sliding Tee Handle
B-Circle Craftsman Manufacturer's Code     Model 673 Flex Handle
BESCO See also Battery Equipment & Supply     Model 686 Spark Plug Wrench
  Brand Used by Battery Equipment & Supply     Model 690 Spark Plug Wrench
  Model 9857 Battery Pliers     Model 814 Socket Wrench
BHM See also Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.     Model 882 Socket Wrench
BILLINGS Trademark for Billings & Spencer, 2     Model 936 Ratchet
BMCo [logo] Trademark for Braunsdorf-Mueller     No. 1721 Wrench
BMCo See also Braunsdorf-Mueller     Offset Socket Wrench, 5/8, 2
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Patents
  Arch Punch, 3/4     Production for Billings & Spencer
  Bearing Scraper, 3/8     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive Gearless, 2
  Bit Brace Socket, 19/32     Ratchet, 7/16-Hex Drive, 2
  Socket Wrench, 1/2 Bent     Ratchet, Connecting Rod, 2
  Socket Wrench, 5/8 Bent   Bog Mfg. (Cont.) Ratcheting Box Wrench, 11/16
Bahco Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive "Dandy"
  Company Profile     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 955
  Model 70 Wrench, 6 Inch     Socket Set, 7/16-Hex Drive "Jumbo", 2
  Model L18-19 Wrench     Socket Set, 7/16-Hex Drive "Multi-Fit", 2
Bahr, C.C. et al Patent 2,074,079     Socket Wrench, (1/2x5/8)x5/8
Baker, C. Patent 1,203,685     Socket Wrench, (1/2x5/8)x5/8
Baker, D.R. Patent 5,381,710     Socket Wrench, 1/2
Baker, Hamilton & Pacific 1920 Catalog Varco No. 99 Set     Socket Wrench, 3/8
Baker, J.G. Patent 1,048,792     Socket Wrench, 4-Way Brace, 2
  Patent 1,141,602, 2     Socket Wrench, 5/8, 2
  Patent 1,176,019     Socket Wrench, 7/16
  Patent 692,225     Socket Wrench, 9/16
  Patent 692,226     Socket, 1/2-Drive 13/16
  Patent 767,199     Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-1/8
  Patent 877,695     Socket, 7/16-Hex Drive 3/4
Ballou-Wright 1906 Automobile Supplies Catalog     Speeder, 1/2-Drive
Bantam Trademark for Williams, J.H. & Co.     Speeder, 7/16-Hex Drive
Barb, R.W. Patent 1,618,046     Speeder, Nut-Holding 9/16, 2
Barcalo Mfg. See also Hall, Charles E. Co.     Tee Handle, 7/16-Hex Drive
  Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch   Bohn, G.J. et al Patent 1,481,250
  Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch   Boker, H. & Company Company Profile
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch N6   Boker See also Boker, H. & Company
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Lineman's Pliers, 8 Inch
  Auto Wrench, 9 Inch   Bon-E-Con Tools [logo] Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works
  B Barcalo-Buffalo [logo] Trademark   Bon-E-Con See also Bonney Forge & Tool Works
  Barcalo Trademark     Model ZA700 Ratchet
  Barcalo-Buffalo Trademark     Model ZA707 Ratchet
  Barcaloy Trademark     Model ZE2428 Wrench
  Battery Pliers     Model ZEB26 Wrench
  Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1     Model ZEB28 Wrench
  Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1 Inch Cr-Mo     Model ZT700 Ratchet
  Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32 Cr-Mo   Bonaloy Brand Used by Bonney
  Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 Cr-Mo     Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works
  Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 Short   Bonine, C.E. Patent 1,053,703
  Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16   Bonner, C.E. Mfg. See also Bonner
  Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16 Short     Company Profile
  Catalog (1934) Factory Illustration   Bonner, C.E. Patent 737,199, 2
  Catalog (1934) Offset Box-End Wrenches   Bonner, W.S. Patent 716,515, 2
  Catalog Resources   Bonner See also C.E. Bonner Mfg.
  Combination Wrench, 11/16     No. 29 Wrench
  Combination Wrench, 13/16     Pipe Wrench, "Victor" 15 Inch
Barcalo Mfg. (Cont.) Combination Wrench, 15/16 C-V   Bonney Forge & Tool Works See also Bon-E-Con
  Combination Wrench, 3/4     See also Bonney Vise & Tool Works
  Combination Wrench, 3/4 C-V     See also TuHex
  Combination Wrench, 3/4     Battery Terminal Pliers
  Combination Wrench, 3/8     Bon-E-Con Tools [logo] Trademark
  Combination Wrench, 5/8     Bonaloy Trademark
  Combination Wrench, 5/8 C-V     Bonney Tools Trademark
  Combination Wrench, 5/8     Bonney Wrenches [logo] Trademark
  Combination Wrench, 7/8     CV Trademark, 2
  Combination Wrench, 9/16, 2, 3     Catalog (1923) Tappet Wrenches
  Company History     Catalog (1925) Specialty Tools
  Ford Utility Wrench     Catalog (1933) Front Cover
  Halfmoon Wrench, 9/16x5/8     Catalog (1933) Tappet Wrenches
  Lineman's Pliers     Catalog (1933) Zenel 31xx "TuType"
  Manufacturing Dates     Catalog (1933) Zenel 3xxx Open-End
  Model TB1820 Wrench     Catalog (1933) Zenel Exx Electrical
  Model TB3232 Wrench     Catalog Resources
  Model TC08 Wrench     Chrome Vanadium [decal] Trademark
  Model TC22 Wrench     Chrome-Vanadium Trademark
  Model TC24 Wrench     Company History
  Model TC26 Wrench     Date Code System
  Model TS0810 Wrench     Ford Owner's Wrench Kit
  Model TS1214 Wrench     Industrial Distributors
Barcalo Mfg. (Cont.) No. 1725B Wrench   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Manufacturing Dates
  No. 28-S Wrench     Model 1116 Wrench
  Open+Box Wrench, 5/8x3/4     Model 1116H Wrench
  Open-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2, 3, 4     Model 1160 Wrench, 2
  Open-End Wrench, 13/16x7/8, 2     Model 1161 Wrench, 2
  Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1, 2, 3     Model 1162 Wrench
  Open-End Wrench, 19/32x11/16, 2, 3, 4     Model 1163 Wrench, 2
  Open-End Wrench, 25/32x7/8, 2     Model 1164 Wrench, 2
  Open-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16     Model 1165 Wrench, 2
  Open-End Wrench, 5/16x13/32     Model 1166 Wrench, 2
  Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4, 2, 3     Model 1167 Wrench
  Open-End Wrench, 7/16x1/2     Model 1167A Wrench, 2, 3, 4
  Open-End Wrench, 9/16x5/8     Model 1168 Wrench
  Patents Issued     Model 1170 Wrench
  Production for Montgomery Ward, 2     Model 1172 Wrench
  Production for Western Auto Supply, 2     Model 1174 Wrench, 2
  Slip-Joint Pliers, 10 Inch     Model 1226 Wrench
  Slip-Joint Pliers, 7 Inch     Model 1232 Wrench, 2, 3
  Spark Plug Wrench, 5/8x15/16     Model 1238 Wrench
  Tack Puller     Model 1240 Wrench
  Tappet Wrench, 1/2x9/16     Model 1242 Wrench
  Tappet Wrench, 3/4x7/8     Model 1244 Wrench
  Tappet Wrench, 5/8x11/16     Model 1246 Wrench
Barcalo Mfg. (Cont.) Tappet Wrench, 7/16x17/32   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model 1248 Wrench
  Trademarks     Model 1250 Wrench
  Waterpump Pliers     Model 1252 Wrench
  Wrench Set, Open-End 5-Piece     Model 1272 Wrench
  Wrench Set, Open-End 6-Piece     Model 1276 Wrench
  Wrench Set, Tappet     Model 1407A Wrench
Barcalo-Buffalo Trademark for Barcalo Mfg.     Model 1503 Wrench
Barcalo Trademark for Barcalo Mfg.     Model 1507A Wrench, 2
Barcaloy Brand Used for Alloy Steel     Model 2105A Wrench
  Trademark for Barcalo Mfg.     Model 2525 Wrench
Barden, J.S. Patent 458,934, 2     Model 2526 Wrench
Bardwell, E.A. Patent 1,273,441, 2     Model 2535 Wrench
Barnes Tool 5 Inch Bicycle Wrench     Model 2536 Wrench
  B [diamond logo] Trademark     Model 2539 Wrench
  Company Profile     Model 2540 Wrench
  Pipe Cutter     Model 2542 Wrench
Barnes, E.F. Patent 282,256     Model 2549 Wrench
  Patent 282,435     Model 2551 Wrench
  Patent 287,899     Model 2566 Brake Spoon
Barnes, W. Patent 1,381,900     Model 2575 Wrench
Barnes, W.A. et al Patent 2,750,829, 2     Model 2581 Pliers
Barnes, W.A. Patent 2,441,552, 2     Model 2589 Offset Screwdriver
  Patent 2,535,383     Model 2591 Stud Extractor
  Patent 2,539,294   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model 2617 Torque Adapter
  Patent 2,729,999     Model 2618 Wrench
  Patent 2,799,191     Model 2680 Pliers
  Patent 2,801,402     Model 2803 Wrench
  Patent 2,822,711     Model 2804 Wrench
Bartenstein, J.J. Patent 1,168,844, 2     Model 2804L Wrench
  Patent 1,361,219     Model 2805 Wrench, 2
Bartholomay, J.P. Patent 876,680     Model 2805B Wrench
Basford, H.R. Company See also Gripso     Model 2805L Wrench, 2
  Company Profile     Model 2806 Wrench, 2
Battery Equipment & Supply See also BESCO     Model 2806C Wrench
  BESCO Brand     Model 2807 Wrench, 2
  C Liquid [Logo] Trademark     Model 2807A Wrench
  Company Profile     Model 2808 Wrench
Baxter, W. Patent 84,605, 2     Model 2809 Wrench
Bay State Pump Acquisition by Allen Mfg.     Model 2809B Wrench
  Connection with Tudor Manufacturing     Model 2810 Wrench
  Model 12 Ratchet     Model 2811A Wrench
Bay State See also Bay State Pump     Model 2811B Wrench
  Bicycle Wrench, 5 Inch     Model 2812A Wrench
  Company History     Model 2814 Wrench
  Extension, 1/2-Drive, 2     Model 2816 Wrench
  Patents Issued     Model 2818 Wrench
  Ratchet, 1/2-Drive Autokit, 2   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model 2820 Wrench
  Ratcheting Box Wrench, 1/2x5/8 Square     Model 2822 Wrench
  Ratcheting Box Wrench, 25/32x7/8 Square     Model 2824 Wrench
  Ratcheting Box Wrench, 3/4 Hex     Model 2828 Wrench
  Ratcheting Box Wrench, 3/8x1/2 Square     Model 2830 Wrench
  Ratcheting Box Wrench, 5/8 Hex     Model 2832 Wrench
  Socket Set, Autokit No. 1     Model 2839 Wrench
  Socket Set, Autokit No. 2     Model 2857 Wrench, 2, 3
  Union Socket, 1/2-Drive     Model 2866 Torque Adapter
Bayrer, L.G. Patent 1,778,748     Model 2870 Torque Adapter
Beauty Handles Kraeuter No. 1356-6 Pliers     Model 2874 Torque Adapter
  Kraeuter No. 1821-5.5 Pliers     Model 2885 Wrench
  Kraeuter No. 1821-7 Pliers     Model 2887 Wrench
  Kraeuter No. 1821-8 Pliers     Model 2890 Wrench
  Kraeuter No. 360-6 Pliers     Model 2890C Wrench
Beckley-Ralston 1924 Catalog AT805 Socket Set     Model 2891C Wrench
  1924 Catalog AT840 "Master" Ratchet     Model 2892 Wrench
  1924 Catalog Hinsdale Flex Wrench     Model 2893B Wrench
  1924 Catalog Hinsdale Wrench Set     Model 2893C Wrench
  Auto Wrench, 9 Inch     Model 2894 Wrench, 2
  Catalog No. 91 (1924), 2     Model 2894B Wrench
  Company Profile     Model 2894C Wrench
  Listings for Billings     Model 2897 Wrench
  Listings for Hinsdale   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model 3114 Wrench
  Model AT840 Ratchet     Model 3118 Wrench
  Model ET805 Socket Set     Model 3120 Wrench
  Socket Set, "Sampson", 2     Model 33 Wrench, 2
Becklin, O. Patent 2,210,274     Model 3420 Wrench
Beers, R.T. Patent 2,954,994     Model 3420A Wrench
Belknap Blue Grass [Logo] Trademark     Model 3422 Wrench
Bellows, F.H. Patent 1,559,543, 2     Model 3424 Wrench
  Patent 1,596,708     Model 3426 Wrench
Bellows, W.S. Patent 1,072,079, 2     Model 4019 Socket
  Patent 1,116,548     Model 402 Wrench
  Patent 1,164,815     Model 402A Wrench, 2, 3
  Patent 1,167,542     Model 403 Wrench, 2
  Patent 1,281,484, 2     Model 403A Wrench
  Patent 1,282,028, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11     Model 404 Wrench, 2
  Patent 1,420,467, 2, 3     Model 405 Wrench
  Patent 1,450,788     Model 406 Wrench
  Patent 1,533,784     Model 4081 Ell Handle
  Patent 1,533,785, 2     Model 4084 Speeder
  Patent 1,584,208     Model 4093 Ratchet
  Patent 1,613,976, 2, 3     Model 4095 Universal
  Patent 1,741,969     Model 4096 Flex Handle
  Patent 920,717, 2     Model 41-W-608 Wrench
  Patent D54,325   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model 422 Wrench
  Patent D59,325     Model 424 Wrench, 2
Bemis & Call See also B&C     Model 426 Wrench
  B&C [logo] Trademark     Model 426A Wrench
  Company History     Model 4295 Universal
  Industrial Distributors     Model 500A Wrench
  Patents Issued     Model 502D Wrench
  Production for Fulton     Model 502G Wrench
  Trademarks Registered     Model 550AS Wrench
Bemis, W.C. Patent 145,085     Model 664S Wrench
Bemis, W.S. Patent 501,860     Model 725B Wrench
Bendix Brake Wrench, Bonney 2539     Model 8924B Specialty Wrench
Benesh, C. Patent 720,554     Model 9267 Wrench
Berger, H.A. Patent 2,705,899     Model 9649 Wrench
Bergman Tool Mfg. See also Bergman     Model AT-8011 Wrench
  See also Blue Bird     Model B21 Pliers
  Blue Bird Tools Trademark     Model B43 Pliers
  Blue Bird Trademark     Model B6 Pliers
  Company History     Model BW8 Wrench
  Dial-A-Cut Trademark     Model D14 Socket
  Patents Issued     Model D2857 Wrench
  Power-Cut Trademark     Model D40 Socket
  Trademarks Registered     Model E11 Wrench
Bergman, J.E. et al Patent 1,880,172   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model E14 Wrench, 2
  Patent 1,893,353     Model E16 Wrench, 2
Bergman, J.E. Patent 1,378,209     Model E1820 Wrench
  Patent 1,775,270, 2     Model E20 Wrench
  Patent 1,893,353     Model E2022 Wrench
Bergman See also Bergman Tool Mfg.     Model E26 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch     Model E28 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Model E2830 Wrench
  Model 117 Pliers     Model E30 Wrench, 2
  Model 708 Pliers     Model E3032 Wrench
Bernard, W.A. Patent 1,057,113     Model E40 Wrench
  Patent 1,064,956, 2     Model E42 Wrench
  Patent 1,077,789     Model E44 Wrench, 2
  Patent 1,102,384     Model E46 Wrench
  Patent 1,134,177     Model E810 Wrench
  Patent 1,159,641     Model H10 Wrench, 2, 3
  Patent 1,162,439     Model H12 Wrench
  Patent 1,162,440     Model H14 Wrench
  Patent 1,163,733     Model H18 Wrench, 2
  Patent 1,164,981     Model MEB19 Wrench
  Patent 1,407,780     Model NAF39427-1 Wrench
  Patent 427,220     Model NAF39460-2 Wrench
  Patent 479,113     Model PWA1397 Flex Handle
  Patent 526,479   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model RF21 Ratchet
  Patent 635,417     Model RF22 Ratchet
  Patent 649,039     Model RF25 Ratchet
  Patent 665,052     Model RF45 Ratchet
  Patent 678,637     Model RF54A Wrench
  Patent 734,157     Model RF55A Wrench
  Patent 788,575, 2     Model SE-125 Wrench
  Patent 848,877, 2     Model T2 Ell Handle
  Patent 851,794     Model T28 Ratchet
  Patent 945,012     Model T30 Flex Handle
Bernard, W.A. (Cont.) Patent 999,738     Model T35 Ratchet
  Patent 999,739     Model T7 Crowfoot
  Patent RE13,657     Model T8 Crowfoot
Bessolo, W.L. Patent 1,008,939     Model V17 Tee Handle
  Patent 1,086,127     Model V25 Ratchet
  Patent 1,158,164     Model Z2804 Wrench
  Patent 1,312,471     Model Z2808 Wrench
  Patent 1,319,945     Model Z2814 Wrench
  Patent 1,319,946     Model Z2816 Wrench
  Patent 1,585,825     Model Z2818 Wrench
Bet'R-Grip Brand used by J.P. Danielson     Model Z2820 Wrench
  Trademark for J.P. Danielson Company     Model Z2822 Wrench
  Trademark for Pendleton Tool Industries     Model Z2826 Wrench
Bethlehem Spark Plug Co. Company History   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) Model Z2830 Wrench
  Patents Issued     No. 1020 Wrench
  Trademarks Registered     No. 1025 Wrench, 2, 3, 4
Bethlehem See also Bethlehem Spark Plug Co.     No. 1027 Wrench, 2
  Ratchet, 1/2-Hex Drive Quickway     No. 1027A Wrench, 2
  Sliding Tee Handle, 1/2-Hex Drive     No. 1027C Wrench, 2, 3
  Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive "D"     No. 1028 Wrench
  Socket Set, 11/16-Hex Drive "F"     No. 1028-S Wrench, 2, 3
  Socket Set, 3/8-Hex Drive "A"     No. 1029 Wrench, 2
  Socket Set, 7/16-Hex Drive "C"     No. 1031 Wrench, 2
  Socket, 1/2-Hex Drive 15/16     No. 1032A Wrench
  Socket, 11/16-Hex Drive 7/8     No. 1033 Wrench
  Speeder, 1/2-Hex Drive Quickway     No. 1033C Wrench, 2, 3
  Tee Handle, 1/2-Hex Drive Quickway     No. 1034 Wrench
Biddle Hardware Co. Catalog (1910), 2, 3     No. 1034A Wrench
  Listings for Bemis & Call     No. 1035 Wrench, 2
  Listings for H.D. Smith     No. 1037 Wrench
  Listings for Schollhorn     No. 1721 Wrench
Big Bertha Plomb 5849 Ratchet     No. 1723 Wrench, 2
Billings & Spencer Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     No. 1723A Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch "S"     No. 1725 Wrench
  Allen Friction Ratchet     No. 1725B Wrench, 2, 3
  B [triangle logo] Trademark, 2     No. 1726 Wrench
  BILLINGS Trademark, 2   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) No. 1727 Wrench
  Ballpeen Hammer, 2     No. 1729 Wrench, 2
  Billings B [logo] Trademark     No. 1731 Wrench
  Box-Joint Combination Pliers, 6.5 Inch     No. 1731A Wrench, 2, 3
  Catalog Resources     No. 1731B Wrench
  Company History     No. 1733 Wrench
  Country Club Trademark     No. 1735 Wrench
  Duo-Forged Trademark     No. 1739A Wrench
  Early Bicycle Wrench, 5 Inch     No. 2025 Wrench
  Extension, 1/2-Drive 10 Inch     No. 2027C Wrench
  Extension, 1/2-Drive 8 Inch     No. 2028S Wrench
  Extension, 1/2-Drive Short     No. 2031 Wrench
  Folding Tee Handle     No. 21 Wrench
  Illustration of M-Series Double-Open Wrench     No. 2723 Wrench, 2
  Industrial Distributors     No. 2725B Wrench
  Life-Time Trademark     No. 2727 Wrench
  Model "M" Pliers, 6.5 Inch     No. 2729 Wrench
  Model 0 Pin Spanner     No. 2731A Wrench
  Model 1 Pin Spanner     No. 29 Wrench
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 1016W Wrench     No. 3027C Wrench
  Model 1027C Wrench     No. 3028-S Wrench
  Model 1090D Wrench     No. 3033C Wrench
  Model 1092B Wrench     No. 3037 Wrench
  Model 1092F Wrench   Bonney Forge & Tool Works (Cont.) No. 33F Wrench
  Model 1100A Wrench     No. 3723 Wrench
  Model 1103 Wrench     No. 3723A Wrench
  Model 1104 Wrench     No. 3725B Wrench
  Model 1106 Wrench     No. 3729 Wrench
  Model 1107 Wrench     No. 3731A Wrench
  Model 1109 Wrench     No. 3733 Wrench
  Model 1110 Wrench     No. 3737 Wrench
  Model 1111 Wrench     No. 725 Wrench
  Model 1112 Wrench, 2     No. 727 Wrench
  Model 1113 Wrench     Production for Kent-Moore, 2
  Model 1115 Wrench     Production for Mossberg, 2
  Model 1116 Wrench     Reverse Gear Wrench
  Model 1118 Wrench     Silver King Trademark
  Model 1118X Wrench     Specialty Wrench, Box and Open
  Model 1119 Wrench     Stillson Pipe Wrench, 10 Inch
  Model 1120 Wrench     Stillson Pipe Wrench, 8 Inch
  Model 1121 Wrench     Zenel Trademark
  Model 1122 Wrench   Bonney Tools Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 1123 Wrench   Bonney Vise & Tool Works See also Bonney Forge & Tool Works
  Model 1123W Wrench     Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch
  Model 1124 Wrench     Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch
  Model 1126 Wrench     Bonney Trademark
  Model 1127 Wrench     Crocodile Trademark
  Model 1128 Wrench     Model 130 Wrench
  Model 1132 Wrench     Model 501 Wrench
  Model 1133 Wrench     Model 501A Wrench
  Model 1136 Wrench     Model 504 Wrench
  Model 1140 Wrench     Stillson Pipe Wrench, 6 Inch
  Model 1146 Wrench     Stillson Pipe Wrench, 8 Inch
  Model 1162 Wrench     Universal Pliers
  Model 1164 Wrench, 2     Vixen Wrench
  Model 1165 Wrench   Bonney Wrenches [logo] Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works
  Model 1166 Wrench, 2   Bonney, C.S. Patent 105,896
  Model 1167 Wrench, 2, 3     Patent 135,882
  Model 1170 Wrench     Patent 135,883
  Model 1303 Wrench     Patent 357,306
  Model 1329 Special Wrench     Patent 721,660
  Model 1336 Wrench     Patent 726,794, 2
  Model 1354 Wrench     Patent 728,842, 2
  Model 1356 Wrench     Patent RE7,689
  Model 1357 Special Wrench   Bonney, H.G. Patent 1,270,484
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 1358 Wrench   Bonney Trademark for Bonney Vise & Tool Works
  Model 1401S Wrench     Trademark for Utica Tool Company
  Model 1402 Wrench   Boos Tool Co. Adjustable Wrench
  Model 1411 Wrench     Company Profile
  Model 1417 Wrench   Boos, J.B. Patent 2,304,072
  Model 1433 Wrench     Patent D130,015
  Model 1434 Wrench   Boos, L.R. Patent 1,946,669
  Model 1440 Wrench   Boulieu, J. Patent 972,052, 2, 3
  Model 1525 Wrench   Bovee, R.Y. Patent 1,125,946
  Model 1534 Wrench     Patent 1,205,149, 2
  Model 1550 Wrench     Patent 1,240,171
  Model 1553 Wrench   Bowers, C.W. Patent 3,466,956
  Model 1554 Wrench   Bowman, A. Patent 1,321,005
  Model 1559 Wrench   Bowser, J.E. & J.H. Francis Patent 827,846
  Model 1560 Wrench   Box-End Wrench 18021 Cromal
  Model 1561 Wrench     18731A Cromal
  Model 1562 Wrench     18733C Cromal
  Model 1564 Wrench     19725 Cromal, 2
  Model 1567 Wrench     3723 Herbrand, 2
  Model 1568 Wrench     3725B Herbrand
  Model 1569 Wrench     3727A Herbrand, 2
  Model 1571 Wrench     3729A Herbrand, 2
  Model 1575 Special Wrench     3731B Herbrand, 2
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 1575 Wrench     3733C Herbrand, 2
  Model 1577X Wrench     3927 Herbrand
  Model 1578 Wrench     4038B Williams
  Model 1725B Wrench     4040B Williams
  Model 2 Pin Spanner     4721 Williams
  Model 2000 Wrench     4723 Herbrand
  Model 2001 Wrench     4723 Williams
  Model 2005 Wrench     4725B Herbrand, 2
  Model 2007 Wrench     4725B Williams
  Model 2017 Wrench     4727A Williams
  Model 2021 Wrench     4731A Williams
  Model 2022 Wrench     4731B Williams
  Model 2025 Wrench     4739 Williams
  Model 2026 Wrench     5037 Armstrong
  Model 2033 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) 5727 Herbrand
  Model 21 Screwdriver     5729 Herbrand
  Model 270 Wrench     5731A Herbrand
  Model 2822 Wrench     6723 Herbrand
  Model 2828 Wrench     6723 Williams
  Model 2890 Wrench     6725 Armstrong
  Model 3000 Wrench     6725 Williams
  Model 3002 Wrench     6725B Herbrand
  Model 3004 Wrench     6727 Williams
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 3005 Wrench     6727A Herbrand
  Model 3006 Wrench     7025 Billings
  Model 3008 Wrench     7025 Williams
  Model 3010 Wrench     7027 Billings
  Model 3011 Wrench     7029 Billings
  Model 349 Wrench     7029 Williams
  Model 422 Wrench     7031 Billings
  Model 5128 Socket     7031B Billings
  Model 5132 Socket     7033A Billings
  Model 5136 Socket     7033C Billings, 2
  Model 5475 Socket Set     7033C Williams, 2, 3
  Model 5531 Socket     7034A Williams
  Model 5820 Socket     7039 Williams
  Model 5824 Socket     7039B Williams
  Model 5825 Socket   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) 7721 Williams
  Model 5851 Speeder     7723 Billings
  Model 5852 Speeder     7723 Williams, 2
  Model 5853 Tee Handle, 2     7725 Armstrong
  Model 5856 Extension     7725B Billings
  Model 5858 Tee Head     7725B Williams, 2
  Model 5859 Tee Head     7727 Billings, 2
  Model 5860 Universal     7727 Williams, 2
  Model 5861 Drive Plug     7727A Williams, 2
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 5864 Extension, 2     7729 Williams
  Model 5866 Stud Extractor     7729A Armstrong
  Model 5868 Tee Handle     7731A Armstrong
  Model 5B782 Wrench     7731A Williams, 2
  Model 5B783 Wrench     7731B Williams
  Model 5B784 Wrench     7733 Billings
  Model 5B785 Wrench     7733 Williams
  Model 603 Wrench     8025 Armstrong, 2
  Model 623C Wrench     8027 Billings
  Model 629D Wrench     8028A Armstrong
  Model 631 Wrench     8029 Billings
  Model 639 Wrench     8029 Williams, 2
  Model 660 Wrench     8029B Williams, 2
  Model 662 Wrench     8030 Williams
  Model 678 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) 8031 Williams
  Model 70 Wrench     8032A Williams
  Model 703 Wrench     8033 Armstrong
  Model 761 Wrench     8033C Billings
  Model 77 Wrench     8033C Williams
  Model 77-10 Wrench     8034 Billings
  Model 77-12 Wrench, 2     8034 Williams
  Model 77-4 Wrench     8034A Williams
  Model 8029 Wrench     8037 Williams, 2
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model 8033C Wrench     8037A Williams
  Model 8039 Wrench     8039 Billings
  Model 8729 Wrench     8039 Williams
  Model 8731 Wrench     8039S Fairmount
  Model 8742B Wrench     8045 Williams
  Model 967A Wrench     8723 Armstrong
  Model 97 Wrench     8723 Billings
  Model 9723 Wrench     8725 Williams
  Model 9725 Wrench     8725B Billings
  Model 9725B Wrench     8725B Billings "L"
  Model 990 Wrench     8725B None Better
  Model A Wrench     8725B Williams, 2
  Model C-118 Flex Handle     8727 Armstrong, 2
  Model C-128 Tee Handle     8727 Billings, 2
  Model C-147 Ratchet   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) 8727 Fairmount
  Model C-92F Wrench     8727 Williams
  Model CA Ratchet, 2     8727A Williams
  Model CB Ratchet     8729 Armstrong
  Model D Bicycle Wrench     8729 Billings
  Model DS-0 Wrench     8729 Billings "L"
  Model DS-4 Wrench     8729 Special Williams
  Model E Bicycle Wrench     8729 Williams, 2, 3
  Model G 6 Inch Auto Wrench     8729A None Better
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model G 8 Inch Auto Wrench     8729A Williams
  Model G Auto Wrench     8731 Billings
  Model H-1121 Flex Handle     8731A Williams, 2
  Model H-1220 Tee Handle     8731B Billings
  Model H-1254 Socket     8733 Williams
  Model H-1421 Ratchet, 2     8735A Williams
  Model L-2 Wrench     8742B Billings
  Model L-456 Wrench     9279A Armstrong
  Model L1164 Wrench     9723 Billings
  Model L1166 Wrench     9723 Fairmount
  Model L1167 Wrench     9723 Williams
  Model L1171 Wrench     9725 Armstrong
  Model LS-1310 Extension     9725 Billings
  Model LS-135 Extension     9725B Billings
  Model LS-1410 Ratchet, 2   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) 9725B Fairmount
  Model M-1020A Wrench     9725B Williams, 2
  Model M-1026 Special Wrench     9727 Fairmount
  Model M-116 Flex Handle     9727 Williams
  Model M-124 Tee Handle     APCO Offset 5/8, 2
  Model M-1907A Wrench     Armstrong 2415
  Model M-206 Handle     Armstrong 2426
  Model M-34 Wrench     Armstrong 2426-Special, 2
  Model M-71 Wrench     Armstrong 2429
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) Model M-8xx Sockets     Asahi 36mmx41mm
  Model S-102 Extension     BHM 3/8x7/16
  Model S-1112 Flex Handle, 2     Barcalo 15/16x1
  Model S-1211 Sliding Tee Handle     Barcalo 15/16x1 Inch Cr-Mo
  Model S-1222 Socket     Barcalo 3/4x25/32 Cr-Mo
  Model S-135 Extension     Barcalo 3/8x7/16
  Model S-1410 Ratchet     Barcalo 3/8x7/16 Cr-Mo
  Model S-153 Wrench     Barcalo 5/8x11/16, 2
  Model S-824 Socket     Barcalo TB1820
  Model SD-1216 Deep Socket     Barcalo TB3032
  Model SD-1222 Deep Socket     Barcalo TS0810
  No. 1025 Wrench     Barcalo TS1214
  No. 1025 Wrench "M-"     Billings 2822
  No. 1027 Wrench "C-"     Billings 2828
  No. 1027 Wrench "M-"   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Billings 2890
  No. 1027C Wrench, 2     Billings L-2
  No. 1028 Wrench "M-"     Billings L-456
  No. 1028-S Wrench "M-"     Billings S-153
  No. 1029 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 15432
  No. 1030 Wrench     Blackhawk 15612
  No. 1031 Wrench     Blackhawk 15613
  No. 1031 Wrench "C-"     Blackhawk 15614
  No. 1031B Wrench     Blackhawk 15622
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) No. 1031W Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 15624
  No. 1033A Wrench     Blackhawk 15625
  No. 1033C Wrench     Blackhawk 15626
  No. 1033C Wrench "C-"     Blackhawk 15632
  No. 1033C Wrench "L"     Blackhawk 15633
  No. 1033C Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 15634
  No. 1033C Wrench     Blackhawk 15818
  No. 1723 Wrench     Blackhawk 15829
  No. 1723 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 15830
  No. 1723 Wrench     Blackhawk 16627
  No. 1723A Wrench, 2     Blackhawk 2018
  No. 1725 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2624
  No. 1728 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2718
  No. 1729 Wrench     Blackhawk 2720
  No. 1729 Wrench "C-"   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Blackhawk 2722
  No. 1729 Wrench "M-", 2     Blackhawk 2724
  No. 1731 Wrench     Blackhawk 2725
  No. 1731 Wrench "C-"     Blackhawk 2780
  No. 1731 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2782
  No. 2030 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2914
  No. 27 Wrench     Blackhawk 2918
  No. 2725 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2920
  No. 2728 Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2924
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) No. 2731 Special Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 2925
  No. 2731B Wrench "M-"     Blackhawk 4950
  No. 3 Wrench     Blue Point CX-1820
  No. 33 Wrench     Blue Point S-7561
  No. 33C Wrench     Blue Point S-9594-B
  No. 7025 Wrench     Blue Point S-9854
  No. 7027 Wrench     Blue Point S-9856
  No. 7029 Wrench     Blue Point W-750
  No. 7031 Wrench     Blue Point WXS-910
  No. 7031B Wrench     Blue Point X-16
  No. 7033A Wrench     Blue Point X-1618
  No. 7033C Wrench, 2     Blue Point X-18, 2
  No. 7723 Wrench     Blue Point X-1820
  No. 7725B Wrench     Blue Point X-20, 2
  No. 7727 Wrench, 2   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Blue Point X-22
  No. 7733 Wrench     Blue Point X-24
  No. 8027 Wrench     Blue Point X-2428
  No. 8034 Wrench     Blue Point X-26
  No. 8723 Wrench     Blue Point X-2628
  No. 8725B Wrench     Blue Point X-28
  No. 8725B Wrench "L"     Blue Point X-30
  No. 8727 Wrench, 2     Blue Point X-3032
  No. 8729 Wrench "L"     Blue Point XD-1214
Billings & Spencer (Cont.) No. 8731B Wrench     Blue Point XD-1416
  Nut and Pipe Wrench, Plirench     Blue Point XD-1820
  Patents Issued     Blue Point XD-1922
  Pressed-Steel Socket, 1-9/32     Blue Point XD-2022
  Pressed-Steel Sockets     Blue Point XD-2224
  Production for Caterpillar, 2, 3, 4     Blue Point XD-2526
  Production for Draper, 2     Blue Point XD-3032
  Production for Sears, Roebuck     Blue Point XD-3440
  Screwdriver Bit, 1/2-Drive     Blue Point XD-3640
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 5150B     Blue Point XS-1214
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive LS-9A     Blue Point XS-1618, 2
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 31     Blue Point XS-1820, 2
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive, Allen Friction     Blue Point XS-2024
  Socket Set, No. 52     Bonney 2540
  Socket, 1/2 Male Drive, 2   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Bonney 2803
  Sockets, Male-Drive     Bonney 2804
  Speeder, 1/2-Drive     Bonney 2804L
  Trademarks Registered     Bonney 2805, 2
  Universal, 1/2-Drive     Bonney 2805B
  Vitalloy Trademark, 2     Bonney 2805L, 2
Billings B [logo] Trademark for Billings & Spencer     Bonney 2806, 2
Billings [logo] Trademark for Crescent Niagara     Bonney 2806C
Billings, C.E. et al Patent 179,758     Bonney 2807, 2
Billings, C.E. Founder, Billings & Spencer     Bonney 2807A
  Patent 0,212,298, 2, 3     Bonney 2808
  Patent 212,298     Bonney 2809
  Patent 470,777     Bonney 2809B
  Patent 525,311     Bonney 2810
  Patent 532,634     Bonney 2811A
  Patent 536,063     Bonney 2811B
  Patent 554,046     Bonney 2812A
  Patent 599,379     Bonney 2814
  Patent 735,935     Bonney 2816
  Patent 881,294     Bonney 2818
  Patent D26,111, 2     Bonney 2820
Billmont See also Guthard, Edgar C. Co.     Bonney 2822
  Brand used by Edgar C. Guthard Company     Bonney 2824
  Master Tee-Handle Driver   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Bonney 2828
  No. 500 Mechanic's Kit     Bonney 2830
  No. 8 Ratchet     Bonney 2832
  Socket Set, "Master Wrench"     Bonney 2839
  Trademark for Edgar C. Guthard     Bonney 2857
Bingham-Herbrand See also Herbrand     Bonney 2857 Zenel
  Herbrand Trademark     Bonney 2857
  MULTIGRIP Trademark     Bonney 2885
  Multiflex Trademark     Bonney 2887
  Multihex Trademark     Bonney 2890
  Multitype Trademark     Bonney 2890C
  Obstructo Trademark     Bonney 2891C
  The Aristocrat [logo] Trademark     Bonney 2892
Blackhawk Mfg. See also HeXo     Bonney 2893B
  Adjusto Trademark     Bonney 2893C
  Blackhawk Trademark, 2     Bonney 2894, 2
  Catalog (1934) HeXo Wrenches     Bonney 2894B
  Catalog Resources     Bonney 2894C
  Company History     Bonney 2897
  Date Codes     Bonney 41-W-608
  Early 3/4-Drive Socket 1-1/2     Bonney D2857
  Early 3/4-Drive Socket 1-1/8     Bonney E40
  Early 3/4-Drive Socket 1-3/16     Bonney E42
  Gripline Handle Style   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Bonney E44
  HeXo Brand     Bonney NAF39427-1
  HeXo Brand Wrenches     Bonney NAF39460-2
  Hexite Steel     Bonney Z2804
  Industrial Distributors     Bonney Z2808
  Lock-On Trademark     Bonney Z2814
  Model 016 Socket     Bonney Z2816
  Model 046XX Socket     Bonney Z2818
  Model 1027C Wrench     Bonney Z2820
  Model 1028-S Wrench     Bonney Z2822
  Model 1090-D Wrench     Bonney Z2826
  Model 1094 Wrench     Bonney Z2830
  Model 110X Offset Handle     California Tool BB2
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 1114 Wrench     California Tool BB2L
  Model 1116 Wrench     ChromeXQuality 1/2x9/16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  Model 1125 Wrench     ChromeXQuality 13/16x7/8
  Model 1166 Wrench     ChromeXQuality 15/16x1, 2
  Model 130 Deep Socket     ChromeXQuality 3/4x25/32, 2, 3, 4
  Model 136 Deep Socket     ChromeXQuality 3/4x7/8, 2
  Model 144 Socket Wrench     ChromeXQuality 3/8x7/16, 2
  Model 151 Drain Plug Wrench     ChromeXQuality 5/8x11/16, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Model 151 Specialty Wrench     Chromium Vanadium 1/2x9/16, 2
  Model 152 Specialty Wrench     Chromium Vanadium 15/16x1
  Model 1521 Drive Handle   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Chromium Vanadium 5/8x11/16, 2
  Model 1523 Drive Handle     Cornwell BW22
  Model 1525 Extension, 2     Cornwell BW3
  Model 1533 Drive Handle     Cornwell BW34
  Model 1541 Screw Driver     Cornwell BW67
  Model 15432 Wrench     Cornwell BW7
  Model 15612 Wrench     Cornwell BW94
  Model 15613 Wrench     Cornwell BWS1416S
  Model 15614 Wrench     Cornwell OW1818
  Model 15622 Wrench     Craftsman 1-1/16x1-1/4 "CI"
  Model 15624 Wrench     Craftsman 1/2x9/16
  Model 15625 Wrench     Craftsman 1/2x9/16 "CI", 2
  Model 15626 Wrench     Craftsman 1/4x5/16 "V"
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 15627 Wrench     Craftsman 11/16x13/16 "V"
  Model 15632 Wrench     Craftsman 13/16x7/8 "CI"
  Model 15633 Wrench     Craftsman 13x15mm "V"
  Model 15634 Wrench     Craftsman 15/16x1 "V"
  Model 15641 Wrench     Craftsman 19/32x25/32
  Model 15642 Wrench     Craftsman 19/32x25/32 "P"
  Model 15643 Wrench     Craftsman 3/4x25/32 "HD", 2
  Model 15644 Wrench     Craftsman 3/4x7/8 "V"
  Model 15645 Wrench, 2     Craftsman 3/8x7/16 "CI"
  Model 15647 Wrench     Craftsman 3/8x7/16 "X", 2
  Model 15648 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Craftsman 5/8x11/16 "AF"
  Model 15649 Wrench     Craftsman 5/8x11/16 "CI"
  Model 15650 Wrench     Craftsman 5/8x11/16 "V"
  Model 15660 Wrench     Craftsman 5/8x3/4
  Model 15798 Specialty Wrench     Craftsman 5/8x3/4 "P"
  Model 15818 Wrench     Craftsman 5/8x3/4 "V", 2
  Model 15829 Wrench     Craftsman 6x8mm "V"
  Model 15830 Wrench     Craftsman HD5
  Model 15911 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 1/2x9/16
  Model 15xx Sockets     Craftsman Vanadium 1/2x9/16 "AF"
  Model 1729 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 1/2x9/16 "CI"
  Model 19574 Tool Box     Craftsman Vanadium 13/16x7/8 "CI"
  Model 2018 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 15/16x1 "AF"
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 2116 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 15/16x1 "CI"
  Model 2118 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 25/32x13/16
  Model 2119 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 3/4x25/32 "AF"
  Model 2124 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 3/4x25/32 "CI"
  Model 2125 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 3/4x7/8
  Model 24991 Ratchet     Craftsman Vanadium 3/8x7/16
  Model 2520 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 3/8x7/16 "AF"
  Model 2526-A Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 3/8x7/16 "CI"
  Model 2536 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 3/8x7/16
  Model 2537-A Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 5/8x11/16
  Model 2542 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Craftsman Vanadium 5/8x11/16 "AF", 2
  Model 2581 Steeldraulic Pliers     Craftsman Vanadium 5/8x11/16 "CI", 2
  Model 2624 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 5/8x3/4 "AF"
  Model 2718 Wrench     Craftsman Vanadium 5/8x3/4 "CI"
  Model 2720 Wrench     Crescent Mfg. 15/16x1-1/16
  Model 2722 Wrench     Cross Country 13/16x7/8
  Model 2724 Wrench     Cross Country 15/16x1
  Model 2725 Wrench     Cross Country 3/4x7/8, 2
  Model 2780 Wrench     Dunlap 1/2x9/16 Ratchet
  Model 2782 Wrench     Dunlap 11/16x3/4, 2
  Model 2914 Wrench     Dunlap 3/8x7/16 Ratchet
  Model 2918 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2011, 2
  Model 2920 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2013, 2, 3, 4
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 2924 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2014
  Model 2925 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2014A, 2
  Model 30 Socket     Duro-Chrome 2015, 2
  Model 30220 Universal Socket     Duro-Chrome 2015A, 2, 3
  Model 31 Socket     Duro-Chrome 2017, 2
  Model 3118 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2021
  Model 3120 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2041
  Model 3124 Wrench     Duro-Chrome 2042, 2
  Model 32 Socket     Duro-Chrome 2043
  Model 3310 Tee Handle     Duro-Chrome 2044
  Model 3416 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Duro-Chrome 2052A
  Model 34981 Ratchet     Duro-Chrome 2053, 2
  Model 34982 Speeder     Duro-Chrome 2054
  Model 34985 Handle Bar     Duro-Chrome 2055, 2
  Model 34986 Flex Handle     Duro-Chrome 2056, 2
  Model 34998 Ratchet     Duro-Chrome 2057
  Model 34XX Socket     Duro-Chrome 2058A, 2
  Model 351xx Sockets     Duro-Chrome 2058B, 2
  Model 352xx Sockets     Duro-Chrome 2059A
  Model 35314 Socket     Duro-Chrome 2061
  Model 353xx Sockets     Duro-Chrome 2062
  Model 354xx Sockets     Duro-Chrome 2081, 2
  Model 355xx Sockets     E44 Bonney
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 39966 Screw Driver     E46 Bonney
  Model 39967 Ratchet Adapter     Elora 1305/5
  Model 39976 Handle     Fleet 6514
  Model 39977 Tee Handle     Fulton Vanadium 1/2x9/16, 2, 3
  Model 39978 Universal     Handy-Hex 02051
  Model 39979 Drag Link Driver     Handy-Hex 02052
  Model 39981 Extension     Handy-Hex 02053
  Model 39982 Extension     Handy-Hex 02054
  Model 39983 Extension     Handy-Hex 02055, 2
  Model 39984 Flex Handle     Handy-Hex 02056
  Model 39985 Flex Handle   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Handy-Hex 2059A
  Model 39986 Handle Bar     Handy-Hex 2062
  Model 39990 Extension     HeXo 15178
  Model 39996 Ratchet     HeXo 15180
  Model 39997 Ratchet     HeXo 15183
  Model 39999 Speeder     HeXo 15301
  Model 40134 Socket     HeXo 15302
  Model 401xx Sockets, 2     HeXo 15303
  Model 402 Wrench     HeXo 15304
  Model 4020 Wrench     HeXo 15305
  Model 4021 Wrench     HeXo 15306
  Model 403 Wrench     Herbrand 2373
  Model 40332 Socket     Herbrand 2410
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 403xx Sockets     Herbrand 3927
  Model 404 Wrench     Herbrand 3929
  Model 404-C Wrench     Herbrand 3931
  Model 405 Wrench     Herbrand 3933
  Model 406-C Wrench     Herbrand 3935
  Model 4116 Wrench     Herbrand 4625
  Model 4120 Wrench     Herbrand 4925
  Model 4122 Wrench     Herbrand 5929, 2
  Model 4124 Wrench     Herbrand 6923
  Model 4222 Wrench     Heyco 475 17x19mm
  Model 4230 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Hinsdale 1416F
  Model 426 Wrench     Hinsdale F-5
  Model 428 Wrench     Hinsdale HD10
  Model 4422 Wrench     Hinsdale HD18-20
  Model 4916 Wrench     Hinsdale HD2
  Model 4924 Wrench     Hinsdale HD20-22
  Model 4950 Wrench     Hinsdale HD24-25
  Model 49973 Ratchet Adapter, 2     Hinsdale HD26-28
  Model 49977 Ratchet     Hinsdale HD3
  Model 49978 Universal     Hinsdale HD4, 2
  Model 49979 Drag Link Driver     Hinsdale HD6, 2
  Model 49983 Extension     Hinsdale X20
  Model 49985 Flex Handle     Hinsdale X20-22
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 49987 Extension     Hinsdale X3
  Model 49990 Extension     Hinsdale X4
  Model 49994 Speeder     Hinsdale X6
  Model 49996 Ratchet     Hit 21mmx26mm
  Model 49997 Ratchet     Indestro 1-1/16x1-1/8
  Model 500 Speeder (Brace)     Indestro 1/2x9/16
  Model 50X Socket     Indestro 1/2x9/16 "Select"
  Model 5104 Wrench     Indestro 1/4x5/16
  Model 516 Wrench     Indestro 13/16x7/8
  Model 52X Socket     Indestro 13/16x7/8 "Select"
  Model 52XX Socket   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Indestro 13/16x7/8
  Model 60042 Socket     Indestro 141
  Model 600xx Sockets     Indestro 142
  Model 60134 Socket     Indestro 144
  Model 610 Speeder     Indestro 3/8x7/16
  Model 6118 Wrench     Indestro 5/8x11/16
  Model 6218 Wrench     Indestro 5/8x11/16 "Select", 2, 3
  Model 66xx Socket     Indestro 711
  Model 66xx Sockets     Indestro 713
  Model 69966 Socket     Indestro 714, 2
  Model 69994 Extension     Indestro 715
  Model 69998 Flex Handle     Indestro 731, 2
  Model 69999 Ratchet     Indestro 732
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 70XX Socket     Indestro 733
  Model 7810S Socket     Indestro 734
  Model 80076 Socket     Indestro 739
  Model 8124 Socket     Indestro 741
  Model 814 Socket     Indestro 752, 2
  Model 8432 Socket, 2     Indestro 753
  Model 84xx Sockets     Indestro 758A
  Model 8502 Universal     Indestro 763
  Model 8832 Socket     Indestro 911
  Model 8928 Socket     Indestro 912
  Model 89987 Ratchet   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Indestro 913
  Model 89998 Tee Head     Indestro 914
  Model 9004 Release Tool     Indestro 915
  Model 911 Ratchet     Indestro 916
  Model 911X Ratchet, 2     Indestro 919
  Model 916 Ratchet, 2     Indestro 921
  Model 916N Ratchet     Indestro 922
  Model 920 Ratchet, 2     Indestro 925
  Model 9201 Offset Handle     Indestro 932
  Model 9202 Offset Handle     Indestro 933
  Model 9204 Tee Handle     Indestro 934
  Model 9206 Extension     Indestro Polygon 1/2x9/16
  Model 9207 Flex Handle     Indestro Polygon 13/16x7/8
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model 9207S Handle     Indestro Polygon 3/4x25/32, 2
  Model 9208 Flex Handle     Indestro Polygon 5/8x11/16, 2
  Model 9209S Bar     Indestro Select 911
  Model 9210 Extension     Indestro Select 913, 2
  Model 9210S Extension     Indestro Select 921
  Model 9260 Extension     Indestro Select 933
  Model 9506 Speeder     Indestro Super 730A
  Model 9510S Speeder     Indestro Super 731
  Model 9611 Speeder     Indestro Super 731A, 2, 3
  Model 9802 Drive Plug     Kraeuter K9/16
  Model 9810 Ratchet   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Lectrolite 3/4x25/32, 2
  Model 9811 Ratchet     Lectrolite 3003
  Model D18 Socket     Lectrolite 3004
  Model D22 Socket     Lectrolite B-2628
  Model D40 Socket     Lectrolite C-28
  Model D46XN Socket     Lectrolite MB-1618
  Model D56XX Socket     MAC B5
  Model D60XN Socket     MAC B7
  Model EW-1013 Wrench     MAC B9
  Model EW-1022 Wrench     MTF BW-2628
  Model H-10 Wrench     Merit 1/2x9/16, 2
  Model H-12 Wrench     Merit 6216
  Model T-1 Drag Link Driver     Mossberg 3011
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) Model T-11 Valve Grinding Adapter     Mossberg 3014
  Model T-13 Extension     Mossberg 971
  Model T-13X Drive Plug     Mossberg 974
  Model T-13XX Drive Plug     Mossberg 975
  Model T-2 Universal     Mossberg 976
  Model T-20 Socket     Mossberg 977
  Model T-3 Ratchet Adapter     Mossberg 979
  Model T-60 Extension     Motiv XB1618
  Model T-8XX Extension     New Britain 751
  Model T10 Extension, 2     New Britain 756
  Model T113XN Drive Plug   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) New Britain NDF-102
  Model T114 Flex Handle     New Britain NDF-106
  Model T15 Speeder     New Britain NDF-110
  Model T4 Tee Handle, 2, 3     New Britain NDF-114
  Model T4X Sliding Tee Handle     New Britain NDF-200
  Model T4XN Tee Handle     New Britain NDF-201
  Model T5 Ell Handle     New Britain NDF-210
  Model T6 Extension, 2     New Britain NDF-304
  Model T8 Extension, 2     New Britain NDF-404
  Model T8XN Extension     None Better 4950, 2
  Model T9XX Drive Adapter     OTC 13/32x7/16
  No. 1025 Wrench     OTC 15/16x1-1/16
  No. 1033C Wrench     P&C 2220E
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) No. 1721 Wrench     P&C 2222
  No. 1723 Wrench     P&C 2222-E
  No. 1725 Wrench     P&C 2225
  No. 1725-A Wrench     P&C 2228
  No. 1725-B Wrench     P&C 2232
  No. 1727 Wrench     P&C 2528
  No. 1731A Wrench     P&C 2532
  No. 1733 Wrench     P&C N-84
  No. 2025 Wrench     P&C N-86
  No. 2027-C Wrench     P&C N-87
  No. 2029 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) P&C WF-89
  No. 2725A Wrench     Penens 13/16x7/8
  No. 2728 Wrench     Penens 6332
  No. 2729 Wrench     Perfection P-27
  No. 2731 Wrench     Plomb 1120
  No. 2731A Wrench     Plomb 1122
  No. 2731B Wrench     Plomb 1126
  No. 2733 Special Wrench     Plomb 1127
  No. 2733 Wrench     Plomb 1130
  No. 4028 Wrench     Plomb 1131
  No. 4725 Wrench     Plomb 1134
  No. 4725B Wrench     Plomb 1135
  No. 4735A Wrench     Plomb 1136
Blackhawk Mfg. (Cont.) No. 4737 Wrench     Plomb 1139
  Nuggets Brand     Plomb 1140
  Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4     Plomb 1141
  Patents on Tools     Plomb 1145
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 17TD     Plomb 1147
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 10     Plomb 1151
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 18-A     Plomb 1161
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 22-CD     Plomb 1162
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 4     Plomb 1163
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 6     Plomb 7258
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 8   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Plomb 8160
  Socket Set, 1/4-Drive ND10     Plomb 8161
  Socket Set, 1/4-Drive No. 11-ND     Plomb 8162
  Socket Set, 1/4-Drive No. 15-ND     Plomb 8180
  Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch     Plomb 8181
  Socket, 1/2-Drive 11/16 Early     Plomb 8182
  Socket, 1/2-Drive Arrowhead     Plomb 8183, 2
  Speeder, Nut-Holding 9/16     Plomb 8184
  Three-Groove Socket Style     Plomb 8185
  Trademarks Issued     Plomb AD1112
  Treasure Chest Trademark     Plomb AD78
  Universal, 1/2-Drive Early     Plomb AD910
  Wedg-Head Wrenches     Plomb WF-79
Blackhawk-Armstrong Model 1028-S Wrench     Plomb WF-80
  Model 1729 Wrench     Plomb WF-81
  Model 2526-A Wrench     Plomb WF-82
  Model 2536 Wrench     Plomb WF-83
  Model 2537-A Wrench     Plomb WF-84
  Model 2542 Wrench     Plomb WF-85
  Model 402 Wrench     Proto 1126
  Model 403 Wrench     Proto 1130-L
  Model 404 Wrench     Riverside 1/2x9/16
  Model 404-C Wrench     Riverside 1/2x9/16 Offset
  Model 405 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Riverside 1/2x9/16
  Model 406-C Wrench     Riverside 3/4x25/32
  Model 426 Wrench     Riverside 9/16x5/8
  Model 428 Wrench     S-K 33012
  Model H-10 Wrench     S-K 33020
  No. 1025 Wrench     S-K 33024
  No. 1027C Wrench     S-K 33030
  No. 1033C Wrench     S-K 33516
  No. 1721 Wrench     S-K 33520
  No. 1723 Wrench     Snap-on 2512
  No. 1725 Wrench     Snap-on Leroi-88-21
  No. 1725-A Wrench     St. Pierre 1/2x9/16 Offset
  No. 1725-B Wrench     Stahlwille, Stabil 22x24mm
Blackhawk-Armstrong (Cont.) No. 1727 Wrench     Super-Quality 711
  No. 1731A Wrench     Super-Quality 713
  No. 1733 Wrench     Super-Quality 714
  No. 2025 Wrench     Super-Quality 715, 2
  No. 2027C Wrench     Super-Quality 731
  No. 2029 Wrench     Super-Quality 732
  No. 2725A Wrench     Super-Quality 733, 2, 3
  No. 2728 Wrench     Super-Quality 734
  No. 2729 Wrench     Super-Quality 741
  No. 2731 Wrench     Super-Quality 752, 2
  No. 2731A Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Super-Quality 753, 2
  No. 2731B Wrench     Super-Quality 758A
  No. 2733 Special Wrench     Super-Quality 767
  No. 2733 Wrench     Super-Quality 769
Blackhawk Trademark for Blackhawk Mfg., 2     Thorsen 1622
Blackmar, F.W. Patent 1,424,069, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19     Thorsen 2120
Blue Bird Tools Trademark for Bergman Tool Mfg.     Thorsen 2218
Blue Bird See also Bergman Tool Mfg.     Tiger Tools 3/8x7/16
  Battery Pliers, No. 11     Tone Tool 22mmx24mm
  No. 21 Puller     Tone Tool 24mmx27mm
  Trademark for Bergman Tool Mfg.     Top 36mmx41mm
Blue Grass [Logo] Trademark for Belknap     Tru-Fit 3/4x25/32
Blue Line Trademark for H-P Tool Mfg.     Tru-Fit 3001
Blue Point Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch     Tru-Fit 3004
  Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch     Tru-Fit 3005
  Adjustable Wrench, 15 Inch     Tru-Fit 3006
  Company Profile     Tru-Fit BW-2628
  Long Tappet Wrench, 1/2     Truth 7/16x1/2
  Mode 610 Punch     TuHex 176
  Model 0 Hammer     TuHex 178
  Model 1416 Wrench     TuHex 180
  Model 158 Wrench     TuHex 182, 2
  Model 1820 Wrench     TuHex 183
  Model 1922 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Vim 11/16x3/4 Offset
  Model 2024 Wrench     Vlchek 1B3036, 2
  Model 2225 Wrench, 2     Vlchek 3/4x25/32
  Model 230 Wrench     Vlchek WB18
  Model 2428 Wrench     Vlchek WBA1214
  Model 2832 Wrench     Vlchek WBA2425
  Model 3034 Wrench, 2     Vlchek WBA2628
  Model 416 Wrench     Vlchek WBA3032
  Model 5118 Wrench     Vlchek WBC1012
  Model 5120 Wrench     Vlchek WBC1214
  Model 5216 Wrench     Vlchek WBC1618
  Model 5218 Wrench     Vlchek WBC2022
  Model 5220 Wrench     Vlchek WBH1214
Blue Point (Cont.) Model 5228 Wrench     Vlchek WBH1618
  Model 616 Wrench     Vlchek WBL2022
  Model 732 Wrench     Vlchek WBL2425
  Model 816 Wrench     Vlchek WBL2628
  Model 916 Wrench     Vlchek WZ3400
  Model 924 Wrench     Vlchek X534
  Model 928 Wrench     Vlchek X540
  Model 932 Wrench     Vlchek X541
  Model 936 Wrench, 2     Vlchek X543
  Model 938 Wrench, 2     Vlchek X562
  Model 940 Wrench, 2   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Vlchek X573
  Model 942 Wrench     WBH1416 Vlchek
  Model 944 Wrench     WBH2022 Vlchek
  Model 946 Wrench     WBH2024 Vlchek
  Model 948 Wrench     WBH2428 Vlchek
  Model 952 Wrench     WBH2628 Vlchek
  Model 956 Wrench     WBH3032 Vlchek
  Model B-1351-A Wrench     WBH3436 Vlchek
  Model C-1618 Wrench     WBH4648 Vlchek
  Model C-1816 Wrench     Walden 2112
  Model C-2022 Wrench     Walden 2118
  Model C-2428 Wrench     Walden 2120
  Model CF49 Valve Spring Lifter     Walden 2122
Blue Point (Cont.) Model CX-1820 Wrench     Walden 2124
  Model HL112P Pliers     Walden 2128
  Model I-2428 Wrench     Walden 2155
  Model LST-1816 Wrench     Walden 459
  Model LT16 Wrench     Walden 485
  Model LTA-1618 Wrench     Walden 486
  Model No. 3640 Wrench     Walden-Worcester 4564
  Model OEX-100 Wrench     Westcraft 19/32x11/16, 2
  Model OEX-120 Wrench     Westcraft WBC 1214
  Model OEX-140 Wrench     Westcraft WBC1012, 2
  Model OEX-160 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Westcraft WBC1214
  Model OEX-180 Wrench     Westcraft WBH1922
  Model OEX-20 Wrench     Westcraft WBH2628, 2
  Model OEX-200 Wrench     Westcraft WBH3032, 2
  Model OEX-22 Wrench     Wilde 127
  Model OEX-220 Wrench     Wilde 129
  Model OEX-24 Wrench     Williams 1152
  Model OEX-240 Wrench     Williams 1803A
  Model OEX-26 Wrench     Williams 1807
  Model OEX-28 Wrench     Williams 1959
  Model OEX-30 Wrench     Williams 1960
  Model OEX-32 Wrench     Williams 1984X
  Model OEX-34 Wrench     Williams 8128
Blue Point (Cont.) Model OEX-36 Wrench     Williams 8132
  Model OEX-80 Wrench Set     Williams 8140, 2
  Model R1416 Wrench     Williams 8148
  Model R1820 Wrench     Williams H-1808
  Model R2226 Wrench     Williams SV-244
  Model R2428 Wrench     Wilpen 8180
  Model RX-12 Wrench     Wilpen 8182
  Model RX-14 Wrench     Wilpen 8183
  Model RX-2836 Wrench     Wilpen 8184
  Model RX-40 Wrench     Wilpen 8185
  Model S-1012 Wrench   Box-End Wrench (Cont.) Wizard HR2192, 2
  Model S-1214 Wrench     Wizard HR2201, 2
  Model S-14 Chisel     Wright BW30
  Model S-1416 Wrench   Boxocket Trademark for Snap-on Tools
  Model S-1618 Wrench   Braatz, W. Patent 2,896,985
  Model S-1820 Wrench   Brace 1/2-Drive, Williams S-10
  Model S-1922 Wrench     1/2-Drive, Williams S-10P
  Model S-2022 Wrench     11/16-Drive, Walden 1244
  Model S-2024 Wrench   Bradley, A. Patent 632,305
  Model S-2224 Wrench   Brake Spoon Bonney 2566
  Model S-2228 Wrench     Herbrand 301
  Model S-2426 Wrench     Indestro Super 2161
  Model S-2428 Wrench     McKaig-Hatch 301
Blue Point (Cont.) Model S-2526 Wrench     OTC 776
  Model S-2528 Wrench     Williams 1998A
  Model S-2628 Wrench     Williams 1998B
  Model S-2830 Wrench   Brame, A.J. Patent 2,691,315, 2, 3, 4
  Model S-2834 Wrench   Bratton, D.F. Patent 1,440,272
  Model S-3032 Wrench   Braunsdorf-Mueller See also BMCo
  Model S-3236 Wrench     BMCo [logo] Trademark
  Model S-3436 Wrench     Company History
  Model S-3440 Wrench     Industrial Distributors
  Model S-3640 Wrench     Patents Issued
  Model S-3842 Wrench     Trademarks Registered
  Model S-4446 Wrench   Brazil Tools See also Sherman-Klove
  Model S-4448 Wrench     Advertising Brochure
  Model S-4652 Wrench     Brand Used by Sherman-Klove
  Model S-4852 Wrench     Chrome Alloy Sockets
  Model S-4854 Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive Early
  Model S-7561 Wrench     Socket, 1/2-Drive 13/16
  Model S-810 Wrench   Bridgeport Hardware Mfg. See also Hy-Bar
  Model S-8271 Wrench     Auto Wrench, 9 Inch
  Model S-8558 Distributor Wrench     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16
  Model S-8652 Wrench     Bridgeport Trademark
  Model S-9460 Wrench     Combination Wrench, 3/8
  Model S-9460-A Wrench     Company History
Blue Point (Cont.) Model S-9462-A Wrench     Hy-Bar Brand
  Model S-9513A Torque Adapter     Iroquois Brand
  Model S-9513C Torque Adapter     Matchless Brand
  Model S-9594-B Wrench     Model 133 Pliers
  Model S-9825 Torque Adapter     Model 24 Valve Spring Lifter
  Model S-9854 Wrench     No. 27C Wrench
  Model S-9856 Wrench     No. 28-S Wrench
  Model S-9859 Wrench     No. 731A Wrench
  Model S6P Cotter Pin Puller     Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1
  Model S8752 Wrench     Open-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8
  Model ST-1614 Wrench     Patents Issued
  Model ST-1816 Wrench     Pliers, Slip-Joint 7 Inch
  Model T1416 Wrench, 2     Production for Montgomery Ward
  Model T1614 Wrench     Reliance Brand
  Model T1816 Wrench     Suregrip Brand
  Model T2018 Wrench     Trademarks
  Model T2224 Wrench   Bridgeport Trademark for Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.
  Model T2826 Wrench   Broaching Hinsdale Sockets
  Model T3230 Wrench     Indestro Sockets, 2
  Model W-750 Wrench     Snap-on Sockets
  Model WXS-910 Wrench   Broadbooks, P. Patent 818,343
  Model X-16 Wrench     Patent 943,381
  Model X-1618 Wrench   Brock, W.H. Patent 247,987
Blue Point (Cont.) Model X-18 Wrench, 2     Patent 250,641
  Model X-1820 Wrench     Patent 254,862
  Model X-20 Wrench, 2     Patent 298,442
  Model X-22 Wrench   Brockway, S.A. Patent 923,942
  Model X-24 Wrench   Brosnihan Wrench Co. Company Profile
  Model X-2428 Wrench     Pipe Wrench
  Model X-26 Wrench   Brosnihan, T.H. Patent 657,391, 2
  Model X-2628 Wrench   Brouhard, E.J. Patent 2,138,725
  Model X-28 Wrench   Brown Company See also Brownbilt
  Model X-30 Wrench     AUTO-CREEPER Trademark
  Model X-3032 Wrench     Company Profile
  Model X-340 Wrench   Brown, R.S. et al Patent 1,612,905
  Model X-700 Wrench   Brownbilt See also Brown Company
  Model X-940 Wrench     Brand used by Brown Company
  Model XA-16 Wrench     Model 116 Wrench
  Model XA-18 Wrench     Model 664 Wrench
  Model XA-20 Wrench   Bruce, W.H. Patent 669,721, 2
  Model XD-1214 Wrench   Bufford, G.W. Patent 1,327,309
  Model XD-1416 Wrench     Patent 697,977
  Model XD-1618 Wrench   Buffum Tool Bearing Scraper, 12 Inch
  Model XD-1820 Wrench     Company History
  Model XD-1922 Wrench     Patents Issued
  Model XD-2022 Wrench     Screwdriver, 9 Inch Forged
Blue Point (Cont.) Model XD-2224 Wrench     Trademarks Registered
  Model XD-2526 Wrench   Buhl Sons Company 1918 Catalog Kraeuter No. 1973 Pliers
  Model XD-3032 Wrench     Catalog (1918), 2, 3, 4, 5
  Model XD-3440 Wrench     Listings for Cronk
  Model XD-3640 Wrench     Listings for H.D. Smith
  Model XL186 Wrench     Listings for Kraeuter
  Model XS-1214 Wrench     Listings for Smith & Hemenway
  Model XS-1618 Wrench     Listings for Trimont
  Model XS-1820 Wrench, 2   Buhl Sons Auto Wrench, 9 Inch
  Model XS-2024 Wrench     Company Profile
  Production by MTF     Double Alligator Wrench
  Trademark for Snap-on Tools     Model 29 Wrench
Blue Points Chicago See also Blue Point   Bull Dog Brand Used by J.H. Williams
Blue-Line See also H-P Tool Mfg.     Trademark for Whitman & Barnes
Bob Cat [logo] Trademark for Hinsdale Mfg.   Bullard Automatic Wrench Company Profile
Bob Cat Brand Used by Hinsdale Manufacturing     Pipe Wrench, No. 1
  No. 1725A Wrench     Pipe Wrench, No. 3
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive G-11   Bullard, F.D. Patent 729,728
  Socket, 1/2-Drive 9/16     Patent 733,138
Bodmer, C. Patent 1,825,936     Patent 742,389, 2, 3
Bog Mfg. Acquisition by Plomb Tool   Burch, L.A. Patent 1,547,093
  Catalog No. 132 (1932)   Burdick, C.I. Patent 2,583,544
  Catalog No. 29 (1929), 2   Burkhart, E.G. Patent 908,947
  Catalog No. 7 (1927), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7   Burnop, W.A. Patent 886,476
  Catalog Resources   Burr, C.T. & G.B. Hankins Patent 461,603
  Company History   Burr, C.T. Patent 507,968
  Date Code, 2, 3, 4, 5   Burr, J.T. Patent 710,179
  Ell Handle, 7/16-Hex Drive   Button's Pattern Pliers, Kraeuter 1841-10
  Extension, 1/2-Drive     Pliers, Kraeuter 1841-6.5
  Extension, 7/16-Hex Drive     Pliers, Kraeuter 1841-8
  Flywheel Socket Wrench, 11/16, 2      
(Section B↑)      
(Section C↓)   [C]    
C & G Wheel Puller Company History   Combination Wrench (Cont.) Walden 2150
  Model CG-270 Gear Puller     Walden 2153
  Model CG-270-1 Screw     Walden 2154
  Model CG-270-3 Jaw     Walden 2155
  Model CG-273 Gear Puller     Walden 2156
  Patents Issued     Walden 2156A, 2
C Cornwell [logo] Trademark for Cornwell Quality Tools     Walden 2157
C Liquid [Logo] Trademark for Battery Equipment & Supply     Walden 2159
C [logo] Trademark for Crescent Niagara     Walden 2161
C.E. Bonner Mfg. See also Bonner, C.E. Mfg.     Walden 2162
C.M.B. Wrench Company History     Westcraft HR2285, 2
  Patents Issued     Westcraft WBE20, 2
C.S. Osborne See also Osborne, C.S.     Western Giant 5/8, 2
  Flat-Nose Pliers, 6 Inch     Westline 1076, 2
  Pliers, Gas and Burner 6 Inch     Wilde 195
  Pliers, Gas and Burner 8 Inch     Williams 1158
CFT See also Herbrand     Williams 1159
  Brand Used by Herbrand     Williams 1160
  Gas Pliers     Williams 1161, 2, 3
  Model 681A Wrench     Williams 1162, 2
  Slip-Joint Pliers, 5 Inch     Williams 1163, 2
  Slip-Joint Pliers, 7 Inch     Williams 1164, 2, 3
CI Mark on Fulton Tools     Williams 1165
CTCO [logo] Trademark for Crescent Tool   Combination Wrench (Cont.) Williams 1166, 2
CV Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works, 2     Williams 1166A
Cadmium Recognizing as Plated Finish     Williams 1167
California Tool Company Company Profile     Williams 1167A
California Tool Model BB2 Wrench     Williams 1168
  Model BB2L Wrench     Williams 1170
  Socket, 1/2-Drive 11/16     Williams 1171
Calipers Kraeuter 4 Inch     Williams 1176
Call, A. Patent 317,923     Williams XOEE-1218
  Patent 317,924     Williams XOEE-1220
Campbell, S.A. Patent 1,371,350     Wizard H2103, 2
  Patent 1,489,696     Wizard H2106, 2
Campbell, Solomon A. Patent 1,371,350     Wright 1120
Canis Index 1910 Ad for C.M.B. "Silver King" Wrench Set   Commercial Vehicle 1922 Notice for Allen "Bay State" Sets
Cape Ann Tool Company Production for Walden, 2   Contal, C. Patent 751,055, 2
Carew, A.F. Patent 1,239,459     Patent RE12,379, 2
Carew, F. Patent 107,334   Controlled Steel See also Danielson, J.P. Company
Cargin & Co. 1921 Catalog Lakeside Auto Wrenches     Brand Used by Danielson, J.P. Company
Carlberg, A.E. Patent 1,542,336     Brand Used by J.P. Danielson Company
  Patent 1,553,068, 2     Open-End Wrench, 25/32x7/8
  Patent 1,613,981     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  Patent 1,796,083     Wrench Set, Open-End 5-Piece
  Patent RE16,354, 2   Cook, H.J. Patent 1,839,835
Carlborg, C.F. Patent 2,109,740   Cook, W.H. Patent 1,350,545
Carll, A.B. Patent 1,052,313, 2     Patent 1,479,772, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  Patent 1,060,891     Patent 875,782
  Patent 1,138,276   Cope, Kenneth L. American Wrench Makers 1830-1930
  Patent 1,138,277   Cornwell Quality Tools See also Cornwell
  Patent 1,363,954     C Cornwell [logo] Trademark
  Patent 1,410,993     Catalog Resources
  Patent 474,810     Company History
Carll, A.C. Patent 1,060,891     Cornwell Trademark
Carll, Addison B. Reversible Adjustable Wrench     Cornwell-Skidmore Trademark
Carlson, F.O. Patent 1,969,725     Manufacturing Dates
Carlson, G.O. Patent 1,518,251, 2, 3     Patents Issued
Carlson, H.G. Patent 1,430,004     Trademarks
Carpenter, E.R. Patent 1,569,117   Cornwell, A.L. et al Patent 1,633,314
Casterlin, W.S. Patent 835,900   Cornwell, A.L. Patent 1,858,238
Caterpillar Production by Armstrong, 2     Patent 1,895,448
  Production by Billings, 2, 3, 4     Patent 2,005,534
  Production by Vlchek, 2, 3     Patent 2,136,004, 2
Catron, B.J. Patent 1,647,343     Patent 2,409,545
Cee Tee Co Trademark for Crescent Tool     Patent 2,427,948
CeeTeeCo Combination Pliers, 5 Inch     Patent D97,466
  Combination Pliers, 8 Inch     Patent RE18,556
Cen-Tech Trademark for Daido   Cornwell-Skidmore Trademark for Cornwell Quality Tools
Central Auto Supply 1916 Catalog Kraeuter Chisels   Cornwell See also Cornwell Quality Tools
  1916 Catalog Kraeuter Pliers     Ad, Cornwell Quality Tools (1925)
  Catalog (1916), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6     Angle-Head Wrench, Early 5/8
  Listings for Buffum     Angle-Head Wrench, Early 7/8
  Listings for Kraeuter     Brake Wrench, 5/8 "F"
  Listings for Mayhew     Early Socket, 11/16
  Listings for Mossberg     Early Socket, 13/16
  Listings for Vlchek     Early Socket, 25/32
  Listings for Walden     Early Socket, 3/4
Challenger See also Penens Corporation     Ell Handle, 1/2-Drive Early
  Model 1266 Extension     Extension, "B" 10 Inch, 2
  Model 1618 Socket     Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive "B"
Champion De Arment See also Channellock     Flex Handle, 3/8-Drive Early
  Ballpeen Hammer, 3/0     Flex-Box Wrench, "C" 1/2x9/16
  Ballpeen Hammer, No. 6     Model 55 Ratchet
  Catalog Listing for Stillson Pipe Wrenches     Model AJ-10B Wrench
  Champion De Arment Trademark, 2     Model AW10 Wrench
  Channellock Trademark, 2     Model AW12 Wrench
  Channellock [logo] Trademark     Model AW14 Wrench
  Company History     Model AW1818 Wrench
  Model 307 Pliers     Model AW2 Wrench
  Patents Issued     Model AW20 Wrench
  S-Shaped Wrench, 5xx Series     Model AW22 Wrench
  Stillson Pipe Wrench, 10 Inch   Cornwell (Cont.) Model AW24 Wrench
  Trademark for Champion De Arment, 2     Model AW34 Brake Wrench
  Trademarks     Model AW4 Wrench
Champion Ratchet Wrench See also Syracuse Wrench     Model AW6 Wrench
  No. 2 Socket Set, 2     Model AW8 Wrench
Champion Tool See also Champion De Arment     Model BW22 Wrench
  Critics Trademark     Model BW3 Wrench
  Our Pride Trademark     Model BW34 Wrench
Champion Brand Used by Syracuse Wrench     Model BW67 Wrench
Chandler & Farquhar Catalog "A" (1919), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10     Model BW7 Wrench
  Catalog No. 115 (1910), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7     Model BW94 Wrench
  Listings for Billings     Model BWS1416S Wrench
  Listings for Braunsdorf-Mueller     Model CW12 Wrench
  Listings for H.D. Smith, 2     Model CW14 Wrench
  Listings for Keystone, 2     Model CW16 Wrench
  Listings for Kraeuter     Model CW1616 Wrench
  Listings for L.S. Starrett     Model CW18 Wrench
  Listings for Mossberg, 2     Model CW2020 Wrench
  Listings for Schollhorn, 2     Model CW3 Wrench
  Listings for Trimont     Model CW5 Wrench
  Listings for Utica, 2     Model CW7 Wrench
  Listings for Vlchek     Model CW9 Wrench
  Listings for Walden     Model CWF14 Wrench
Channellock [logo] Trademark for Champion De Arment   Cornwell (Cont.) Model DL2 Drag Link
Channellock See also Champion De Arment     Model EP-2-6 Extension
  Model 3048-1/2 Pliers     Model EW12 Wrench
  Model 317-1/2 Pliers     Model EW14 Wrench
  Model 326 Pliers     Model EW1820 Wrench
  Model 407 Pliers     Model EW22 Wrench
  Model 410 Pliers, 2     Model EW28 Wrench
  Model 420 Pliers, 2, 3     Model EW51 Brake Wrench
  Model 426 Pliers     Model EW52 Wrench
  Model 427 Pliers     Model EW55 Wrench
  Model 436 Pliers     Model FS3 Wrench
  Model 437 Pliers     Model HF315 Flex Handle
  Model 440 Pliers     Model HS54 Socket
  Model 447 Pliers     Model IW3 Wrench
  Model 460 Pliers     Model IW5 Wrench
  Model 516 Pliers     Model JR2 Ratchet
  Model 548 Pliers     Model OW1818 Wrench
  Trademark for Champion De Arment, 2     Model SH17 Speeder
Channon, H. Company 1910 Catalog Champion Ratchet Set     Model SR-2 Ratchet
  1930 Catalog Hol-Set Wrench     Model SR-5 Ratchet
  1936 Catalog Hinsdale HDx Wrenches     Model SR4 Ratchet
  1936 Catalog Williams "Cromal" Set     Model TW0 Wrench
  1936 Catalog Williams B-315 Set     Model TW44 Wrench
  1936 Catalog Williams M-310 Set   Cornwell (Cont.) Model TW5 Wrench
  1936 Catalog Williams S-320 Set     Model TW54 Wrench
  Catalog No. 050 (1910), 2, 3, 4, 5     Open-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16 Early
  Catalog No. 080 (1916), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6     Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1-1/16 Early
  Catalog No. 101 (1930), 2, 3, 4, 5     Open-End Wrench, 19/32x11/16 Early
  Catalog No. 102 (1936), 2, 3     Open-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8 30 "C"
  Listings for Blackhawk     Open-End Wrench, 9/16x5/8 Early
  Listings for Crescent     Ratchet, 3/4-Drive Gearless Early
  Listings for H.D. Smith     Ratchet, 7/8-Drive Gearless
  Listings for Hinsdale     Skidmore Torque Wrench
  Listings for Keystone, 2     Steeldraulic Pliers
  Listings for Klein     Tappet Wrench, 1/2 "B"
  Listings for Mossberg, 2     Tappet Wrench, 1/2 Early
  Listings for Schollhorn, 2     Tappet Wrench, 11/16 Early
  Listings for Starrett     Tappet Wrench, 5/8 "A"
  Listings for Syracuse Wrench     Tappet Wrench, 5/8 Early
  Listings for Trimont     Tappet Wrench, 9/16 "A"
  Listings for W & B, 2     Trademark for Cornwell Quality Tools
Channon, H. Company (Cont.) Listings for Walden   Coslow, C.W. Patent 2,905,037, 2
  Listings for Williams, 2   Costello, W.F. Patent 1,826,739
Chanslor & Lyon 1910 Catalog Pick-Up Socket Sets     Patent 1,900,915
  Catalog (1910), 2, 3, 4, 5     Patent 2,030,138, 2, 3
  Listings for Billings     Patent 2,206,943, 2, 3, 4
  Listings for H.D. Smith   Cotter Pin Puller Blue Point S6P
  Listings for Kraeuter     Craftsman Vanadium "BC"
  Listings for Mossberg     Mossberg
  Listings for Williams     Vaughan & Bushnell
Chantrell, F. Patent 254,275     Vlchek
Chapman, A.D. Patent 1,162,136   Cottrell, H. Patent 616,406
Chapman, D. Patent D132,891, 2, 3     Patent 698,820
Chapman, J.W. Patent 2,058,855     Patent 744,958
Charles E. Hall Co. See also Hall, Charles E. Co.     Patent 845,857
Charles Miller Company See also Miller, Charles Company   Country Club Trademark for Billings & Spencer
Chase, H.H. Company See also Handle Lock   Cowden, R.L. Patent 2,491,089
  Company Profile   Coyle, J.H. Patent 2,030,148
Chase, H.H. Patent 1,438,900, 2, 3, 4   Craftsman [stylized] Trademark for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  Patent 1,538,621   Craftsman [underline logo] Trademark for Sears, Roebuck & Co., 2, 3
Checkerdot Knurling Pattern Used by Crescent   Craftsman "V"-Shaped Shifter
Chicago Mfg. Company History     Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch
  Model 3Z-624 Wrench     Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch "JW"
  Model A1 Ratchet     Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch
  Model A10 Universal     Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch, 2
  Model A24 Extension     Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch, 2
  Patents Issued     Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch
  Socket Set, No. 60, 2     Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  Speednut Wrench, 8 Inch     Amber Handle on "BE" Ratchet
Chicago Tribune 1949 Ad for Duro Metal Surplus Steel     Angle-Nose Pliers, 6 Inch
Childcraft Model 41-W-1468-475 Wrench     Angle-Nose Pliers, 6 Inch "P"
Chilton Auto Directory 1918 Ad for Herbrand Tool Kit     Angle-Nose Pliers, 8 Inch, 2, 3
  1918 Notice for Fairmount Tool & Forging     Assembly Pliers, 8 Inch
  1920 Ad for Mayhew Tool Kits     Ballpeen Hammer, 2
Chilton Tractor Journal 1920 Notice for Packer Tractor Set     Battery Pliers
Chisel Cape, Blue Point S-14     Battery Pliers, "B"
  Cape, Kraeuter 635-1/2     Battery Pliers, "C-F"
  Flat, ChromeXQuality 1/2, 2     Battery Pliers, "P"
  Flat, Craftsman 1/2     Battery Wrench, 9/16x5/8 "V"
  Flat, Dunlap 5/8     Box-End Wrench, 1-1/16x1-1/4 "CI"
  Flat, Herbrand 406     Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16 "AF"
  Flat, Kraeuter 330-1/2     Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16 "CI", 2
  Flat, Kraeuter 430-1     Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16 Short
  Flat, Kraeuter 430-3/4   Craftsman (Cont.) Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16 Short "CI"
  Flat, Kraeuter 430-3/8     Box-End Wrench, 1/4x5/16 "V"
  Flat, Mayhew 1/2     Box-End Wrench, 11/16x13/16 "V"
  Flat, Mayhew 3/4, 2     Box-End Wrench, 13/16x7/8 "CI", 2
  Wood, Craftsman 3/4     Box-End Wrench, 13x15mm "V"
  Wood, Crescent 175     Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1 "AF"
  Wood, Kraeuter 430-5/8     Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1 "CI"
  Wood, Williams C-98     Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1 "V"
Christensen, Clayton M. The Innovator's Dilemma     Box-End Wrench, 19/32x25/32
Chrome Alloy See also Sherman-Klove     Box-End Wrench, 19/32x25/32 "P", 2, 3
  Brand Used by Brazil Tools     Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32 "AF"
  Model 4034 Socket     Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32 "CI"
  Model 40xx Sockets     Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32 "HD", 2
Chrome Vanadium [decal] Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works     Box-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8 "V"
Chrome-Alloy Secondary Line by J.H. Williams     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16
Chrome-Vanadium Trademark for Bonney Forge & Tool Works     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 "CI"
Chrome-X Brand Used by Western Auto Supply     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 "X"
ChromeXQuality See also Western Auto Supply     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 Short "AF"
  Battery Pliers, 2     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 Short "CI"
  Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7     Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 Short "X"
  Box-End Wrench, 13/16x7/8     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16 "AF"
  Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1, 2     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16 "CI"
  Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32, 2, 3, 4     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16 "V"
  Box-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8, 2   Craftsman (Cont.) Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16 Short "AF", 2
  Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16, 2     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16 Short "CI", 2
  Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16, 2, 3, 4, 5     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  Brake Wrench, V-8 Ford, 2     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4 "AF"
  Brand Used by Western Auto Supply, 2, 3     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4 "CI"
  Chisel, 1/2, 2     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4 "P", 2
  Combination Wrench, 11/16, 2     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4 "V"
  Combination Wrench, 9/16, 2     Box-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4 Short "V"
  Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive, 2     Box-End Wrench, 6x8mm "V"
  Half-Moon Wrench, 9/16x5/8, 2     Box-End Wrench, Vanadium 1/2x9/16 Short
  Model 1027 Wrench     Box-End Wrench, Vanadium 25/32x13/16
  Model 2731A Wrench     Box-End Wrench, Vanadium 3/4x7/8
  Model 90A Wrench, 2     Box-End Wrench, Vanadium 3/8x7/16
  Model 92 Wrench, 2     Box-End Wrench, Vanadium 5/8x11/16
  Model N693 Socket Set, 2     Brake Spring Pliers
  Model N694 Socket Set, 2     Button's Pattern Pliers, 5781-8
  Model N705 Socket Set, 2     Button's Pattern Pliers, 8.5 Inch
ChromeXQuality (Cont.) Model W1012 Wrench, 2     C-Circle Mark
  Model W1416 Wrench, 2     C-Series Socket Tools
  Model W1820 Wrench, 2     Catalog Resources
  Model WBE18 Wrench, 2     Catalog, 1938
  Model WBE24 Wrench, 2     Catalog, 1942
  No. 1027 Wrench     Chain Pipe Wrench, 12 Inch
  No. 2731A Wrench   Craftsman (Cont.) Combination Pliers, 5.5 Inch
  Production by Duro, 2, 3, 4, 5     Combination Pliers, 6.5 Inch, 2, 3
  Production by Herbrand, 2, 3, 4, 5     Combination Pliers, 7 Inch "B"
  Production by Vlchek     Combination Wrench, "V" 5/8
  Production by Vlchek Tool, 2, 3     Combination Wrench, 1/2
  Socket, 1/2-Drive ChromeXQuality 12-Point     Combination Wrench, 1/2 "V"
  Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-3/8     Combination Wrench, 11/16, 2
  Tappet Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2     Combination Wrench, 14mm "V"
  Waterpump Pliers, 2     Combination Wrench, 3/4
Chromium Vanadium See also Indestro Mfg.     Combination Wrench, 3/8 "V"
  See also Western Auto Supply     Combination Wrench, 5/8
  Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2     Combination Wrench, 5/8 "BF"
  Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1     Combination Wrench, 5/8 "V"
  Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16, 2     Combination Wrench, 7/16, 2
  Brand Used by Western Auto Supply, 2     Combination Wrench, 9/16
  Ignition Pliers, 5 Inch     Combination Wrench, 9/16 "V"
  Mark on Tools     Cotter Pin Puller
  Model 12xx Sockets, 2     Diagonal Cutters, 5 Inch
  Model 2240 Socket     Diagonal Cutters, 6 Inch
  Model 2724 Socket     Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 5 Inch
  Model 27xx Socket     Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 6 Inch
  Model 3206 Tee Handle     Diagonal Cutting Pliers, 7 Inch
  Model 3211 Extension     Dual-Pawl Ratchets
  Model 3216 Extension   Craftsman (Cont.) Early "V" Series Ratchets
  Model 617 Wrench     Electrician's Pliers, 6 Inch
  Production by Herbrand     End Nippers, 6 Inch
  Sliding Tee Handle, 1/2-Drive Indestro, 2     Extension, 1/2-Drive 5 Inch "H"
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 17-Piece, 2     Extension, 10 Inch "BE"
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 3111B     Flat Chisel, 1/2
  Socket Set, 1/4-Drive Indestro     Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive "BE"
  Sockets, 1/2-Drive 12-Point, 2, 3, 4     Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive 10 Inch "BE"
  Tappet Wrench, 5/8x11/16     Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive 15 Inch "BE"
Chromium Vanadium (Cont.) on Armstrong H-1230 Socket, 2     Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive 15 Inch "H"
  on Armstrong No. 5037 Wrench     Flex Handle, 1/4-Drive "BE", 2
  on ChromeXQuality Battery Pliers, 2     Flex Handle, 1/4-Drive H-Circle, 2, 3
  on ChromeXQuality Brake Wrench, 2     Flex Handle, 3/8-Drive 10 Inch "BE"
  on ChromeXQuality Combination Wrench, 2     Flex Handle, 3/8-Drive Vanadium
  on ChromeXQuality Tappet Wrench, 2     Flex-Combination Wrench, 1/2 "V"
  on ChromeXQuality Waterpump Pliers, 2     Flex-Combination Wrench, 5/8 "V"
  on Indestro Early Sockets, 2, 3, 4     Hose-Clamp Pliers, 8 Inch
  on Indestro Ratchet Adapter, 2     Lineman's Pliers, 7 Inch
Chur, C.H. Patent 2,199,984     Lineman's Pliers, 8.5 Inch, 2
Clark, I.J. Patent 1,871,498     Logo Styles
  Patent 2,091,500, 2     Manufacturer's Codes 1920-1945
  Patent 2,119,128, 2, 3, 4     Manufacturer's Codes 1945-1970
  Patent RE19,414     Model 1090-D Wrench
Clarke, A. Patent 113,261   Craftsman (Cont.) Model 1090F Wrench
  Patent 119,447     Model 1092-F Wrench
Clawson, I.C. Patent 2,310,759     Model 42174 Wrench
Cleaning Tools Suggested Methods     Model 42545 Wrench
Cleveland Wrench Auto-Grip Wrench, 10 Inch     Model 42957 Wrench
  Company Profile     Model 43187 Ratchet
Clik-Stop Adjustable Wrench     Model 43788 Ratchet
  Trademark for Pendleton Tool Industries     Model 43919 Wrench
Coates, C.F. Patent 2,600,617     Model 44474 Wrench
Cochran Pipe Wrench Mfg. See also Cochran     Model 44604 Wrench, 2
  Company Profile     Model 44696 Wrench
Cochran, E.A. Patent 539,890     Model 4476 Pliers
Cochran, J.M. Patent 597,762     Model 4507 Pliers
  Patent 885,322     Model 5783-5 Pliers
Cochran See also Cochran Pipe Wrench Mfg.     Model 5783-6 Pliers, 2
  Speednut Adjustable Wrench     Model 5797-5.5 Pliers
Coe, J.E. Patent 1,675,484     Model C-0xx Socket
Coes Wrench Company Company Profile     Model C-3006 Wrench, 2
Coes, J.H. et al Patent 301,680     Model C-36 Socket
Coes, L. Patent 229,673     Model C-7 Socket
  Patent 301,681     Model C-90 Extension
Coes, R.R. Patent 1,311,110     Model C-91 Extension
Coining Press Vlchek Use of     Model C-92 Speeder
Cold-Broached Sockets 1915 Use by Will B. Lane Company   Craftsman (Cont.) Model C-93 Flex Handle
Cold-Formed Sockets 1922 Use by Allen Manufacturing     Model C-94 Tee Handle
  1947 Use by Stevens-Walden, 2     Model C-95 Extension
  1968 Use by J.H. Williams     Model C-96 Tee Handle
  Allen "Bay State" 7/16-Hex Drive 13/16     Model C-97 Ratchet
  Stevens-Walden 1/2-Drive Sockets     Model CF-16 Socket
  Thorsen 1/2-Drive 536     Model CF-87 Ratchet
  Williams 3/8-Drive B-12xx     Model HD5 Wrench
Combination Tool Diamond DH16 "Handiman"     N4 Forge Mark
  Diamond DH18 "Handyboy"     Needlenose Pliers, 6 Inch
Combination Wrench Action 2022A     Needlenose Pliers, 8 Inch
  Action 2024A     No. 1 Tappet Wrench, 2
  Action 2028A     No. 1020 Wrench
  Armstrong 1159-A     No. 1025 Wrench "C-"
  Armstrong 1160     No. 1027 Wrench
  Armstrong 1163     No. 1027 Wrench "C-"
  Armstrong 1164     No. 1027 Wrench
  Armstrong 1166, 2     No. 1031 Wrench
  Armstrong 1167     No. 1031 Wrench "C-"
  Armstrong 1168-L     No. 1031 Wrench
  Armstrong 1170-L     No. 1033C Wrench
  Armstrong 1172-L     No. 1033C Wrench "C-", 2, 3
  BHM 3/8     No. 1033C Wrench, 2
  Barcalo 11/16 Barcaloy   Craftsman (Cont.) No. 1723 Wrench
  Barcalo 13/16     No. 1723 Wrench "C-"
  Barcalo 15/16 C-V     No. 1725B Wrench
  Barcalo 3/4     No. 1725B Wrench "C-"
  Barcalo 3/4 Barcaloy     No. 1725B Wrench
  Barcalo 3/4 C-V     No. 1727 Wrench
  Barcalo 3/8 Barcaloy     No. 1729 Wrench
  Barcalo 5/8 Barcaloy, 2     No. 1729 Wrench "C-", 2
  Barcalo 5/8 C-V     No. 1731 Wrench
  Barcalo 7/8     No. 1731 Wrench "C-", 2
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Barcalo 9/16     No. 1731 Wrench
  Barcalo 9/16 Barcaloy     No. 2 Tappet Wrench
  Barcalo 9/16     No. 3 Tappet Wrench, 2, 3, 4
  Barcalo TC08     No. 4 Tappet Wrench
  Barcalo TC22     Offset Screwdriver
  Barcalo TC24     Open-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16 "V"
  Barcalo TC26     Open-End Wrench, 17x19mm "V"
  Billings 1162     Open-End Wrench, 25/32x13/16 "P", 2
  Billings 1164, 2     Open-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8 "V", 2
  Billings 1165     Open-End Wrench, 3/8Wx7/16W "V"
  Billings 1166, 2     Open-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16 "P", 2
  Billings 1167, 2, 3     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4 "P", 2
  Billings 1170     Pin Punch, 3/16
  Billings L1164   Craftsman (Cont.) Production by J.P. Danielson Company
  Billings L1166     Production by S-K
  Billings L1167     Production by S-K Tools
  Billings L1171     Production by Snap-on
  Blackhawk 1166     Production by Vlchek
  Blackhawk 15641     Production by Vlchek Tool
  Blackhawk 15642     Quick-Release Ratchets
  Blackhawk 15643     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive "BE", 2
  Blackhawk 15644     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive "BT", 2, 3, 4
  Blackhawk 15645     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive "V", 2
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Blackhawk 15646     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive H-Circle, 2
  Blackhawk 15647     Ratchet, 1/4-Drive "BE", 2
  Blackhawk 15648     Ratchet, 1/4-Drive "V", 2
  Blackhawk 15649     Ratchet, 1/4-Drive H-Circle
  Blackhawk 15650     Ratchet, 3/4-Drive "K"
  Blue Point OEX-100     Ratchet, 3/8-Drive "BE", 2, 3
  Blue Point OEX-120     Ratchet, 3/8-Drive "V"
  Blue Point OEX-140     Ratchet, 3/8-Drive "V" Quick-Release
  Blue Point OEX-160     Ratchet, 3/8-Drive "V"
  Blue Point OEX-180     Ratchet, 3/8-Drive H-Circle
  Blue Point OEX-20     Ratcheting Box Wrench, 1/4x5/16
  Blue Point OEX-200     Ratcheting Box Wrench, 3/8x7/16, 2
  Blue Point OEX-22     Sliding Tee Handle, 1/4-Drive H-Circle
  Blue Point OEX-220   Craftsman (Cont.) Sliding Tee Handle, 3/4-Drive "BM"
  Blue Point OEX-24     Snap-Ring Pliers, 2
  Blue Point OEX-240     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive C-Series
  Blue Point OEX-26     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive Super
  Blue Point OEX-28     Socket Set, 1/4-Drive "BE"
  Blue Point OEX-30     Socket Set, 1/4-Drive H-Circle
  Blue Point OEX-32     Socket Set, 3/8-Drive Vanadium, 2
  Blue Point OEX-34     Socket Set, 9/32-Drive C-Series
  Blue Point OEX-36     Socket Set, 9/32-Drive Vanadium, 2
  Bon-E-Con ZEB26     Socket Wrench, 8-In-1, 2
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Bon-E-Con ZEB28     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch
  Bonney "TuType"     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch "BE"
  Bonney 1116     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch
  Bonney 1116H     Socket, 1/2-Drive 13/16
  Bonney 1160, 2     Socket, 1/2-Drive C-xx
  Bonney 1161, 2     Socket, 1/2-Drive H-Circle 11/16
  Bonney 1162     Socket, 1/4-Drive 7/16 "BE"
  Bonney 1163, 2     Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-1/2
  Bonney 1164, 2     Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-1/4 "K", 2
  Bonney 1165, 2     Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-1/8
  Bonney 1166, 2     Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-5/16 "K"
  Bonney 1167     Socket, 3/4-Drive 1-5/8
  Bonney 1167A, 2, 3, 4     Socket, 3/4-Drive K-Circle 1-5/16
  Bonney 1168   Craftsman (Cont.) Socket, 3/8-Drive 13/16 Vanadium
  Bonney 1170     Socket, 3/8-Drive Vanadium
  Bonney 1172     Star Drill, 3/4
  Bonney 1174, 2     Table of Manufacturer's Codes, 2
  Bonney 3114 Zenel     Tapered Punch, 5/32
  Bonney 3118 Zenel     Tappet Wrench, 3/4x7/8 "V"
  Bonney 3120 Zenel     Tappet Wrench, 5/8x11/16 "V"
  Bonney MEB19     Trademark for Sears, Roebuck & Co., 2, 3, 4
  ChromeXQuality 11/16, 2     Universal, 1/2-Drive
  ChromeXQuality 9/16, 2     Waterpump Pliers, 10 Inch 4-Position
Combination Wrench (Cont.) ChromeXQuality WBE18, 2     Waterpump Pliers, 10 Inch T+G, 2
  ChromeXQuality WBE24, 2     Waterpump Pliers, 11 Inch, 2
  Cornwell CW12     Whitworth Sizes
  Cornwell CW14     Wood Chisel, 3/4
  Cornwell CW16     Wrench Set, 6-Piece Combination
  Cornwell CW1616   Cragin & Co. 1921 Catalog Billmont No. 8 Ratchet
  Cornwell CW18     Catalog No. 2 (1921), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  Cornwell CW2020     Listings for Billmont
  Cornwell CW3     Listings for Crescent
  Cornwell CW5     Listings for Keystone
  Cornwell CW7     Listings for Mossberg
  Cornwell CW9     Listings for Trimont
  Craftsman "V" 5/8     Listings for Utica
  Craftsman 1/2 "V"   Cragin Tool Acquisition by Plomb
  Craftsman 11/16     Successor to Bog Mfg.
  Craftsman 14mm "V"   Crandall, M.E. Patent 1,061,662
  Craftsman 3/8 "V"   Crary Tool Company Predecessor to MTF
  Craftsman 5/8 "BF"   Crawford Fitting See also Swagelok
  Craftsman 5/8 "V"     Swagelok Trademark, 2
  Craftsman 7/16   Cray Brothers 1912 Catalog Bay State Autokit No. 1
  Craftsman 9/16 "V"     1912 Catalog Bay State Autokit No. 2
  Craftsman Vanadium 1/2     1912 Catalog Brown Company Wrench
  Craftsman Vanadium 11/16     1912 Catalog Charles E. Hall No. 15
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Craftsman Vanadium 3/4     Catalog (1912), 2, 3, 4
  Craftsman Vanadium 5/8     Catalog (1915)
  Craftsman Vanadium 7/16     Catalog (1916)
  Craftsman Vanadium 9/16     Listings for Bay State
  Dunlap "LC" 5/8     Listings for Champion De Arment
  Duro-Chrome 02032     Listings for Charles E. Hall
  Duro-Chrome 02033     Listings for Keystone
  Duro-Chrome 02035     Listings for Walden, 2
  Duro-Chrome 02036   Crescent Mfg. Bearing Scraper, 12 Inch
  Duro-Chrome 2031     Company Profile
  Duro-Chrome 2035     Drive Plug, 1/2-Drive
  Duro-Chrome 2037     Four-Way Socket Wrench
  Duro-Chrome 2039     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive "Pick-Up"
  Duro-Chrome 2233     Ratchet, 11/16-Drive Miller
  Duro-Chrome 2234     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive "Pick-Up"
  Duro-Chrome 2236     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1-9/32
  Duro-Chrome 2236S     Spark Plug Wrench, 15/16x1-1/16
  Duro-Chrome 2237, 2     Universal, 1/2-Drive
  Duro-Chrome 2237B   Crescent Niagara Billings [logo] Trademark
  Duro-Chrome 2238     C [logo] Trademark
  Duro-Chrome 2239     Crestex Trademark
  Duro-Chrome 2240   Crescent Tool Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch Crestoloy
  Fuller 3/4     Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Fuller 5/8     Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch Alloy
  Gedore 1B 16mm     Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch Crestoloy
  Gedore 1B 5.5mm     Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch Crestoloy, 2
  Giller 2020     Adjustable Wrench, 6-8 Inch
  H-P Tool CW-22     Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch
  H-P Tool CW-24     Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch Crestoloy, 2
  HeXo "Half & Half"     Adjustable Wrench, 8-10 Inch
  HeXo 15350     CTCO [logo] Trademark
  HeXo 15352     Catalog Resources
  Herbrand "Multitype"     Cee Tee Co Trademark
  Herbrand 1209-M     CeeTeeCo Specialty Pliers
  Herbrand 1218, 2     Company History
  Herbrand 1218LH     Crescent Trademark
  Herbrand 1220     Crestogrip Trademark
  Herbrand 1222, 2     Crestoloy Trademark, 2
  Herbrand 1224SH     Folding Screwdriver, 4 Inch
  Herbrand 1226     MoToR KiT Trademark
  Herbrand 1228     Model 1000-8 Pliers
  Herbrand 1232     Model 1033-6 Pliers
  Hinsdale BE-12     Model 1936-10 Pliers
  Hinsdale BE-16     Model 1950-7 Pliers
  Hinsdale BE-20   Crescent Tool (Cont.) Model 1950-8 Pliers
  Hinsdale BE-22     Model 23-7 Pliers
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Hinsdale BE-24     Model 489 Punch
  Hinsdale BE-24W     Model 542-7 Pliers
  Indestro 1069     Model 654-7 Pliers
  Indestro 1070     Model 72-7 Pliers
  Indestro 1072     Model 72-8 Pliers
  Indestro 1073     Model 742-7 Pliers
  Indestro 1076     Model 777-6 Pliers
  Indestro 1077, "0"     Model 940-6 Pliers
  Indestro 1078     Model 942-4 Pliers
  Indestro 1079     Model 942-5.5 Pliers
  Indestro Super 775     Model 942-6 Pliers
  MAC B99     Model CT70 Ratchet
  MAC C8     Model L25 Pliers
  Master Quality 11/16     Model L26 Pliers, 2
  McKaig-Hatch 1559     Model LC22 Wrench
  McKaig-Hatch 9/16     Model LE1922 Wrench
  Motiv X24     Model LS70 Ratchet
  New Britain NDF-58     Model P210 Pliers
  New Britain NDF-60     No. 1725B Wrench "C"
  New Britain NDF-62     No. 1731B Wrench "C"
  New Britain NDF-63     No. 175 Chisel
  New Britain NDF-64, 2   Crescent Tool (Cont.) Patents
  New Britain NDF-66     Production for Pratt-Whitney Aircraft
Combination Wrench (Cont.) None Better 4739, 2     Thin-Nose Bent Pliers
  OTC C-12     Trademarks
  OTC C-22   Crescent Trademark for Crescent Tool
  OTC C-36   Crestex Trademark for Crescent Niagara
  P&C 2718   Crestogrip Trademark for Crescent Tool
  Penens 6026   Crestoloy Trademark for Crescent Tool, 2, 3
  Penens 9/16   Crippen, J.W. et al Patent 722,677
  Plomb 1210   Critchley, J.V. Patent 1,635,259, 2
  Plomb 1212   Critics Trademark for Champion Tool
  Plomb 1214   Crocodile Trademark for Bonney Vise & Tool Works
  Plomb 1216   Cromal See also Williams, J.H. & Co.
  Plomb 1218     Brand Used by Williams, J.H. & Co.
  Plomb 1218 Early     Model 18021 Wrench
  Plomb 1218     Model 18731A Wrench
  Plomb 1220     Model 18733C Wrench
  Plomb 1220 Early     Model 19723 Wrench
  Plomb 1220     Model 19725 Wrench
  Plomb 1222     Secondary Line by J.H. Williams
  Plomb 1224   Crompton & Knowles Model 6 Wrench
  Plomb 1226   Cronk & Carrier Mfg. See also Cronk
  Plomb 1232     Company Profile
  Plomb 1234     Patents Issued
  Plomb 1246   Cronk, W. Patent 1,041,967, 2
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Plomb Ranger AT158     Patent 1,190,734
  Powr-Kraft 3/4     Patent 344,769, 2
  Proto 1212     Patent 577,818
  Proto 1214     Patent 597,896
  Proto 1216     Patent 632,835
  Proto 1220     Patent 834,564
  Proto 1224     Patent 870,227
  Proto 1224 50th     Patent 942,549
  Proto 1226     Patent 999,703
  Proto 1232   Cronk See also Cronk & Carrier Mfg.
  Proto 1246     Button's Pattern Pliers, 6 Inch
  Ritco 7/16     Combination Pliers, 6.5 Inch
  Sears "BF" 11/16     Combination Pliers, 8 Inch
  Snap-on OEX-16     Fencing Pliers, 10 Inch
  Snap-on OEX-200     Gas-and-Burner Pliers, 8 Inch
  Snap-on OEX-26     Slide Adjustable Wrench
  Snap-on OEX-28     Staple-Pulling Pliers
  Snap-on OEX-32   Cross Country See also Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  Snap-on WOEX-120     Battery Wrench, 9/16x5/8
  Speed-Hed 774-0     Box-End Wrench, 13/16x7/8
  Speed-Hed 776-0     Box-End Wrench, 15/16x1
  Speed-Hed 7800     Box-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8, 2
  Thorsen 2012     Brand Used by Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Thorsen 2014     Model 1831 Wrench, 2, 3
  Thorsen 2020C     Model 2 Wrench
  Thorsen 2022C     Model 3 Wrench, 2
  Thorsen 2024C     Production by Duro Metal Products, 2
  Thorsen 2026   Crowfoot 1/2-Drive, Plomb K21520
  Thorsen 2030     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21521
  Tiger Tools WBE14     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21522
  Tiger Tools WBE16     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21528
  Tiger Tools WBE22     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21529
  Tiger Tools WBE24     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21906
  Tru-Fit 1916     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21920
  Tru-Fit 2116     1/2-Drive, Plomb K21923
  Tru-Fit 2216     1/2-Drive, Snap-on S-9156
  Tru-Fit 3016     1/2-Drive, T.A.C. 9031
  Tru-Fit 9/16     1/2-Drive, T.A.C. 9036
  Truecraft Tool B-105     1/2-Drive, T.A.C. 9042
  Truecraft Tool B-106     1/2-Drive, Williams SC-8
  TuHex 166     1/4-Drive, Proto 500M
  Vanadium Tool 15/16     3/8-Drive, Bonney T7
  Vanadium Tool 7/8     3/8-Drive, Bonney T8
  Vanadium Tool C-6     3/8-Drive, Plomb 4912
  Vanadium Tool CF-10     3/8-Drive, Plomb F21901
  Vi-Chrome 12020     3/8-Drive, Plomb K21901
Combination Wrench (Cont.) Vi-Chrome 12022     3/8-Drive, Plomb K21902
  Vi-Chrome 12024     3/8-Drive, Plomb K21904
  Vi-Chrome 12028     3/8-Drive, T.A.C. 9011
  Vlchek WBE16   Cunha, A.M. Patent 1,307,485, 2, 3
  Vlchek WBE18     Patent 1,370,194, 2, 3
  Vlchek WBE20   Curko Brand Used by Currier-Koeth Mfg., 2
  Vlchek WBE22   Currier-Koeth Mfg. Company Profile
  Vlchek WBE24     Curko Brand, 2
  Vlchek WBE26     End Nippers
  Vlchek WBE28     Koeth's Kombination Kit
  Vlchek WBE30   Curtis, H.B. et al Patent 1,888,222
  Vlchek WBE32   Curtis, H.B. Patent D97,325
  Walden 2122     Patent D97,325 BHM
(Section C↑)      
(Section D↓)   [D]    
D-I Marking on Sockets   Dunham, Carrigan 1888 Catalog Billings "S" Wrenches
DIF See also Interstate Drop Forge     Catalog (1888)
  Forge Mark for Interstate Drop Forge, 2, 3, 4, 5     Catalog No. 73 (1925), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
DTM Model SSR14 Ratchet     Listings for Billings
  Model ST-10001 Socket     Listings for Blackhawk
Daido See also Allenite     Listings for Bonney
  See also Truecraft     Listings for Buffum
  Allenite Trademark     Listings for Husky
  Cen-Tech Trademark     Listings for K-D
  Company Profile     Listings for Kraeuter
  Daido Trademark     Listings for Walden
  PROMATE [logo] Trademark     Listings for Williams
  Trademark for Daido   Dunlap [oval logo] Trademark for Sears, Roebuck & Co.
Daniels, E.H. Patent D146,899   Dunlap Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch
Danielson, J.P. Company See also Auto-Kit     Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch
  See also Controlled Steel     Auto Wrench, 8 Inch
  Auto-Kit Brand     Battery Pliers
  Company History     Bent Thin-Nose Pliers, 7 Inch
  Controlled Steel Brand     Box-End Wrench, 11/16x3/4, 2
Danielson Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch     Center Punch
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Chisel, 5/8
  Adjustable Wrench, Bet'R-Grip 12 Inch     Combination Pliers, 5.5 Inch
  Adjustable Wrench, Bet'R-Grip 4 Inch     Combination Pliers, 6 Inch
  Adjustable Wrench, Bet'R-Grip 6 Inch     Combination Pliers, 8 Inch
  Adjustable Wrench, Bet'R-Grip 8 Inch, 2     Combination Wrench, 5/8
  Adjustable Wrench, Vanadium 10 Inch     Lineman's Pliers, 7 Inch
  Adjustable Wrench, Vanadium 4 Inch     Needlenose Pliers, 8 Inch
  Adjustable Wrench, Vanadium 8 Inch     Open-End Wrench, 25/32x7/8
  Pipe Wrench, 10 Inch     Open-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8
  Pipe Wrench, 14 Inch     Open-End Wrench, 5/16x13/32
  Pipe Wrench, 6 Inch     Pipe Wrench, 8 Inch
  Pliers, Combination 6 Inch     Production by Danielson, 2
  Pliers, Combination 8 Inch, 2     Production by Vlchek Tool, 2
  Pliers, Gas and Burner 8 Inch     Ratcheting Box Wrench, 1/2x9/16
  Pliers, Long-Nose 6 Inch     Ratcheting Box Wrench, 3/8x7/16
  Pliers, Parrot-Head 7 Inch     Wrench Set, Open-End 5-Piece
  Pliers, Thin-Nose 6 Inch   Duo-Forged Trademark for Billings & Spencer
  Pliers, Universal 7 Inch   Durham, F.S. Patent D58,467
  Pliers, Waterpump 10 Inch   Durham, Jr., J.E. et al Patent 1,683,384
Darmara, F.N. Patent 2,426,985   Durham, Jr., J.E. Patent D54,516, 2
  Patent 2,462,072   Duro Chrome Trademark for Duro Metal Products
  Patent 2,809,110   Duro Metal Products See also Duro-Bilt
Date Code System Blackhawk Manufacturing     See also Duro-Chrome
  Bonney Forge & Tool Works     See also Handy-Hex
  J.P. Danielson     Catalog (1935) 020xx Wrenches
  M. Klein & Sons     Catalog (1935) Duro Sockets
  Plomb Tool     Catalog (1935) No. 2115 Pliers
  Snap-on Tools, 2     Catalog (1935) No. 2126 Pliers
  Wright Tool and Forge     Catalog (1935) Open-End Wrenches
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Davies, J.W. et al Patent 2,731,864     Catalog (1946) Hot-Broaching Process
Davis, J.G. Patent 541,076     Catalog Resources
De Arment, George B. See also Champion De Arment     ChromeXQuality Production, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Founder of Champion De Arment     Company History
De Graff, H.W. Patent 852,874     D-I Sockets
DeArment, G.B. Patent 1,162,141     D-Trapezoid Mark, 2
  Patent 908,969     Description of Hot-Broaching Process
DeSchebeko, A. Patent 1,870,612, 2     Duro Chrome Trademark
Deliso, J.J. Patent 2,732,049     Duro Trademark
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  Patent 2,862,745     Duro-Bilt Trademark
  Patent 2,893,769     Duro-Chrome Trademark
Denham, E.B. Patent 999,968     Extension, 1/2-Drive
Densmore, L.F. Patent 2,216,878, 2     Founding Date from Catalog No. 35
Dent, F. Patent 690,407   Duro Metal Products (Cont.) Handy-Hex Brand, 2
Derusting Suggested Methods     L-T Convertible Handle, 2
Devall, G.M. et al Patent 1,883,632     Model 0626 Socket Wrench
Dial-A-Cut Trademark for Bergman Tool Mfg.     Model 2116 Pliers
Diamalloy [logo] Trademark for Diamond Calk Horseshoe, 2, 3     Model 412 Valve Grinder
Diamond Calk Horseshoe See also Diamond     Model 600 Wrench
  See also Motor Spec     Model 615 Wrench
  Company History     Model 617 Wrench
  Diamalloy Trademark     Model 621 Wrench
  Diamalloy [logo] Trademark, 2     Model 624 Wrench
  Diamond [logo] Trademark     Model 631 Wrench
  Patents Issued     Model 633 Wrench
  Production for Kelley-How-Thomson     Model 634 Wrench
  Production for Montgomery Ward     Model 652 Speeder
  Production for Western Giant     Model 660 Handle, 2, 3, 4
  Trademarks     Model 671 Ratcheting Box Wrench
Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Groove-Joint Trademark     Model 672 Ratchet, 2
Diamond [logo] Trademark for Diamond Calk Horseshoe     Model 673 Ratchet, 2
Diamond See also Diamond Calk Horseshoe     Model 9954 Pipe Plug
  Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch     Patent 1,902,878, 2
  Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch Diamalloy, 2     Patents Issued
  Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch, 2     Perfection Brand
  Adjustable Wrench, 10-12 Inch     Production for Cross Country
  Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch   Duro Metal Products (Cont.) Production for Wizard Brand
  Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch Diamalloy, 2     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive Pressed-Flange
  Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch, 2     Screwdriver Socket, 1/2-Drive
  Adjustable Wrench, 15 Inch Diamalloy     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 23-Piece 6-Point
  Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive Duro-Bilt 20pc
  Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch Diamalloy, 2, 3     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive Duro-Bilt 36pc
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive Early, 2
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch Diamalloy, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 820FA
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 825
  Adjustable Wrench, 6-8 Inch Diamalloy     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive 16pc
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive LTX316
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch Diamalloy, 2, 3     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive, No. 500XX
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch, 2, 3     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch Early, 2, 3
  Calk Wrench     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1-1/4 6-Point
  Model DH16 "Handiman" Pliers     Socket, 1/2-Drive 19/32 Early
  Model DH18 "Handyboy" Pliers     Socket, 1/2-Drive 25/32 Early, 2
  Model G57 Pliers     Socket, 1/2-Drive 31/32 6-Point
  Model H16 Pliers     Socket, 1/2-Hex Drive 15/16 6-Point
Diamond (Cont.) Model HB28 Pliers     Spin-Flex Trademark
  Model HL112 Pliers     Tools of Progress Trademark
  Model HL18 Pliers     Trademarks
  Model HL18P Pliers     Wizard Contract
  Model HL19-1/2 Pliers   Duro [logo design] Trademark for Duro Metal Products
  Model K36 Pliers   Duro-Bilt See also Duro Metal Products
  Model KC-18 Pliers     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 20-Piece
  Model M26 Pliers     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 20pc
  Model N18 Pliers     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 36-Piece
  Model S56 Pliers     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 36pc
  Model SL56 Pliers     Trademark for Duro Metal Products
  Model SN56 Pliers   Duro-Chrome See also Duro Metal Products
Diebold, F. Patent 2,671,368, 2     Flare-Nut Wrench Models
  Patent 2,685,219, 2     Model 02032 Wrench
Distributor Catalog See also Biddle Hardware Co.     Model 02033 Wrench
  See also Buhl Sons Company     Model 02035 Wrench
  See also Central Auto Supply     Model 02036 Wrench
  See also Chandler & Farquhar     Model 1174 Socket
  See also Channon, H. Company     Model 1618V8X Socket
  See also Chanslor & Lyon     Model 1619 Socket
  See also Cragin & Co.     Model 1821 Wrench
  See also Ducommun Corp.     Model 1823 Wrench
  See also Dunham, Carrigan     Model 1825 Wrench
  See also Fort Pitt Hardware Co.     Model 1827 Wrench
  See also Frankfurth, Wm. Hardware     Model 1830 Wrench
  See also General Sales Co.     Model 1831 Wrench, 2, 3, 4
  See also Harris, Samuel Co.     Model 2011 Wrench, 2
  See also Harron Rickard McCone     Model 2013 Wrench, 2, 3, 4
  See also Haseltine, J.E. & Co.     Model 2014 Wrench
  See also J&R Motor Supply     Model 2014A Wrench, 2
  See also Lathan Auto Supply     Model 2015 Wrench, 2
  See also Marshall Auto Supply     Model 2015A Wrench, 2, 3
  See also Marwedel, C.W. Co.     Model 2017 Wrench, 2
  See also McMaster-Carr Supply     Model 2021 Wrench
  See also Monnier Auto Supply   Duro-Chrome (Cont.) Model 2031 Wrench
  See also Neill-LaVielle Supply     Model 2035 Wrench
  See also Pittsburgh Auto Equipment     Model 2037 Wrench
Distributor Catalog (Cont.) See also Pittsburgh Gage & Supply     Model 2039 Wrench
  See also Sligo Iron Store Company     Model 2041 Wrench
  See also Strelinger, Chas. A. & Co.     Model 2042 Wrench, 2
  See also Tool Specialty Company     Model 2043 Wrench
  See also Waterhouse & Lester, 2     Model 2044 Wrench
  See also Waterston, J.M.     Model 2052A Wrench
  See also Weaver-Ebling Automobile     Model 2053 Wrench, 2
  See also Wilkinson, A.J. & Company     Model 2054 Wrench
  See also Williams Hardware Co.     Model 2055 Wrench, 2
  See also Willis, E.J. Company     Model 2056 Wrench, 2
  See also Woodbury & Company     Model 2057 Wrench
Dobbins, M.G. Patent 1,362,481     Model 2058A Wrench, 2
Dodge, J.H. Patent 1,177,764     Model 2058B Wrench, 2
  Patent 1,798,194     Model 2059A Wrench
Dodge, J.S. Patent 1,883,618     Model 2061 Wrench
Domestic Engineering 1907 Ad for Bullard Wrench     Model 2062 Wrench
Donaldson, E. et al Patent 2,464,381     Model 2071 Wrench
Dowd, J.H. Patent 1,662,002     Model 2081 Wrench, 2, 3
  Patent 1,673,761     Model 2087A Wrench
Dowidat Company Profile     Model 2100 Pliers
  Model DIN895 Wrench, 17x19mm   Duro-Chrome (Cont.) Model 2114 Pliers, 2
Dracka, C.L. Patent 3,012,456     Model 2115 Pliers
  Patent 3,015,245     Model 2120 Pliers
Drag Link Driver 1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 49979     Model 2126 Pliers
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T-1     Model 2233 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Cornwell DL2     Model 2234 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Herbrand S-39     Model 2236 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, New Britain NS91     Model 2236S Wrench
  1/2-Drive, S-K 40809     Model 2237 Wrench, 2
  1/2-Drive, Snap-on A-15     Model 2237B Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Snap-on A-17     Model 2238 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Snap-on A17     Model 2239 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Walden 1130     Model 2240 Wrench
  7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39979     Model 268 Wrench, 2
Drahonovsky, J.B. Patent 1,476,058, 2     Model 276AB Piston Tool
Draper Production by Billings & Spencer, 2     Model 338 Wrench
Dreadnought Brand Used by Kraeuter & Co.     Model 341 Socket
  Catalog Listing for Kraeuter Chisels     Model 369 Wrench
  Listing for Kraeuter No. 2801 Pliers     Model 371 Wrench
  Marking on Kraeuter No. 2810 Pliers, 2, 3     Model 372 Wrench
Dresser Industries Kraeuter Trademark     Model 381 Wrench
Drill Attachment 5/8-Drive, Starrett     Model 382 Wrench
Drive Adapter 1/2-Drive, Mossberg 371     Model 383 Wrench
Drive Handle 1/4-Drive, Armstrong NM-110   Duro-Chrome (Cont.) Model 384 Wrench
  1/4-Drive, Billings M-206     Model 4152 Socket
  1/4-Drive, Blackhawk 1521     Model 41xx Socket
  1/4-Drive, Blackhawk 1523     Model 4479 Flex Handle
  1/4-Drive, Blackhawk 1533     Model 4481 Flex Handle
  1/4-Drive, Duro-Chrome 4571     Model 4487 Ratchet, 2
  1/4-Drive, Plomb 4769     Model 4490 Ratchet
  1/4-Drive, Williams M-106     Model 4535 Tee Handle
  1/4-Drive, Williams M-110, 2     Model 4571 Handle
  1/4-Drive, Williams NM-110     Model 4575A Ratchet
  7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39976     Model 582 Extension
Drive Plug 1 Inch Hex Drive, Walden     Model 648 Battery Cable Lifter
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-150     Model 657DK Flex Handle
  1/2-Drive, Billings 5861     Model 662D Extension
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 9802     Model 663D Tee Handle
  1/2-Drive, Crescent Mfg.     Model 666D Flex Handle
  1/2-Drive, Hinsdale H-3-1/2     Model 669D Flex Handle
  1/2-Drive, Walden 1109     Model 675 Ratchet
  3/4-Drive, Blackhawk T-13X     Model 678D Ratchet, 2
  3/4-Drive, Blackhawk T113XN     Model 699 Ratchet, 2
  3/4-Drive, Williams H-150     Model 81 Wrench
  3/8-Drive, Williams F-150     Model 82 Wrench
  5/8-Drive, Walden 2284     Model 83 Wrench
  7/8-Drive, Blackhawk T-13XX   Duro-Chrome (Cont.) Model 86 Wrench
Drive-End Indentations Duro Drilled Indentation     Model 88 Wrench
  Duro Early Cut Groove, 2     Model D-1 Wrench
Drivelock Armstrong Socket Locking System     Model D-2 Wrench, 2
Ducommun Corp. 1918 Catalog V&B Alligator Wrenches     Model D-3 Wrench, 2
  1918 Catalog Walden No. 11 Set     Model E61 Wrench
  1924 Catalog Blackhawk No. 144     Model E62 Wrench
  1926 Catalog Plomb Chisel Set     Model E63 Wrench
  1933 Catalog Duro No. 500XX Set     Model E65 Wrench
  1933 Catalog Duro No. 820FA Set     Model E67 Wrench
  Catalog "E" (1918), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7     Model E68 Wrench
  Catalog "F" (1924), 2, 3     Model E69 Wrench
  Catalog "G" (1926), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14     Model LDT-22 Wrench
  Catalog "H" (1933), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9     No. 1025 Wrench, 2
  Listings for Barcalo     No. 1027 Wrench, 2
  Listings for Bemis & Call     No. 1027C Wrench
  Listings for Billmont     No. 1028-S Wrench, 2
  Listings for Blackhawk, 2, 3     No. 1033C Wrench
  Listings for Bonney     No. 1034A Wrench, 2
  Listings for Braunsdorf-Mueller     No. 1723 Wrench
  Listings for Buffum, 2, 3     No. 1725B Wrench
  Listings for Crescent, 2     No. 1729 Wrench
  Listings for Duro     No. 1731 Wrench
  Listings for H.D. Smith   Duro-Chrome (Cont.) No. 1731A Wrench
  Listings for Keystone     Socket Set, 3/8-Drive 5725
  Listings for Kraeuter     Socket, 1/2-Drive 11xx
  Listings for Mayhew     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1618V8XY
Ducommun Corp. (Cont.) Listings for Mossberg     Socket, 1/2-Drive 16xx
  Listings for Plomb, 2     Socket, 1/2-Drive 16xx Early
  Listings for Trimont     Socket, 3/8-Drive 44xx
  Listings for Utica, 2     Socket, 3/8-Drive 44xxH
  Listings for Vaughan & Bushnell, 2     Trademark for Duro Metal Products
  Listings for Vlchek     X-Circle Mark, 2, 3
  Listings for Walden, 2, 3, 4   Duro Trademark for Duro Metal Products
  Listings for Williams, 2   DuroLite Model 16S6 Screwdriver
Dufresne, J.C. Patent 738,015, 2, 3, 4   Dyna-Ring Trademark for Pendleton Tool Industries
(Section D↑)      
(Section E↓)   [E]    
E-Z Twister Trademark for Thorsen Tool   Extension (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, Duro 8 Inch
E.E. Lynch et al Patent 1,533,602, 2     1/2-Drive, Duro-Chrome 582
  Patent 1,634,908, 2     1/2-Drive, Duro-Chrome 662D
E.M Fruscella Patent 2,800,821     1/2-Drive, Fulton 9 Inch
E.T. Company Chain Repair Pliers     1/2-Drive, Herbrand Early Forged
  Company Profile     1/2-Drive, Herbrand S-27
Eagle Claw Wrench Co. Company Profile     1/2-Drive, Herbrand S-28
  Plier-Wrench, 7 Inch     1/2-Drive, Hinsdale H-2, 2
Eagle, S. Flex Handle Lawsuit     1/2-Drive, Husky H2711
  Patent 1,380,643, 2, 3, 4, 5     1/2-Drive, Husky H2712
Eastern Machine Screw Company Profile     1/2-Drive, Indestro 3204, 2
Edgar C. Guthard See also Guthard, Edgar C. Co.     1/2-Drive, Indestro 3211, 2
  Billmont Trademark     1/2-Drive, Indestro 3216
Edmands, J.W. Patent 820,185, 2, 3     1/2-Drive, Indestro C-V
Edmonds, J.D. Patent 816,570     1/2-Drive, Indestro Select 6464
Efficiency Device Stix-On Trademark     1/2-Drive, Indestro Super 3211
Eifel, J. Patent 1,181,653     1/2-Drive, Indestro Super 3216
  Patent 1,181,654, 2     1/2-Drive, MTF HS-4
  Patent 1,244,966     1/2-Drive, MTF HS-5-A
  Patent 1,862,817, 2     1/2-Drive, Mossberg 372
Eifel See also American Plierench Corp.     1/2-Drive, Mossberg 373
  Model 7 Plier Wrench     1/2-Drive, Mossberg Auto-Clé
Electrical Engineer 1891 Notice for Todd Nippers     1/2-Drive, None Better 7 Inch
Elgin Tool & Socket Adjustable Alligator Wrench   Extension (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, None Better S24
  Company Profile     1/2-Drive, P&C 6205
Ell Handle 1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T5     1/2-Drive, Plomb 5460
  1/2-Drive, Bog 635     1/2-Drive, Plomb 5463
  1/2-Drive, Bonney 4081     1/2-Drive, Plomb WF-34
  1/2-Drive, Cornwell Early     1/2-Drive, Ray 9 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Duro 660, 2     1/2-Drive, Snap-on S-12 Early
  1/2-Drive, Hinsdale TL-1     1/2-Drive, Snap-on S-6
  1/2-Drive, Indestro 641     1/2-Drive, Snap-on S12
  1/2-Drive, Mossberg 320     1/2-Drive, Snap-on SG-12, 2
  1/2-Drive, P&C Early     1/2-Drive, Snap-on SG-6
  1/2-Drive, Plomb 5486     1/2-Drive, Syracuse Wrench 8 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Ray 210     1/2-Drive, Thorsen 53
  1/2-Drive, Walden 1125     1/2-Drive, Truth R10
  1/2-Drive, Walden 1133     1/2-Drive, Walden 1127
  1/2-Drive, Williams S-30     1/2-Drive, Walden 1135
  1/2-Hex Drive, Keystone     1/2-Drive, Walden 1139, 2, 3, 4
  1/2-Hex Drive, L-T Duro     1/2-Drive, Walden 216
  1/2-Hex Drive, None Better     1/2-Drive, Walden 6 Inch Early
  1/2-Hex Drive, S-K     1/2-Drive, Walden Early
  3/8-Drive, Bonney T2     1/2-Drive, Williams S-102P
  3/8-Drive, Williams B-30     1/2-Drive, Williams S-110
  7/16-Hex Drive, Bog     1/2-Drive, Williams S-110P
  7/16-Hex Drive, Handle Lock   Extension (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, Williams S-115
  7/16-Hex Drive, King Pressed Steel     1/2-Drive, Wright 4405
Ellrich, R.C. Patent 553,059, 2     1/2-Drive, Wright N12
Elora Company Profile     1/2-Drive, Wright N13
  Model 1305/5 Wrench     1/2-Hex Drive, Service 10 Inch
Emig, J. & A. McKaig, Sr. Patent 760,063     1/4-Drive, Blackhawk 1525, 2
Emig, J. Patent 539,423     1/4-Drive, Williams M-115
Enberg, S.R. Patent 1,537,529, 2     11/16-Drive, Mossberg 351, 2, 3, 4
  Patent 1,621,499     11/16-Drive, Syracuse Wrench 752
  Patent 1,626,671     11/16-Drive, Syracuse Wrench 852
Enderes Tools Company Profile     11/16-Drive, Walden
Enderes [logo] Trademark for Enderes, 2     11/16-Drive, Walden Early
Enderes, E. Patent 448,913     11/16-Drive, Walden X3
  Patent 796,305     13/16-Hex Drive, Husky Ratchet Plug
  Patent 983,271     3/4-Drive, Armstrong H-110
Enderes Enderes [logo] Trademark, 2     3/4-Drive, Armstrong H-115
Engineering Directory 1911 Listing for Pipe Cutters     3/4-Drive, Armstrong H-115P
Erie Tool Works Company Profile     3/4-Drive, Blackhawk 69994
  Model 10 Pipe Wrench     3/4-Drive, Blackhawk T8XN
Ernst, C.F. Patent 2,558,242     3/4-Drive, Indestro 2364, 2
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Evans, E.J. et al Patent 1,391,179, 2     3/4-Drive, Plomb 5661
  Patent 1,449,386     3/4-Drive, Snap-on 122
Extension 1 Inch Drive, Armstrong XX-110   Extension (Cont.) 3/4-Drive, Snap-on 62
  1 Inch Drive, Plomb 5861-S     3/4-Drive, Snap-on L-32
  1 Inch Drive, Plomb 5863-S     3/4-Drive, Snap-on L-62
  1 Inch Drive, Williams NX-110     3/4-Drive, Williams H-110
  1 Inch Drive, Williams NX-115     3/4-Drive, Williams H-115
  1 Inch Drive, Wright 8417     3/4-Drive, Wright N-313
  1/2-Drive, APCO-Mossberg     3/8-Drive, Blackhawk 9210S
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-110     3/8-Drive, Challenger 1266
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-110 Locking     3/8-Drive, Cornwell EP-2-6
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-110P     3/8-Drive, Herbrand J-27
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-115     3/8-Drive, Plomb 5263
  1/2-Drive, Bay State 12 Inch     3/8-Drive, Snap-on F-6
  1/2-Drive, Bay State 5 Inch     3/8-Drive, Vlchek 2805
  1/2-Drive, Billings 10 Inch     3/8-Drive, Williams B-108
  1/2-Drive, Billings 5864, 2     3/8-Drive, Williams B-110
  1/2-Drive, Billings 8 Inch     3/8-Drive, Williams B-115, 2
  1/2-Drive, Billings LS-1310     3/8-Drive, Wright 3403
  1/2-Drive, Billings LS-135     3/8-Drive, Wright MN13
  1/2-Drive, Billings S-102     5/16-Hex Drive, L147 Husky Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Billings S-135     5/16-Hex Drive, Williams 287S
  1/2-Drive, Billings Short     5/8-Drive, Charles Miller 8 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 49983     5/8-Drive, Chicago Mfg. A25
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 49987     5/8-Drive, Miller Combination 6 Inch
Extension (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 49990   Extension (Cont.) 5/8-Drive, Snap-on HD-12, 2
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 9206     5/8-Drive, Snap-on HD-6, 2
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 9210     5/8-Drive, Starrett
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 9260     5/8-Drive, Syracuse Wrench 10 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T-13     5/8-Drive, Syracuse Wrench 6 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T-60     5/8-Drive, Wright N2
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T10     7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39981
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T10 Early     7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39982
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T6, 2     7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39983
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T8     7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39990
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T8 Early     7/16-Hex Drive, Bog
  1/2-Drive, Bog 4 Inch     7/8-Drive, Blackhawk T-8XX
  1/2-Drive, Chromium Vanadium 3211     7/8-Drive, Snap-on XHD-12, 2
  1/2-Drive, Chromium Vanadium 3216     7/8-Drive, Snap-on XHD-6
  1/2-Drive, Cornwell "B" 10 Inch, 2     9/16-Hex Drive, Husky Wrench No. 4
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman 10 Inch "BE"     9/16-Hex Drive, Husky Wrench No. 5
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman 5 Inch "H"     9/32-Drive, Craftsman C-95
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman C-90     9/32-Drive, Hinsdale HXM6
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman C-91      
(Section E↑)      
(Section F↓)   [F]    
F.H. Ayer Manufacturing See also Ayer, F.H. Manufacturing   Flex Handle (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, Wright N18
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions, Answers for     1/2-Drive, Wright N23
Fairchild, M.J. Patent 1,292,285     1/4 Drive, Walden 3117
Fairmount Tool Auto Wrench, 11 Inch     1/4-Drive, Billings M-116
  Auto Wrench, 9 Inch     1/4-Drive, Craftsman "BE", 2
  Company History     1/4-Drive, Craftsman H-Circle, 2, 3
  Hub Wrench     1/4-Drive, Indestro 6050
  Model 207A Wrench     1/4-Drive, New Britain NB-Circle
  Model 308 Wrench     1/4-Drive, New Britain NM51
  Model 629D Wrench     1/4-Drive, None Better M50
  Model AN8505-17 Wrench     1/4-Drive, Wright 2435
  Model AN8505-19 Wrench     1/4-Drive, Wright V-17
  No. 1727 Wrench     3/4-Drive, Billings H-1121
  No. 25 Wrench     3/4-Drive, Blackhawk 69998
  No. 26 Wrench     3/4-Drive, Herbrand H-15
  No. 27C Wrench     3/4-Drive, Plomb 5668
  No. 28-S Wrench     3/4-Drive, Snap-on L-112C
  No. 723 Wrench     3/4-Drive, Snap-on L-18
  No. 730A Wrench     3/4-Drive, Williams H-41
  No. 731 Wrench     3/4-Drive, Williams H-41A
  No. 731A Wrench     3/8-Drive, Billings C-118
  No. 8039S Wrench     3/8-Drive, Blackhawk 34986
  No. 8727 Wrench     3/8-Drive, Blackhawk 9207S
  No. 9723 Wrench   Flex Handle (Cont.) 3/8-Drive, Bonney PWA1397
  No. 9725B Wrench     3/8-Drive, Bonney T30
  No. 9727 Wrench     3/8-Drive, Cornwell "F"
Fairmount Tool (Cont.) Pipe Wrench, 8 Inch     3/8-Drive, Craftsman 10 Inch "BE"
  S-Shaped Wrench, 1/2x9/16     3/8-Drive, Craftsman Vanadium
  Socket Wrench, 1/2x9/16     3/8-Drive, Duro-Chrome 4479
Farm Journal 1924 Ad for Crescent MoToR KiT Pliers     3/8-Drive, Duro-Chrome 4481
Favorite See also Green, Tweed & Company     3/8-Drive, Herbrand J-13
  Model A Ratchet     3/8-Drive, Hinsdale
Faw, J.H. Company See also Fawsco     3/8-Drive, Husky CB51
  Company Profile     3/8-Drive, Husky H3721, 2
Faw, J.H. Patent 1,504,035     3/8-Drive, New Britain NB51
  Patent 1,746,387     3/8-Drive, OTC H-275
Fawcett, R.C. Patent 568,404     3/8-Drive, Plomb 5265
Fawsco See also Faw, J.H. Company     3/8-Drive, Plomb WF-20
  Model 1085 Wrench     3/8-Drive, Snap-on F-10
Fayette R. Plumb Plumb Trademark     3/8-Drive, Walden 4032, 2
  Plumb [logo] Trademark     3/8-Drive, Williams B-40, 2
Felton, W.J. Patent 2,524,698     3/8-Drive, Williams B-40A
Ferret Trademark for Snap-on Tools     3/8-Drive, Williams B-42
Fetzer, J.J. Patent 808,603     5/16-Drive, Hinsdale
Filiatreault, W.J. Patent 2,578,410     7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39984
Fingers of Steel Trademark for Smith & Hemenway     7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39985
Fish, H.L. Patent 2,578,686, 2, 3   Flex Handle (Cont.) 9/32-Drive, Hinsdale H5M
  Patent 2,578,687, 2     9/32-Drive, Plomb WF-7
Fleet Quality Tools [logo] Trademark for Penens     9/32-Drive, Williams M-42
Fleet Tool Fleet Trademark     Spline-Drive, Truecraft 16731
Fleet See also Penens Corporation   Folding Tee Handle 1/2-Drive, Billings
  Brand Produced by Penens Corp.     1/2-Drive, Mossberg 310, 2, 3
  Model 4008-S Wrench   Foor, W.M. Patent 2,687,056, 2
  Model 4210-S Wrench   Force Formed See also Cold-Formed Sockets
  Model 6514 Wrench     Walden Process of Cold Forming
  Trademark for Fleet Tool   Forged Steel Products See also Vacuum Grip, 2
Fleming, J.P. Patent 1,838,254     Acquisition by Snap-on
Fletcher, J.C. Patent 1,343,257     Company History
Flex Handle Lawsuit P&C Hand Forged Tool     Model 208 Punch
Flex Handle 1 Inch Drive, Truecraft 80131     No. 12 Splicing Clamp
  1 Inch Drive, Williams X-41     Patents Issued
  1/2-Drive, Allenite 15 Inch     Trademarks
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-40     Vacuum Grip Trademark
  1/2-Drive, Armstrong S-41, 2   Forging & Heat Treating 1922 Notice for Ridge Tool
  1/2-Drive, Billings S-1112, 2   Fors, J.A. Patent 2,542,241, 2, 3
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 49985   Fort Pitt Hardware Co. 1926 Catalog Bergman No. 10
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 9207     Catalog (1926)
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk 9208     Listings for Bergman
  1/2-Drive, Blackhawk T114   Fowler, L.D. Patent 1,344,629
  1/2-Drive, Bog 673   Frank C. Reilly Ltd See also Simplex Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Bonney 4096     No. 9 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, ChromeXQuality, 2   Frank Mossberg Company See also Mossberg
  1/2-Drive, Cornwell "B"     Catalog (1915) No. 14 Socket Set
  1/2-Drive, Cornwell HF315     Catalog (1915) Socket Specifications
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman "BE"     Catalog Resources
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman 10 Inch "BE"     Company History
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman 15 Inch "BE"     Industrial Distributors
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman 15 Inch "H"     M [logo] Trademark, 2
  1/2-Drive, Craftsman C-93     Patents Issued
  1/2-Drive, Duro-Chrome 657DK     Trademarks
  1/2-Drive, Duro-Chrome 666D   Frankfurth, Wm. Hardware Catalog No. 5 (1917), 2
  1/2-Drive, Duro-Chrome 669D     Listings for Bonney
Flex Handle (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, Herbrand S-13     Listings for Utica
  1/2-Drive, Herbrand S-15   Freas, S.T. Patent D28,270
  1/2-Drive, Hinsdale H6R   Friedl, H.J. Patent 1,698,474, 2
  1/2-Drive, Indestro C-V 3221   Frisz, G.E. Patent 2,067,442
  1/2-Drive, Indestro Super 3221   Froeschl, O.P. et al Patent 2,201,827
  1/2-Drive, Mitoloy   Froeschl, O.P. Patent 1,800,447, 2, 3, 4
  1/2-Drive, New Britain NS56     Patent 2,966,818
  1/2-Drive, New Britain NS58   Fullenwider, G.R. Patent 1,310,473, 2
  1/2-Drive, None Better S52, 2     Patent 1,417,725
  1/2-Drive, OTC 41-H-1500   Fuller Combination Wrench, 3/4
  1/2-Drive, Plomb 5466     Combination Wrench, 5/8
  1/2-Drive, Plomb 5467     Production by KTC
  1/2-Drive, Plomb 5468   Fulton See also Sears, Roebuck & Co.
  1/2-Drive, Plomb DTH     Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Plomb WF-37     Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2, 3
  1/2-Drive, S-K 40253     Brand Used by Sears, Roebuck & Co., 2
  1/2-Drive, S-K 41653     Extension, 1/2-Drive 9 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Snap-On 11     Monkey Wrench, 10 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Snap-on 10-C     Open-End Wrench, 19/32x11/16
  1/2-Drive, Snap-on NS-15     Open-End Wrench, 25/32x7/8
  1/2-Drive, Snap-on No. 10     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  1/2-Drive, Truth Early     Pliers, Thin-Nose 6 Inch
  1/2-Drive, Truth R2     Production by Bemis & Call
Flex Handle (Cont.) 1/2-Drive, Walden 1151     Production by Danielson
  1/2-Drive, Walden 1152     Production by S-K Tools
  1/2-Drive, Walden 1153     Production by Vlchek Tool, 2, 3
  1/2-Drive, Westcraft HR2820, 2     S-Shaped Wrench, 25/32x7/8
  1/2-Drive, Williams S-40, 2, 3     S-Shaped Wrench, 3/4x13/16
  1/2-Drive, Williams S-40A     S-Shaped Wrench, 3/8x7/16
  1/2-Drive, Williams S-41     S-Shaped Wrench, 5/8x11/16, 2, 3
  1/2-Drive, Williams S-43     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 13-Piece, 2
  1/2-Drive, Wright 4432     Socket, 1/2-Drive 7/8
  1/2-Drive, Wright 4435   Furst, O.E. Patent 1,713,527
  1/2-Drive, Wright N17      
(Section F↑)      
(Section G↓)   [G]    
GC Thorsen TTC Thorsen Tool [Logo] Trademark   General Tool Company (Cont.) Founding in 1929
GTD See also Greenfield Tap & Die Corp.   Gentry, A.E. Patent 2,176,626
  Offset Pipe Wrench, 8 Inch   German Silver Use by Miller Combination Tool
Gagne, G.R. Patent 1,752,074   Giesel, C.R. Patent 2,138,332
  Patent 2,020,883, 2   Giles, J.A. Patent 391,957, 2
  Patent 2,024,852, 2   Giller Tool Division of Thorsen Manufacturing
  Patent 2,027,161     Model 2020 Wrench
  Patent 2,078,631   Gillett, B.B. Patent 1,626,809
  Patent 2,132,947     Patent RE17,417, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  Patent 2,196,297, 2   Girard Wrench Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch
Gairoard, C.L. Patent 2,043,373     Company Profile
  Patent 2,088,197   Good Hardware 1925 Ad for None Better Socket Set
Gaisser, L.E. Patent 1,160,160   Goodell-Pratt Company Profile
Gamble Stores Artisan Trademark     Offset Socket Wrench, 11/16
Gamble's Auto Stores See also Artisan   Grabovac, B. Patent 3,726,134
  Tiger Tools Brand   Graham Roller Bearing Co. See also Currier-Koeth Mfg.
Gamble's Auto Supply Catalog (1940)     Successor to Currier-Koeth Mfg.
  Listings for Diamond   Graham, D.F. Patent 1,328,428
Garrington Blue Diamond Open-End Wrench, 3/4x7/8   Grant, W.T. Hudson Forge Co Trademark
  Blue Diamond Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4   Gray, L. & A.Y. Gray Patent 227,765
  Jaguar Tappet Wrench, 11/32x3/8   Green, Tweed & Company See also Favorite
  Jaguar Tappet Wrench, 9/16x5/8     Company Profile
Gates, J. Patent 119,596   Greenfield Tap & Die Corp. See also GTD
Gayne, G.R. Patent 1,898,121     Company Profile
Gear Puller See also Puller   Greenlee, H.T. Patent D199,149, 2, 3, 4
Gedore See also Dowidat   Greer, J.J. et al Patent 2,508,604
  Model 1B Wrench   Gregory, J.H. Patent 488,431
  Model 1B Wrench, 16mm   Grinden, W.J. & G. Amborn, Jr. Patent 577,653
Gellman Mfg. Adjustable Wrench, "Polly" No. 121     Patent 577,654
  Adjustable Wrench, "Polly" No. 91   Grip-O-Matic Trademark for Owatonna Tool
  Company Profile   Gripso See also Basford, H.R. Company
Gellman, I.C. Patent 1,451,873     Model 211 Pliers
  Patent 1,451,906     Trademark for H.R. Basford
Gendron Iron Wheel Co. See also Gendron     Vise Pliers, 8 Inch
  Company Profile   Groove-Joint Trademark for Diamond Tool and Horseshoe
Gendron, P. Patent 476,629, 2   Guthard, Edgar C. Co. See also Billmont
Gendron See also Gendron Iron Wheel Co.     Company History
  Bicycle Wrench, 5 Inch     Patents Issued
General Sales Co. Catalog No. 18 (1918)     Trademarks Registered
  Listings for Walden   Guthrie, Jr., J.F. Patent 320,872
General Tool Company Distributor for Thorsen      
(Section G↑)      
(Section H↓)   [H]    
H & E Wrench Company Profile   Herbrand (Cont.) Model J-27 Extension
  Slide-Adjusting Nut Wrench, 10 Inch     Model J-5 Ratchet
H & G See also Eastern Machine Screw     Model J-71x Socket
H [Diamond Logo] Trademark for Herbrand     Model J-9 Ratchet
H-P Tool Mfg. Blue Line Trademark     Model LT-13 Wrench
  Company Profile     Model LT-14 Wrench
  HP Blue Line [logo] Trademark     Model S-10 Ratchet, 2, 3
  Model CW-22 Wrench     Model S-11 Ratchet, 2
  Model CW-24 Wrench     Model S-118 Socket
  Offset Screwdriver, Four-Way     Model S-124 Socket
H. Boker & Company See also Boker, H. & Company     Model S-126 Socket
H.D. Smith Company See also Smith, H.D. Company     Model S-129 Socket
H.H. Chase Company See also Chase, H.H. Company     Model S-13 Flex Handle
H.H. Mayhew Company See also Mayhew Steel Products     Model S-136 Socket
H.R. Basford See also Basford, H.R. Company     Model S-15 Flex Handle
  Gripso Trademark     Model S-17 Speeder
HEXALL Trademark for Sedgley, R.F.     Model S-21 Tee Handle
HP Blue Line [logo] Trademark for H-P Tool Mfg.     Model S-27 Extension
Haigh, G. et al Patent 652,359     Model S-28 Extension
Haist, F.A. Patent 1,761,263     Model S-39 Drag Link Driver
  Patent 2,107,568     Model S-5 Ratchet
  Patent 2,112,840, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7     Model S-6 Ratchet
Hall, C. Patent 586,738     Model S-60 Torque Adapter
Hall, Charles E. Co. See also Barcalo Mfg.   Herbrand (Cont.) Model S-63 Torque Adapter
  Acquisition by Barcalo Mfg.     Model S-7 Ratchet
  Auto Wrench, 9 Inch     Model S-8 Ratchet Adapter
  Model 10 Wrench     Model S-9 Ratchet
  Model 14 Wrench     Model T-21 Wrench
Hall, S.N. Patent 1,107,936     Model T-22 Wrench
  Patent 818,371     Model T-23 Wrench
Hall, T.G. Patent 209,677     Model T-24 Wrench
  Patent 294,034     Model T-3 Wrench
  Patent 419,666     Model T-4 Wrench
  Patent 64,664     Model T-5 Wrench
Hamjian, H.J. et al Patent 2,783,504     No. 1025 Wrench, 2
Hammer Ballpeen, Atha     No. 1033C Wrench
  Ballpeen, Auto Vlchek     No. 1721 Wrench
  Ballpeen, Billings, 2     No. 1723 Wrench
  Ballpeen, Blue Point No. 0     No. 1725 Wrench
  Ballpeen, Champion 3/0     No. 1725B Wrench
  Ballpeen, Champion No. 6     No. 1727 Wrench
  Ballpeen, Craftsman "BT", 2     No. 1731A Wrench
  Ballpeen, Herbrand 11 Inch     No. 1731B Wrench
  Ballpeen, Herbrand BP-16     No. 23 Wrench
  Ballpeen, Herbrand BP-20     No. 25 Wrench
  Ballpeen, Vlchek     No. 27 Wrench
Hammond, H. Patent 410,240   Herbrand (Cont.) No. 30 Wrench
  Patent RE11,277     No. 37 Wrench
Hammond, R.A. & F.E. Walden Patent 788,716     No. 3723 Wrench, 2
Hand-Forging by Plomb Tool     No. 3725B Wrench
Handee Wrench 8-Way Multi-Socket Wrench, 7 Inch     No. 3727A Wrench, 2
  8-Way Multi-Socket Wrench, 8 Inch     No. 3729A Wrench, 2
  Company Profile     No. 3731B Wrench, 2
Handiman Diamond Combination Tool     No. 3733C Wrench, 2
Handle Bar 1 Inch Drive, Williams NX-20B     No. 4723 Wrench
  1/2-Drive, Williams SP-20B     No. 4725B Wrench, 2
  3/4-Drive, Snap-on L-72H     No. 5727 Wrench
  3/8-Drive, Blackhawk 34985     No. 5729 Wrench
  3/8-Drive, Blackhawk 9209S     No. 5731A Wrench
  7/16-Drive, Blackhawk 39986     No. 6723 Wrench
  7/16-Hex Drive, Allen Mfg.     No. 6725B Wrench
Handle Lock See also Chase, H.H. Company     No. 6727A Wrench
  Ell Handle, 7/16-Hex Drive     No. 733 Wrench
  Socket Set, 7/16-Hex Drive     Obstructo Angle-Head Wrenches
  Socket, 7/16-Hex Drive 15/16     Obstructo S-Shaped Box Wrenches
  Trademark for New Britain Machine     Patents Issued
Handle Tubular, Snap-on 15-A     Production for "Chromium Vanadium"
Handy-Hex See also Duro Metal Products     Production for Montgomery Ward
  Brand Used by Duro Metal Products     Production for Truth Tool
  Mark on Tools   Herbrand (Cont.) Production for Vim
  Model 02051 Wrench     Production for Western Giant, 2
  Model 02052 Wrench     S-Shaped Wrench, 13/16x7/8
  Model 02053 Wrench     Script Logo with "Since 1881", 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  Model 02054 Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive DS-7-1/2
  Model 02055 Wrench, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive SA-73-1/2
  Model 02056 Wrench     Socket Wrench, Main Bearing 19/32
  Model 02072 Wrench     Socket, Male-Drive 3/4
  Model 02081 Wrench     Socket, Male-Drive 7/16
  Model 2059A Wrench     Spark Plug Wrench, 9/16x1
  Model 2062 Wrench     Spark Plug Wrench, 9/16x15/16
  Model 2071 Wrench     Steel, 1038, Use of
  Model 268 Wrench     Steel, 1340, Use of, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  Model 273 Wrench     Steel, 8640, Use of
Handyboy Diamond Combination Tool     Steel, 8642, Use of, 2, 3
Hanson, A.G. Patent 2,370,308     Steel, 8742, Use of, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Happensack, E.F. Patent 1,320,547, 2     Trademark for Bingham-Herbrand
Hardware Age 1916 Notice for Hexall Socket Sets     Trademarks Registered
Hardware Dealer 1894 Ad for L.S. Starrett Company     VL-530 Valve Lock Installer
  1894 Ad for Tower & Lyon     VL-540 Valve Spring Lifter
Hardware Dealers' Magazine 1899 Ad for Braunsdorf-Mueller     Van Chrome Trademark
  1904 Ad for Kraeuter Pliers     Vi-Chrome Brand
  1906 Ad for Bonney "Masterpiece"   Hermanson, R.W. Patent 2,810,313
  1906 Ad for Giant Ratchet Wrench Set   Herringbone Gripping Pattern for Pliers, 2, 3
  1906 Notice for Giant Ratchet Wrench Set   Heschel, E.A. Patent 2,182,922, 2
  1907 Ad for Mayhew Nail Set     Patent D158,073
  1908 Ad for Barnes Tool     Patent D158,073 J-9
  1910 Ad for Buffum Tools     Patent D163,282
  1910 Ad for C.E. Bonner Mfg.   Heuser, R. Patent 2,817,259
  1910 Ad for Charles E. Hall Company   Hex Cap Screw Wrench Size Convention
  1910 Notice for Vulcan Auto Tool   Hex Driver 3/8-Drive, Williams BA-5
  1912 Ad for Bridgeport Hardware   Hexall See also Sedgley, R.F.
  1917 Ad for Vlchek Tool   Heyco Company Profile
  1918 Ad for Bridgeport Hardware     Model 350 Wrench, 17x19mm
Hardware Reporter 1912 Ad for Cochran Pipe Wrench     Model 475 Wrench
Hardware Retailer 1922 Ad for Kraeuter Pliers     Model 497 Wrench, 30x32mm
Hardware Review 1918 Notice for Bay State Pump Ratchet   Hibbard Spencer Bartlett See also Revonoc
  1918 Notice for Vlchek Tool     Company Profile
Hardware World 1922 Ad for Bridgeport Hardware     Rev-O-Noc Trademark
Hardware 1897 Ad for Tower & Lyon   Hickory Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch
  1899 Ad for Braunsdorf-Mueller     Brand used by Kelley-How-Thomson
  1905 Notice for Barnes Tool   Hinckley-Myers Company Profile
  1906 Notice for Miller Combination Tool     Model J552-2 Wrench
Hare, T.G. Patent 2,957,377, 2     Model J956 Wrench
  Patent 3,019,682   Hinsdale Mfg. Ad (1929), Chrome-Nickel Set
Harris, J.V. Patent 3,383,962     Ad (1931), Bob Cat Chisel Set
Harris, Samuel Co. Catalog No. 51 (1925), 2     Advertisements
  Catalog No. 57 (1931), 2, 3, 4, 5     Bob Cat [logo] Trademark
  Listings for Billings, 2     Catalog (1935) No. 11M Set
  Listings for Blackhawk     Company History
  Listings for Bog     Craftsman Connection
  Listings for Crescent     Hinsdale [logo] Trademark
  Listings for Mossberg     Patents Issued
  Listings for Utica     Production for Craftsman, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Harron Rickard McCone 1918 Catalog BMCo Chisel and Punch Set     Round-H-Circle Logo
  1918 Catalog BMCo Revolving Punches     Trademarks
  Catalog No. 2 (1918), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9   Hinsdale [logo] Trademark for Hinsdale Mfg.
  Listings for Braunsdorf-Mueller   Hinsdale Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16, 2
  Listings for Crescent     Ell-Shaped Socket Wrench, 9/16
  Listings for Kraeuter     Flex Handle, 3/8-Drive
  Listings for Mossberg     Flex Handle, 5/16-Drive
  Listings for Peck, Stow & Wilcox     Flex-Socket Wrench
  Listings for R.F. Sedgley     Hinsdale Vanadium Wrenches
  Listings for Schollhorn     Model 1 Wrench
  Listings for Starrett     Model 1416F Wrench
  Listings for Walden     Model 2 Wrench
  Listings for Williams     Model 3 Wrench
Hartford Special Mach. Company Profile     Model 4 Wrench
  Pliers, Merritt Patent     Model 5 Wrench
Hartley, S.W. Patent 1,723,033     Model BE-12 Wrench
Hartman, W.W. Patent 2,340,529     Model BE-16 Wrench
Haseltine, J.E. & Co. 1923 Front Cover     Model BE-20 Wrench
  1923 P&C Fixed Socket Wrenches     Model BE-22 Wrench
  1923 P&C Speeder Socket Wrenches     Model BE-24 Wrench
  Catalog (1923), 2, 3, 4     Model BE-24W Wrench
  Listings for Bethlehem, 2     Model BR34 Wrench
  Listings for Mossberg     Model DR-1 Speeder
  Listings for P&C     Model DS-1 Speeder
Hatch, Jr., C.R. Patent 2,813,444     Model F-5 Wrench
Hathi Trust Digital Library for Trademark Research     Model F2 Wrench
Hawkeye Wrench Alligator Wrench, "Crocodile"   Hinsdale (Cont.) Model F3 Wrench
  Company Profile     Model F4 Wrench, 2
Haynes, H.F. Patent 1,619,255     Model H-1 Ratchet, 2
Hayward, H.H. Patent 1,077,343     Model H-12-R Ratchet
Hazeltine, R.H. Patent 918,049     Model H-2 Extension, 2
  Patent 918,050     Model H-3 Universal Joint
  Patent RE13,421     Model H-3-1/2 Drive Plug
Hazet Company Profile     Model H5M Flex Handle
  Model 2513 Wrench, 24mm     Model H6R Flex Handle
  Model 450 Wrench, 16x17mm     Model H7M Tee Handle
  Model 645 Wrench, 1/2x9/16     Model HD10 Wrench
Haznar, H.J. Patent 3,467,231, 2, 3, 4     Model HD18-20 Wrench
  Patent 3,532,013, 2, 3     Model HD2 Wrench
HeXo See also Blackhawk Mfg.     Model HD24-25 Wrench
  Brand Used by Blackhawk Mfg., 2     Model HD26-28 Wrench
  Combination Wrenches     Model HD3 Wrench
  Model 15178 Wrench     Model HD4 Wrench, 2
  Model 15180 Wrench     Model HD6 Wrench, 2
  Model 15183 Wrench     Model HXM6 Extension
  Model 15301 Wrench     Model L-10 Pliers
  Model 15302 Wrench     Model S-15 Ratchet, 2
  Model 15303 Wrench     Model SM10 Socket
  Model 15304 Wrench     Model SMx Socket
  Model 15305 Wrench   Hinsdale (Cont.) Model SR30 Socket
  Model 15306 Wrench     Model T14-17 Wrench
  Model 15350 Wrench     Model TL-1 Ell Handle
  Model 15352 Wrench     Model TL-1 Tee Handle, 2
Heard, J. Patent 477,005     Model X20 Wrench
Heckling, G. Patent 870,781     Model X3 Wrench
Heimbach, A.B. Patent 1,142,426     Model X4 Wrench
  Patent 1,377,772     Model X6 Wrench
  Patent 1,385,994     No. 1031 Wrench
Heller Brothers Company Profile     No. 1033C Wrench, 2
  Masterench Self-Adjusting Wrench, 10 Inch     No. 1723 Wrench
  Masterench Self-Adjusting Wrench, 6 Inch     No. 1729 Wrench
Heller, W.M. Patent 1,763,353     Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1
Herbrand [Script Logo] Trademark for Herbrand, 2     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16
Herbrand See also CFT     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  See also Vi-Chrome     Open-End Wrench, 7/8x1
  Auto Hammer     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive Early
  Auto Wrench, 7 Inch     Socket Broaching
  Auto Wrench, 9 Inch, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive "Mechanics", 2
  Brace Socket Wrench, 7/8     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive CN-50
  Catalog (1918) Auto Wrenches     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive Early
  Catalog (1929) Tappet Wrenches     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive No. 00
  Catalog (1932) "Multiflex" Wrenches     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive No. 12B-R
  Catalog (1932) "Multihex" Wrenches   Hinsdale (Cont.) Socket Set, 3/8-Drive 12-Point
  Catalog (1932) "Obstructo" Wrenches     Socket Set, 5/16-Drive No. 185
  Catalog (1933) "Multitype" Wrenches     Socket Set, 7/16-Drive No. 10B-R
  Catalog (1934) Discount Sheet     Socket Set, 9/32-Drive No. 111
  Catalog Resources     Socket Set, 9/32-Drive No. 11M
  Chain Repair Pliers     Socket Set, Pressed-Steel No. 12, 2
  ChromeXQuality Production, 2, 3, 4, 5     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch Early
  Combination Pliers, 5 Inch     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1 Inch
  Combination Pliers, 6 Inch     Socket, 1/2-Drive 1-1/16 C-N
  Company History     Socket, 1/2-Drive Hinsdale 1-1/4 C-N
  Early Forged Extension     Socket, 3/8-Drive 13/16
  Gas Pliers     Socket, 3/8-Drive 7/8
  H [Diamond Logo] Trademark     Socket, 5/16-Drive 1/2
  Herbrand [Script Logo] Trademark, 2     Socket, Pressed-Steel 1-1/4 Square
Herbrand (Cont.) MULTI GRIP Trademark     Socket, Pressed-Steel 21/32
  Model 1209-M Wrench     Universal, 1/2-Drive Forged
  Model 1218 Wrench, 2   Hit See also Toho Koki Company, Ltd.
  Model 1218LH Wrench     Adjustable Wrench, "ROI" 150 MM
  Model 1220 Wrench     Adjustable Wrench, "Strong" 200 MM
  Model 1222 Wrench, 2     Box-End Wrench, 21mmx26mm
  Model 1224SH Wrench   Hjorth, A.W. Patent 738,444, 2, 3
  Model 1226 Wrench   Hjorth, William & Company Company Profile
  Model 1228 Wrench   Hjorth Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch
  Model 1232 Wrench     Pliers, "Lightning Wrench" 12 Inch
  Model 1327 Wrench     Pliers, "Lightning Wrench" 8 Inch
  Model 13869 Wrench     Pliers, "Lightning Wrench" 9 Inch
  Model 1423 Wrench     Pliers, Slip-Joint 6 Inch
  Model 158 Pliers   Hobbs, W.F. et al Patent 1,516,300
  Model 161 Pliers     Patent 1,608,176
  Model 166 Pliers     Patent 1,614,300
  Model 166-1/2 Pliers   Hobbs, W.F. Patent 1,112,798
  Model 167 Pliers     Patent 1,332,726
  Model 1723 Wrench     Patent 1,614,301
  Model 173 Wrench     Patent 1,755,822
  Model 1731-B Wrench     Patent 672,673
  Model 175 Pliers     Patent 809,803
  Model 177 Pliers     Patent 809,804
Herbrand (Cont.) Model 178 Pliers     Patent 900,016
  Model 179 Pliers   Hodges, L.W. Patent 1,932,071
  Model 182 Pliers   Hoe Corp. Company Profile
  Model 1823 Wrench     Self-Adjusting Pipe Wrench
  Model 1827 Wrench, 2, 3   Hol-Set Manufacturing Brace Socket Wrench Set
  Model 183 Pliers     Company Profile
  Model 1831 Wrench     Universal, 1/2-Hex Drive
  Model 185 Pliers   Hole Punch Arch, BMCo 3/4
  Model 186 Pliers   Hooker, M.C. Patent 1,101,442
  Model 188 Pliers   Hopgood, R.C. Patent 2,709,386
  Model 193 Wrench   Horseless Age 1906 Notice for Railway Appliances
  Model 1936 Wrench     1907 Ad for Miller Combination Tool
  Model 1937 Wrench     1908 Ad for Brown Auto-Creeper
  Model 194 Wrench     1908 Ad for Syracuse Wrench
  Model 1940 Wrench     1917 Notice for Packer Auto
  Model 195 Wrench   Hosford, W.R. Patent D111,026, 2
  Model 21-10 Wrench   Hot-Broached Sockets Duro Patent for, 2, 3
  Model 21-12 Wrench   Hot-Broaching Plomb Sockets
  Model 21-4 Wrench   Houghton, H.L. Patent 963,895, 2
  Model 21-6 Wrench   Hoyt, H.S. Patent 1,257,003
  Model 21-8 Wrench   Huber, J. Patent 320,357
  Model 2146 Wrench   Hudson Forge Co Trademark for Grant, W.T.
  Model 2331 Wrench   Hudson Forge Brand Used by W.T. Grant Company
Herbrand (Cont.) Model 2333 Wrench     Model 94A Wrench
  Model 2333V Wrench     No. 723 Wrench
  Model 2334 Wrench     Pliers, Thin-Nose
  Model 2335 Wrench   Hummel, L.A. Patent 1,854,513
  Model 2336 Wrench   Hunter, S.A. Patent 1,164,815
  Model 2373 Wrench   Hurley, J.C. Patent 1,386,708, 2, 3
  Model 2375 Wrench   Husky Wrench Ad (1925) for No. 986 Socket Set
  Model 2376 Wrench     Collaboration with J.H. Williams, 2
  Model 2410 Wrench     Company History
  Model 242 Wrench     Extension, 13/16-Hex Drive Plug
  Model 255 Wrench     Husky Trademark
  Model 270 Wrench     Model 1 Ratchet, 2, 3, 4
  Model 272 Pliers     Model 2 Sliding Tee Handle
  Model 276 Wrench     Model 21 Speeder
  Model 290 Wrench     Model 3 Speeder
  Model 301 Brake Spoon     Model 4 Extension
  Model 31-7 Pliers     Model 5 Extension
  Model 32-7 Pliers     Model 6 Universal
  Model 34-8 Pliers     Model HD-1 Ratchet
  Model 35-7 Pliers     Model L147 Extension
  Model 36-6 Pliers     Model L2 Sliding Tee Handle
  Model 37-6 Pliers     Patent 1,614,039
  Model 3927 Wrench, 2     Patent 1,628,467
Herbrand (Cont.) Model 3929 Wrench     Patents Issued
  Model 3931 Wrench     Socket Set, 5/16-Hex Drive No. 287
  Model 3933 Wrench     Socket Set, 5/16-Hex Drive No. 999
  Model 3935 Wrench     Socket Set, 9/16-Hex Drive No. 986
  Model 406 Chisel     Socket, 13/16-Hex Drive 1-5/8
  Model 4625 Wrench     Socket, 13/16-Hex Drive 15/16
  Model 4925 Wrench   Husky Wrench (Cont.) Socket, 5/16-Hex Drive 7/16
  Model 5929 Wrench, 2     Socket, 9/16-Hex Drive 7/8
  Model 5Z-209 Wrench     Wrench Set, Husky-Williams No. 642
  Model 5Z-210 Wrench   Husky Model CB-43 Ratchet
  Model 681A Wrench     Model CB-45 Ratchet
  Model 6825 Wrench     Model CB-54 Ratchet
  Model 6827 Wrench     Model CB51 Flex Handle
  Model 6923 Wrench     Model CE-1922 Wrench
  Model 7725-B Wrench     Model CS-45 Ratchet
  Model 7727 Wrench     Model CS41 Ratchet
  Model 7729 Wrench     Model CS42 Ratchet
  Model 820 Stud Extractor     Model H1090-D Wrench
  Model 832 Puller, 2     Model H2711 Extension
  Model 8323 Wrench     Model H2712 Extension
  Model 85 Wrench     Model H27xx Sockets, 2
  Model 87 Wrench     Model H3183 Ratchet, 2
  Model 901 Wrench     Model H3721 Flex Handle, 2
Herbrand (Cont.) Model 905-A Wrench     Model H3884 Tee Handle
  Model 949 Wrench     Model H4527 Wrench
  Model BP-16 Hammer     Model H4725 Ratchet, 2
  Model BP-20 Hammer     Model H5126 Ratchet, 2
  Model DDL124 Wrench     Model P65-10 Pliers
  Model DS-22 Socket     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 16-Piece Chrome Alloy
  Model DS-26 Socket     Socket Set, 1/4-Drive
  Model DS-28B Socket     Socket Set, 1/4-Hex Drive
  Model DS-32 Socket     Trademark for Husky Wrench
  Model H-1 Wrench, 2   Husky (Cont.) Trademark for New Britain Machine, 2
  Model H-11 Ratchet   Huston, F.P. Patent 1,022,679
  Model H-144 Socket   Hy-Bar See also Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.
  Model H-15 Flex Handle     Brand Used by Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.
  Model H-2 Wrench, 2     Bridgeport Angled Open-End Wrenches
  Model H-3 Wrench     Open-End Wrench, 5/16x13/32
  Model H-4 Wrench     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  Model H-5 Wrench   Hyatt, J.L. Patent 6,240,813
  Model J-10 Ratchet     Patent 6,390,929
  Model J-13 Flex Handle      
(Section H↑)      
(Section I↓)   [I]    
IMCO See also Irvington Mfg.   Indestro (Cont.) Model 739 Wrench
  Model 3700 Pliers     Model 741 Wrench
Ihrig, O.L. Patent 1,177,333     Model 752 Wrench, 2
Illinois State 1922 Certified List ... Corporations, 2     Model 753 Wrench
  1923 Certified List ... Corporations, 2     Model 758A Wrench
  1928 Certified List ... Corporations     Model 763 Wrench, 2
  1929 Certified List ... Corporations     Model 769 Wrench, 2
  1934 Certified List ... Corporations     Model 911 Wrench
Impact Extruded See also Cold-Formed Sockets     Model 912 Wrench
  Williams Cold-Formed Sockets     Model 913 Wrench
Imperial Tool Company Company Profile     Model 914 Wrench
Indestro All Steel Capper Trademark for Sure Seal Bottle Capper     Model 915 Wrench
Indestro Mfg. See also Chromium Vanadium     Model 916 Wrench
  See also Indestro     Model 919 Wrench
  See also Super-Quality     Model 921 Wrench
  Catalog (1935) No. 311B Set     Model 922 Wrench
  Catalog (1938) KlipTite Wrench Set     Model 925 Wrench
  Catalog (1938) No. 1513 Set     Model 932 Wrench
  Catalog (1938) No. 1518 Set     Model 933 Wrench
  Catalog (1938) Open-End Wrenches     Model 934 Wrench
  Catalog (1939) No. 350 Set     Model T-3 Wrench
  Catalog (1956) Select Steel Wrenches     No. 1033 Wrench
  Catalog (1967) N7732 Set     No. 1721 Wrench
  Catalog Resources   Indestro (Cont.) No. 1723 Wrench
  Company History     No. 1727 Wrench
  Indestro Super Brand     No. 21 Wrench
  Indestro Super Mark     No. 25 Wrench
  Indestro Trademark, 2     No. 27 Wrench, "0"
  Klip Tite Trademark     No. 27 Wrench, "P"
  Patents Issued     No. 29 Wrench
  Polygon Brand, 2     No. 31 Wrench
  Select Steel Mark     No. 33B Wrench
  Select Steel Tools Trademark     No. 33C Wrench, "0"
  Slanted Font Mark     No. 720 Wrench, "0"
  Standard Decal with Logo, 2     No. 720 Wrench, "P"
Indestro Mfg. (Cont.) Streamlined Design Trademark     No. 721 Wrench
  Super-Quality Brand     No. 722 Wrench, "P"
  Super-Quality Mark     No. 723 Wrench
  Sure Seal Bottle Capper Company     No. 723 Wrench, "0"
  Tools [logo] Trademark     No. 723 Wrench, "P"
  Trademarks     No. 725B Wrench
Indestro Polygon Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16     No. 725B Wrench, "0"
  Box-End Wrench, 13/16x7/8     No. 725B Wrench, "P"
  Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32, 2     No. 727 Wrench, "P"
  Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16, 2     No. 729 Wrench, 2
  with Chromium-Vanadium     No. 729 Wrench, "P"
Indestro Select Ad for Indestro Select M.P.I. Sets   Indestro (Cont.) No. 731 Wrench
  Model 6270 Ratchet     No. 731A Wrench
  Model 6464 Extension     No. 731B Wrench, "0"
  Model 6470 Ratchet     No. 731B Wrench, "P"
  Model 64xx Socket     No. 733 Wrench
  Model 911 Wrench     Nut and Tap Wrench Set, 2
  Model 913 Wrench, 2     Open+Box Wrench, 1/2x9/16
  Model 921 Wrench     Open+Box Wrench, 3/4x7/8, 2
  Model 933 Wrench     Open+Box Wrench, 3/8x7/16
  Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 85001     Open+Box Wrench, 5/16x7/16, 2
Indestro Super Brand Used by Indestro Mfg.     Open+Box Wrench, 5/8x3/4, 2, 3
  Model 2161 Brake Spoon     Open+Box Wrench, 7/16x1/2
  Model 2775 Ratchet     Open+Box Wrench, 9/16x5/8, 2, 3
  Model 3201 Ratchet     Open+Box Wrenches
  Model 3202R Ratchet     Open-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16
  Model 3208 Speeder     Open-End Wrench, 19/32x11/16
  Model 3211 Extension     Open-End Wrench, 5/8x3/4
  Model 3216 Extension     Ratchet Adapter, 1/2-Drive C-V, 2
  Model 3221 Flex Handle     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive Lever-Action
  Model 3275 Ratchet     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive No. 655
  Model 3289 Ratchet     Sliding Tee Handle, 1/2-Drive C-V, 2
  Model 730A Wrench     Socket Broaching, 2
  Model 731 Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 13-Piece
  Model 731A Wrench, 2, 3   Indestro (Cont.) Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 1513
  Model 769A Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 1518
  Model 775 Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 1536
  Model T-1 Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 17-Piece C-V, 2
  Model T-1A Wrench     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive 3111B C-V
  Model T-2 Wrench, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive N696 C-V, 2
  Socket Set, 3/8-Drive N7732     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive 1236
Indestro See also Indestro Mfg.     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive 1351
  Box-End Wrench, 1-1/16x1-1/8     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive No. 19, 2
  Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive No. 220
  Box-End Wrench, 1/4x5/16     Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive No. 28
  Box-End Wrench, 13/16x7/8, 2, 3     Socket Set, 1/4-Drive 11-Piece C-V, 2
  Box-End Wrench, 3/8x7/16     Socket Set, 1/4-Drive C-V
  Box-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16, 2, 3, 4     Socket Set, 1/4-Hex Drive No. 350, 2
  D-I Sockets, in Super-Quality Set     Socket Set, 1/4-Hex Drive No. 360
  Ell Handle, 1/2-Drive No. 641     Socket Set, 3/8-Hex Drive No. 2104
  Extension, 1/2-Drive 3204     Socket Wrench, 1/2x9/16
  Extension, 1/2-Drive C-V     Socket, 1/2-Drive 12-Point, 2
  Flare-Nut Wrench Models     Socket, 1/2-Drive 13/16 6-Point
  Model 1069 Wrench     Socket, 1/2-Drive 6-Point
  Model 1070 Wrench     Socket, 1/2-Drive 6-Point Early
  Model 1072 Wrench     Socket, 1/2-Hex Drive 3/4 6-Point
  Model 1073 Wrench     Socket, 1/2-Hex Drive 6-Point
  Model 1076 Wrench   Indestro (Cont.) Sockets, 1/2-Drive 12-Point C-V, 2, 3, 4
  Model 1077 Wrench, "0"     Sockets, 1/2-Drive 12xx C-V
  Model 1078 Wrench     Sockets, 1/2-Drive C-V, 2
  Model 1079 Wrench     Speeder, 1/2-Drive
  Model 12xx Sockets     Speeder, 1/2-Drive C-V, 2, 3
  Model 141 Wrench     Tee Handle, 1/2-Drive T-L, 2
  Model 142 Wrench     Trademark for Indestro Mfg., 2
Indestro (Cont.) Model 144 Wrench     Universal, 1/2-Drive 3214
  Model 1827 Wrench     Universal, 1/2-Drive C-V
  Model 2021-V8 Punch     Valve Grinding Adapter, 1/2-Drive [642]
  Model 2240 Socket     Wrench Set, 920-03K "KlipTite"
  Model 2364 Extension, 2     Wrench Set, Open+Box 900-5A
  Model 2888 Ratchet   Indian Motorcycle Valve Cover Pliers
  Model 3202 Ratchet, 2, 3   Ingersoll, C.B. Patent 2,027,534
  Model 3204 Extension   Innovator's Dilemma, The Book by Clayton M. Christensen
  Model 3206 Tee Handle, 2   Interstate Drop Forge Company Profile
  Model 3211 Extension, 2     Production for Blackhawk, 2, 3
  Model 3214 Universal     Production for Snap-on, 2
  Model 3216 Extension   Irland Pipe Wrench Automatic Pipe Wrench, 11 Inch
  Model 3217 Universal     Company Profile
  Model 3221 Flex Handle   Irland, D.H. Patent 732,858, 2
  Model 3277 Ratchet, 2     Patent 739,316, 2
  Model 3316 Pipe Plug     Patent 800,850, 2
  Model 3415 Pliers   Iron Age 1893 Ad for Bemis & Call
  Model 368 Wrench     1893 Ad for Keystone Manufacturing
  Model 410 Wrench     1893 Notice for Schollhorn Lineman's Pliers
  Model 6050 Flex Handle     1896 Notice for Atha Tool
  Model 619 Wrench     1900 Ad for Champion Tool
  Model 6224UV Socket     1901 Ad for Barnes Tool
  Model 6228 Socket     1902 Ad for Keystone Manufacturing
Indestro (Cont.) Model 6472 Ratchet     1904 Ad for Hawkeye Wrench
  Model 657 Ratchet     1904 Notice for Bullard Wrench
  Model 659 Tee Handle     1906 Ad for Mayhew Screwdriver
  Model 6632 Socket     1909 Notice for Bay State Autokit
  Model 711 Wrench     1909 Notice for Bullard Wrench
  Model 713 Wrench     1915 Ad for Lakeside Forge
  Model 714 Wrench, 2     1915 Notice for "Any Angle" Wrench
  Model 715 Wrench   Iroquois Brand Used by Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.
  Model 731 Wrench, 2   Irvington Mfg. See also IMCO
  Model 732 Wrench     Button's Pattern Pliers, 5 Inch
  Model 733 Wrench     Company Profile
  Model 734 Wrench      
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(Section J↓)   [J]    
J&R Motor Supply 1932 Catalog Duro 42-Piece Set   Johnson & Bassett Production by Billings & Spencer
  1932 Catalog Duro Metal LTX316 Set     Production by J.H. Williams
  1932 Catalog Duro Socket Set   Johnson, H.P. et al Patent 1,893,414
  Catalog (1932), 2   Johnson, J. Founder, Snap-On Wrench Co., 2
  Listings for Duro     Manager, Blackhawk Mfg.
  Listings for Herbrand     Patent 1,443,413
J.F. Wright Patent 910,890     Patent 1,443,413 Snap-on No. 6, 2
J.H. Faw Company See also Faw, J.H. Company   Johnson, J.E. Patent 1,036,250
J.H. Williams & Company See also Williams, J.H. & Co.     Patent 1,215,308
J.M. King & Company See also King, J.M. & Company     Patent 1,215,308 Crescent K24
J.N.M. & Co. See also MacDonald, J.N.   Johnson, J.N. Patent 1,443,413
J.P. Danielson Company See also Danielson, J.P. Company     Patent 1,866,771
  Acquisition by Plomb     Patent 2,558,440
  Bet'R-Grip Brand   Johnson, Jr., E.L. Patent D142,867
  Bet'R-Grip Trademark   Johnson, W.J. Patent 2,719,449, 2, 3, 4
  Date Code System     Patent 2,772,763, 2
  Manufacturing Dates   Johnston, S.J. Patent 530,419
  Patents Issued   Jones, H.T. Patent 2,514,130
  Production for Craftsman   Jones, T.A. Patent 915,443
  Production for Dunlap, 2, 3   Journal of Railway Appliances 1900 Listing for Trimont Mfg.
  Production for Fulton   Journal of the S.A.E. 1923 Ad for Herbrand "Van Chrome"
  Production for Merit, 2   Judge, J.J. Patent 1,662,424, 2
  Production for Plomb   Justice Tires (Sears) 1917 Catalog Aristocrat Jr. Set
  Production for Western Auto     1917 Catalog Aristocrat No. 1 Set
  Trademarks     1917 Catalog Mossberg Sockets
Jackson, L.C. Patent 2,317,461     1919 Catalog Chicago Mfg. Set
Jackson, T.F. Patent 2,719,450     1922 Catalog Aristocrat No. 1 Set
Jires, L.J. Patent 2,353,901     1922 Catalog Ray No. 31 Socket Set
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(Section K↓)   [K]    
K-D Manufacturing Catalog Resources   Kraeuter (Cont.) Catalog (1921) Ford Connecting Rods
  Company History     Catalog (1921) No. 1973 Pliers
  K-D Tools [logo] Trademark     Connecting Rod, Ford
  K-D Trademark, 2     Model 1202-13 Scraper
  KAY-DEE [logo] Trademark     Model 1356-6 Pliers
  Model 23 Wrench     Model 1380-6 Pliers
  Model 7 Pliers     Model 1380-7 Pliers
  No. 600 Valve Spring Lifter     Model 1591-4.5 Pliers
  No. 700 Valve Spring Lifter     Model 1601-4 Pliers
  Patents Issued     Model 1601-4.5 Pliers
  Trademarks Registered     Model 1611-6 Pliers
K-D Tools [logo] Trademark for K-D Manufacturing     Model 1621-6 Pliers
K-D Trademark for K-D Manufacturing, 2     Model 1631-5.5 Pliers
K.H.T. See also Kelley-How-Thomson     Model 1641-5 Pliers
KAY-DEE [logo] Trademark for K-D Manufacturing     Model 1661-6 Pliers
KTC [logo] Trademark for Kyoto Tool     Model 1671-6 Pliers
Kane, H.J. Patent 2,168,126     Model 1691-6 Pliers
Kaplan, R.A. Patent 1,709,913, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6     Model 1711-5 Pliers
  Patent 1,768,692     Model 1721-6 Pliers
  Patent 1,889,750     Model 1741-6 Pliers
  Patent 2,052,304     Model 1751-6 Pliers
  Patent 2,288,906     Model 1771-7 Pliers
  Patent 2,324,847     Model 1801-6 Pliers
  Patent 2,683,387   Kraeuter (Cont.) Model 1801-7 Pliers
Kauffman, E.A. Patent 1,469,306     Model 1801-8.5 Pliers
Kavalar, A. Patent 2,550,010, 2     Model 1821-5.5 Pliers
  Patent 3,125,910     Model 1821-7 Pliers
  Patent 3,125,910 Loc-Rite 23336     Model 1821-8 Pliers, 2
Kearnes, J.M. Patent 915,446     Model 1831-6.5 Pliers
Kellemen, H.F. et al Patent 832,200     Model 1831-7 Pliers
Kellemen, H.F. Patent 756,505     Model 1831-8 Pliers
  Patent 836,116     Model 1834-6.5 Pliers
  Patent 896,118     Model 1841-10 Pliers
  Patent 942,504, 2, 3, 4     Model 1841-6.5 Pliers
Kelley-How-Thomson See also Hickory     Model 1841-8 Pliers, 2
  Production by Diamond Calk     Model 1850-5 Pliers
Kelly Press Production by J.H. Williams     Model 1850-6 Pliers
Kelsey Hayes Loc-Rite Trademark     Model 1850-7 Pliers
Kempf, K.F.W. Patent 1,972,051     Model 1851-5 Pliers
  Patent 2,572,492     Model 1851-7 Pliers
Kenerson, J.E. Patent 1,977,441     Model 1863-6.5 Pliers
Kennedy, H.L. Patent 1,405,422     Model 1863-9 Pliers
Kent-Moore Model KMO-402-BA Wrench     Model 1873-7 Pliers
  Model KMO-4926 Wrench     Model 1880-10.5 Pliers
Keystone Mfg. See also Westcott     Model 1903-7 Pliers
  Company History     Model 1913-7 Pliers
  Ell Handle, 1/2-Hex Drive   Kraeuter (Cont.) Model 1923-10 Pliers
  Industrial Distributors     Model 1923-8 Pliers
  Keystone Trademark     Model 1933-5.5 Pliers
  Model M1555 Ratchet     Model 1943-10 Pliers
  Monarch Trademark     Model 1973-5.5 Pliers, 2
  Patents Issued     Model 1973-7 Pliers
  Ratchet, 1/2-Hex Drive     Model 2601-5 Pliers
  SocKit Trademark     Model 2601-6 Pliers
  Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive     Model 2611-6.5 Pliers
  Socket, 1/2-Hex Drive 15/16     Model 2801-6 Pliers
  Trademarks Registered     Model 2801-7 Pliers
  Westcott Trademark     Model 2801-8.5 Pliers
Keystone Trademark for Keystone Mfg.     Model 305-7 Pliers, 2
Kiefer, A.W. Patent 1,380,566     Model 330-1/2 Chisel
Kilborn & Bishop Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch     Model 342-1/2 Star Drill
  Company Profile     Model 351-7 Pliers
  Model 601 Wrench     Model 356-10 Pliers, 2, 3
Kilness, L.E. Patent 2,554,990, 2, 3, 4     Model 356-5-1/2 Pliers
  Patent 2,981,389, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8     Model 356-6 Pliers
  Patent 3,078,973     Model 356-8 Pliers
Kincaid, M.N. Patent 2,235,434     Model 360-6 Pliers
King Pressed Steel Company Profile     Model 40-6 Pliers
  Ell Handle, 7/16-Hex Drive     Model 403-5/8 Chisel
  Socket Set, 7/16-Hex Drive   Kraeuter (Cont.) Model 430-1 Chisel
  Socket, 7/16-Hex Drive 7/8     Model 430-3/4 Chisel
  Tee Handle, 7/16-Hex Drive     Model 430-3/8 Chisel
  Universal, 7/16-Hex Drive     Model 4501-4.5 Pliers
King, J.M. & Company Button's Pliers, 10 Inch     Model 4501-6 Pliers
  Button's Pliers, 5 Inch     Model 451-8 Pliers
  Button's Pliers, 6 Inch     Model 4601-6 Pliers
  Button's Pliers, 8 Inch, 2     Model 4700-7 Pliers
  Company Profile     Model 4801-8.5 Pliers
Kinner Aircraft Production by Plomb     Model 635-1/2 Chisel
Klein Tools Est. 1857 Trademark for Klein Tools, 2     Model 743-7 Pliers
Klein Tools See also Klein, M. & Sons     Model 743-8 Pliers, 2
  Klein Tools Est. 1857 Trademark, 2     Model 92 Wrench
Klein, C.H. Patent 1,318,088, 2     Model 948 Pliers
Klein, Jr., J.A. Patent 2,200,450     Model 951-7 Pliers
Klein, Jr., M.A. et al Patent 2,746,175     Model A1416 Wrench
Klein, Jr., M.A. Patent 2,903,790     Model A1619 Wrench
Klein, M. & Sons See also Klein     Model A1820 Wrench
  Company History     Model A2225 Wrench
  Patents Issued     Model A2428 Wrench
  Trademarks Registered     Model A2528 Wrench
Klein, W.F. Patent 1,772,723, 2     Model A3134 Wrench
  Patent 1,790,238     Model B1214 Wrench
  Patent 1,827,202, 2, 3   Kraeuter (Cont.) Model B1618 Wrench
  Patent 1,958,705     Model B2022 Wrench
Klein-Lok Trademark for Mathias Klein & Sons     Model B2426 Wrench
Klein See also Klein, M. & Sons     Model B2832 Wrench
  Model 201-8 Pliers     Model C1214 Wrench
  Model 201-9NE Pliers     Model K9/16 Wrench
  Model 202-5 Pliers     Model O1820 Wrench
  Model 203-6 Pliers     Trademark for Dresser Industries
  Model 203-8 Pliers     Trademark for Kraeuter & Co.
  Model 220-7 Pliers     US Pliers, 2
  Model 303-6 Pliers   Krebs, H. Patent 520,689
  Model 68205 Wrench, 2   Kress, W.C. Patent 1,787,787
  Model D228-8 Pliers     Patent 1,810,108
  Trademark for Mathias Klein & Sons     Patent 1,811,137, 2
Klip Tite Trademark for Indestro Mfg.     Patent 1,889,203
KlipTite Indestro Wrench Set     Patent 1,954,820, 2
Klopper, A.C. Patent 1,385,214     Patent 1,957,462, 2, 3, 4, 5
  Patent 1,420,635     Patent 2,071,543, 2, 3, 4
Knapp, O. & C.E. Salisch Patent 460,474     Patent 2,097,594
Kneier, J. Patent 1,750,011     Patent 2,167,720
  Patent 1,875,815     Patent 2,201,234
Knipex Company Profile     Patent 2,255,792
  Model 300 Pliers     Patent 2,407,558
Knob 1/2-Drive, Walden-Worcester 1108     Patent 2,444,135
Knock-Off Wheel Puller Bog 3A     Patent 2,557,296
Knowlson See also Spring Leaf Lubricator Co.   Krieger No. 1032A Wrench
  No. 3 Spring Leaf Spreader   Kroecker, J.J. Patent 1,922,102
Knox, R.L. et al Patent 5,542,322   Kulp & Dellinger Patent 1,461,275
  Patent D359,211     Patent 1,461275
Knudsen, R.G. et al Patent 3,273,430     Patent 1,713,761
Koeth, E.D.C. Patent 677,770, 2     Patent 1,713,762
  Patent 791,917     Patent 1,713,763
Kohler, C.H. Patent 1,170,281     Patent 1,825,873
Kolb, H.M. et al Patent 1,140,167     Patent 1,862,793
Konecny, J.W. Patent 4,261,233     Patent 1,879,331
Koster, E.C. Patent 1,877,466     Patent 1,913,084
Kraeuter & Co. Catalog Resources     Patent 1,917,183
  Company History     Patent 1,924,246
  Dreadnought Brand   Kulp, H. Patent 2,533,121
  Industrial Distributors   Kulp, H.W. et al Patent 1,359,814
  Kraeuter Trademark     Patent 1,815,980
  Patents Issued     Patent 1,998,548
  Socket Production by S-K   Kulp, H.W. Patent 1,330,542, 2, 3
Kraeuter, A. Patent 441,309     Patent 2,057,781
  Patent 604,564     Patent 2,064,264, 2
Kraeuter, A.A. Patent 751,079     Patent 2,089,902
  Patent 953,170, 2, 3, 4     Patent 2,135,900
  Patent 953,171, 2     Patent 2,167,897
  Patent D46,681     Patent 2,195,216
  Patent D46,682, 2     Patent 2,533,121
  Patent D56,525   Kyle, W.D. President, Milwaukee Tool & Forge
  Patent D59,602   Kyoto Tool Company Profile
Kraeuter Adjustable Alligator Wrench     KTC [logo] Trademark
  Calipers, 4 Inch      
(Section K↑)      
(Section L↓)   [L]    
L. Ash et al Patent 754,633   Logo Image (Cont.) Billings & Spencer, B-Triangle
L.S. Starrett Company See also Starrett, L.S. Company     Blackhawk Mfg., Arrowhead
LACO See also Lakeside Forge     Bonney Forge & Tool Works, B-Circle
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch     Bonney Forge & Tool Works, B-Hex
  Brand Used by Lakeside Forge     Bonney Forge & Tool Works, B-Shield
LUBRING Trademark for Utica Drop Forge & Tool     Bonney Forge & Tool Works, CV-Circle
LaPointe, G.M. Patent 2,920,518     Bridgeport Hardware Mfg., BHM-logo
Lake Superior Wrench Company See also Superior Wrench     Bridgeport Hardware Mfg., X-Center
Lakeside Forge Company Patents Issued     California Tool Company, CT-Logo
  Trademarks Registered     Cape Ann Tool Company, CAT-Circle
Lakeside Forge See also LACO     Charles E. Hall Company, H-Shield
  Bicycle Wrench, 4 Inch     Chicago Mfg. and Distributing , CH-Logo
  Company History     Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck), AZ-Circle
  LACO Brand     Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck), H-Circle
  Model 304 Wrench, 7/8x1     Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck), K-Circle
  No. 37 Wrench     Craftsman (Sears & Roebuck), Y-Circle
  Open-End Wrench, 9/16x3/4     Crescent Tool, CTCo
Lakeside See also Ward's Lakeside     Diamond Calk Horseshoe, Diamond-Horseshoe
  Brand Used by Montgomery Ward, 2     Duro Metal Products, D-Trapezoid
Lamson & Sessions Company Profile     Duro Metal Products, X-Circle
  Model 1 Wrench     FH Ayer Manufacturing, A-Circle
Lane, W.B. Patent 969,379     Frank Mossberg Company, M-Diamond
  Patent RE13,205     H-P Tool Mfg., HP-Shield
Lane, Will B. Co. Company Profile   Logo Image (Cont.) Herbrand, CFT-Oval
  Ratchet, 1/2-Hex Drive     Herbrand, H-Diamond
  Screwdriver, Ratchet     Hinsdale Manufacturing, Fat-H-Circle
  Socket Set, 1/2-Hex Drive     Interstate Drop Forge, DIF-Mark
Lane, Willey Bell Unique [logo] Trademark     Japan Institute of Standards, JIS-Logo
Lang, J.W. Patent 2,500,835, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6     Kraeuter & Company, K-Diamond
  Patent 4,748,875     L.S. Starrett, S-Circle
  Patent 4,819,521     Lakeside Forge, L-Keystone
Langline See also A&E Manufacturing     Larson Tool & Stamping, L-Hex
  Model RBM-1314 Wrench     McKaig-Hatch, MH-Circle
  Trademark for A&E Manufacturing     Montgomery Ward & Co., MW-Logo
Larson Tool Company Profile     Moore Drop Forging, M-Circle
  Model 9X Ratchet     New Britain Machine, H-Circle-2
Larson, J.V. et al Patent 1,602,620     New Britain Machine, NB-Circle
Larson, J.V. Patent 1,495,751     Oswego Tool, OT-Circle
  Patent 1,602,620     Owatonna Tool, OTC-Shield
  Patent 1,830,033, 2     P&C Hand Forged Tool, P+C-Logo
Larson, K.R. et al Patent 2,367,224     P. Lowentraut Mfg., PL-Diamond
Larson, K.R. Patent 2,312,104     Page-Storms Drop Forge, PS-Oval
  Patent 2,314,623     Peck, Stow, & Wilcox, Pexto-Oval
  Patent 2,343,380     Rhode Island Tool, RI-Circle
  Patent 2,374,217     Sherman-Klove, S-K-Diamond
Larson, N.G. Patent 1,419,391     Stevens Walden, SW-Circle
Lathan Auto Supply 1918 Catalog Walden No. 12 Set   Logo Image (Cont.) Stevens Walden, WW-Circle
  Catalog No. 4 (1918)     Syracuse Wrench, SW-Hex
  Listings for Walden     T. Williams, TW-Circle
Lawrence, S.O. Patent 1,511,226, 2     Thomas Smith & Sons (England), Speeding-Snail
Lawson, G.C. Patent 1,362,014, 2     Three Peaks Giken, 3-Peaks
Layne, M.E. & S.N. Hall Patent 889,244     Toho Koki, HIT-Gear
  Patent 889,245     United Shoe Machinery, USMC-Script
  Patent 889,246     Unknown, CSCO-Forge
  Patent 900,861     Unknown, Double-M-Circle
Lectrolite [logo] Trademark for Lectrolite     Utica Drop Forge & Tool, 3-Diamonds
Lectrolite See also Tru-Fit     Utica Drop Forge & Tool, 3-Ovals
  Box-End Wrench, 3/4x25/32, 2     Vlchek Tool, V-Shield
  Combination Pliers, 7 Inch     Walden-Worcester, WMCo
  Company History     Whitman & Barnes, W+B-Diamond
  Lectrolite [logo] Trademark     Whitman & Barnes, WBCo-Diamond
  Model 3003 Wrench     Williams, J.H. & Co., JHW-Brooklyn
  Model 3004 Wrench     Williams, J.H. & Co., JHW-Forged
  Model B-2628 Wrench     Williams, J.H. & Co., W-Diamond
  Model C-28 Wrench   Long, J.R. Patent 1,968,783
  Model MB-1618 Wrench     Patent 818,180
  Model O-1922 Wrench     Patent 890,146, 2
  Patents Issued     Patent 890.146, 2
  S-K Lectrolite Trademark     Patent 955,974, 2, 3
  Tappet Wrench, 1/2x9/16   Long, W.T. Patent 1,408,524, 2
  Tappet Wrench, 5/8x11/16   Longanecker, S. Patent 891,088
  Trademarks Registered   Look ... Triangles [logo] Trademark for Allen Mfg.
  Tru-Fit Trademark   Lord, P. Patent 666,202, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  Tru-Fit [logo] Trademark   Los Angeles Tool Co. Company Profile
Lee, W.R. Patent 1,565,473     Speeder, 7/16-Hex Drive 15 Inch
Leopold, P.F. Patent 3,298,516   Lowe, J.A. Patent 518,041
Levandowske, L. Patent 1,699,897   Lowe, J.G. Patent 536,882
Life-Time Trademark for Billings & Spencer   Lowentraut, P. Mfg. See also Lowentraut
Lindstrom, F.E. Company Profile     Company Profile
  Diagonal Cutters, 4 Inch     U.S. Brand
  Model PR-50 Pliers   Lowentraut Bicycle Wrench, 5 Inch
Lisle Corporation Company Profile     Gas and Burner Pliers, 10 Inch
Lisle Reversible Snap-Ring Pliers     Gas and Burner Pliers, 6 Inch
Little Red Devil Trademark for Smith & Hemenway     Gas and Burner Pliers, 8 Inch
Lobtex Company See also New Lobster   Loxocket Trademark for Snap-on Tools
  Company Profile   Luce, T.C. Patent 1,141,877
Loc-Rite Model 23336 Wrench   Lueck, F.R. Patent 1,430,574
  Trademark for Kelsey Hayes   Lundin, D.M.E. Patent 2,978,081
Lock-On Trademark for Blackhawk Mfg.   Lynch, E.E. et al Patent 1,533,602
Logo Image Armstrong Bros. Tool, A-Triangle     Patent 1,634,908
  Armstrong Bros. Tool, Strong-Arm   Lyons, F.G. Patent 2,780,124
(Section L↑)      
(Section M↓)   [M]    
M [circle logo] Trademark for Moore Drop Forging   Mitoloy (Cont.) Model 449 Ratchet
M [logo] Trademark for Frank Mossberg Company, 2   MoToR KiT Combination Pliers, 6 Inch
M. Klein & Sons See also Klein, M. & Sons     Trademark for Crescent Tool
  Catalog Resources   Model T Tools C-Rod Wrench, 5Z-209
  Manufacturing Dates     C-Rod Wrench, APCO Double-Hex, 2
MAC Tools [logo] Trademark for Mechanics' Tool & Forge     C-Rod Wrench, Blackhawk 4020
MAC Tools Company History     C-Rod Wrench, Blackhawk 4120
  Patents Issued     C-Rod Wrench, Bog, 2
MAC Model B5 Wrench     C-Rod Wrench, Mossberg 624, 2
  Model B7 Wrench     C-Rod Wrench, Walden 5810
  Model B9 Wrench     Flywheel Capscrew Wrench, 5Z-210
  Model B99 Wrench     Flywheel Capscrew Wrench, Blackhawk 4122
  Model C8 Wrench     Flywheel Capscrew Wrench, Blackhawk 4422
  Model CHLF22 Wrench     Flywheel Capscrew Wrench, Bog, 2
  Model M14CHLF Wrench     Flywheel Capscrew Wrench, Hinsdale F4, 2
  Trademark for Mechanics' Tool & Forge     Flywheel Capscrew Wrench, Walden 3822
MTF See also Milwaukee Tool & Forge     Reverse/Brake Wrench, Bog T-306
  Adapter, 1/2-Drive     Reverse/Brake Wrench, Mossberg 645
  Brand used by Milwaukee Tool & Forge   Monahan, P. Patent 1,294,515
  Model 11 Pliers   Monarch Trademark for Keystone Mfg.
  Model 5Z1131 Wrench   Monnier Auto Supply 1909 Catalog Brown Auto-Creeper
  Model BW-2628 Wrench     1909 Catalog Walden Ratchets
  Model HS-4 Extension     Catalog (1909), 2, 3, 4, 5
  Model HS-5-A Extension     Listings for Charles E. Hall
  Model MS3112 Socket     Listings for H.D. Smith
  Model MS5212 Socket     Listings for Mossberg
MULTI GRIP Trademark for Herbrand     Listings for Syracuse Wrench
MULTIGRIP Trademark for Bingham-Herbrand     Listings for Walden
MacDonald, J.N. Chain-Repair Pliers   Montgomery Ward See also Master Quality
  Company Profile     See also Powr-Kraft
  Patent 0,965,722     See also Riverside
  Patent 1,041,826, 2     Catalog (1935) "Compact Utility" Set
  Patent 1,658,995, 2     Lakeside Brand
  Patent 1,710,554     Master Quality Brand
  Patent 965,722     Powr-Kraft Trademark, 2
  Patent RE13,957, 2     Production by Bridgeport
  Patented Pliers     Production by Diamond Calk
MacLeod, J.M. Patent 2,264,391     Production by Duro, 2
Machinery 1907 Ad for Bemis & Call     Production by Herbrand
  1918 Notice of War Conservation     Production by Vlchek
Mack Production by Billings & Spencer     Riverside Trademark
  Production by J.H. Williams, 2, 3     Use of MW Logo
Mancuso, E. Patent 2,007,432, 2, 3, 4   Montgomery, W.H. Patent 2,125,945
Mandl, S. et al Patent 1,982,008     Patent 2,196,223
Mandl, S. Patent 1,614,039, 2, 3   Moore Drop Forging Company History
  Patent 1,628,467, 2, 3     Contract Production for Dunlap
  Patent 1,724,491     Ford Spark Plug Wrench
  Patent 1,775,402, 2     M [circle logo] Trademark
  Patent 1,941,565     Model 9N17014 Wrench
  Patent 1,982,008, 2, 3     Morco [logo] Trademark
  Patent 2,108,866     Open-End Wrench, 9/16x5/8
  Patent 2,242,613     Patent 3,467,231
  Patent 2,282,148     Patents Issued
  Patent 2,286,917, 2, 3     Stillson-Pattern Pipe Wrench, 12 Inch
  Patent D108,143, 2     Stillson-Pattern Pipe Wrench, 6 Inch
  Patent D108,159, 2   Moore, A.L. Patent 1,009,168
  Patent D115,416     Patent 949,731
Mann, M.H. Patent 1,018,839   Moore, C.J. Patent 1,512,559
Manning, H.H. Patent 1,950,362, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6   Moore, Jr., M.E. Patent 1,404,881
  Patent 1,986,588   Moore, W.R. Patent 1,933,512
  Patent 2,592,927     Patent 2,030,147
  Patent 2,640,381   Morco [logo] Trademark for Moore Drop Forging
  Patent 3,192,805   Moroco Trademark for Trimont Mfg.
  Patent D94,156, 2   Mosco See also Motor Specialties
Manspeaker, E.L. Patent 2,531,285     Brand Used by Motor Specialties
Manufacturer's Codes Craftsman "K", 2     Nut Holder, 9/16
  Craftsman "P"   Mossberg Wrench Mossberg Trademark
  Origin of   Mossberg, F. Founder, Frank Mossberg Company
  Sears Roebuck 1920-1945     Patent 0,949,083, 2
  Sears Roebuck 1945-1970     Patent 1,019,825
Marshall Auto Supply 1920 Catalog Blackhawk Socket Wrenches     Patent 1,044,069
  Catalog "A" (1920), 2, 3     Patent 1,078,059, 2, 3
  Listings for Blackhawk     Patent 1,165,995, 2
  Listings for Klein     Patent 1,822,414
  Listings for Vlchek     Patent 2,427,153
Marshall-Wells 1924 Catalog None Better Socket Set     Patent 482,021
Martin, C.A. Patent D46,260     Patent 482,749
Martin, H.J. Patent 544,738     Patent 486,052
  Patent 544,739     Patent 487,194
  Patent 670,681     Patent 550,025, 2
Marwedel, C.W. Co. 1922 Catalog Billmont "Master Wrench"     Patent 552,325, 2
  1922 Catalog Billmont No. 500 Set     Patent 661,810, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  1922 Catalog Lane Socket Sets     Patent 695,072, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  1922 Catalog Walden Sets     Patent 949,083
  1929 Catalog Williams-Husky No. 287   Mossberg See also Frank Mossberg Company
  Catalog No. 11 (1922), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11     Alderman Brand Wrenches
  Catalog No. 12 (1929), 2, 3, 4, 5     Alderman Wrench, 6 Inch
  Listings for Billings     Cotter Pin Puller
  Listings for Billmont     Diamond No. 10 Wrench
  Listings for Bonney     Diamond No. 11 Wrench
  Listings for Braunsdorf-Mueller     Eagle Pipe Wrench
  Listings for Herbrand     Ever-Wear Sockets
  Listings for Kraeuter     Extension, 1/2-Drive
  Listings for Mayhew     Extension, 1/2-Drive Auto-Clé
  Listings for Mossberg     Indestructible Sockets
  Listings for Plomb     Model 1235 Wrench
  Listings for Schollhorn     Model 201 Wrench
  Listings for Utica     Model 204 Wrench
  Listings for Vlchek     Model 205 Wrench
  Listings for Walden, 2     Model 206 Wrench
  Listings for Wilde     Model 210 Wrench
  Listings for Williams     Model 2149 Wrench
Master Quality See also Montgomery Ward     Model 221 Wrench
  See also Ward's Master     Model 232 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch     Model 234 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch     Model 235 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 8 Inch     Model 240 Wrench
  Brand Used by Montgomery Ward, 2, 3   Mossberg (Cont.) Model 242 Wrench
  Combination Wrench, 11/16     Model 243 Wrench
  Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1     Model 253 Wrench
Masterench See also Heller Brothers     Model 260-A Wrench
Matchless Brand Used by Bridgeport Hardware Mfg.     Model 262 Wrench
Mathias Klein & Sons Klein Trademark     Model 275 Wrench
  Klein-Lok Trademark     Model 3011 Wrench
  XELA Trademark     Model 3013 Valve Adjuster
Matthews, E. Patent D138,173, 2     Model 3014 Wrench
Mayhew Steel Products Catalog Resources     Model 310 Handle, 2, 3
  Company History     Model 320 Ell Handle
  Patents Issued     Model 336 Universal
  Trademarks Registered     Model 350 Ratchet, 2, 3
Mayhew, H.H. Company S [Diamond logo] Trademark     Model 351 Extension, 2, 3, 4
Mayhew, J.L. Patent 1,396,863     Model 355 Ratchet, 2
Mayhew Flat Chisel, 1/2     Model 360 Speeder
  Flat Chisel, 3/4, 2     Model 363 Wrench
  Model 50 Pliers     Model 366 Speeder
  Model 62 Pliers     Model 367 Speeder
  Offset Screwdriver, 5 Inch     Model 370 Tee Handle
  Pin Punch, 1/4     Model 371 Drive Adapter, 2
McClary, F.C. Patent 651,082     Model 372 Extension
McDonough, J.W. Patent 1,650,085, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6     Model 373 Extension
McKaig, A. Patent 629,045   Mossberg (Cont.) Model 402 Socket
McKaig, Sr., A. Patent 1,116,093     Model 422 Socket
McKaig-Hatch Adjustable Wrench, 12 Inch     Model 470 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 4 Inch     Model 540 Wrench
  Adjustable Wrench, 6 Inch     Model 551 Wrench
  Chain Pliers     Model 5Z161 Wrench
  Combination Pliers, 6 Inch     Model 5Z817 Wrench
  Combination Pliers, 6 Inch "Ford"     Model 623 Wrench, 2
  Combination Wrench, 9/16     Model 624 Wrench, 2
  Company History     Model 630 Wrench
  Model 1559 Wrench     Model 631 Wrench
  Model 301 Brake Spoon     Model 645 Wrench
  Model 438 Pliers     Model 654 Valve Spring Lifter
  Open-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16     Model 655 Valve Spring Lifter
  Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1     Model 715B Wrench
  Open-End Wrench, 5/16x11/32     Model 771 Tee Handle
  Patents Issued     Model 971 Wrench
  Waterpump Pliers, 10 Inch     Model 974 Wrench
McKee, R.J. et al Patent 1,483,670     Model 975 Wrench
McKee, R.J. Patent 1,437,602     Model 976 Wrench
McMaster-Carr Supply 1928 Catalog Indestro No. 600 Set     Model 977 Wrench
  1928 Catalog Mossberg No. 80 Set     Model 979 Wrench
  Catalog No. 28 (1928), 2, 3, 4     Model A-1 Wrench
  Listings for Bog   Mossberg (Cont.) Model A-2 Wrench
  Listings for Husky     Model A-9 Wrench
  Listings for Indestro     Model C Wrench
  Listings for Mossberg     Model D Wrench
McNaught & Peterson Patent 1,788,535, 2     Model F-2 Wrench
  Patent 1,798,481, 2, 3, 4     Model K-8 Wrench
  Patent 1,798,482     Model K-9 Wrench
  Patent 1,868,839     Model No. 74 Wrench
  Patent 1,868,840     Model No. 76 Wrench
  Patent 1,902,878, 2, 3, 4     National Brand Wrenches
  Patent 1,978,590     National No. 110 Wrench
  Patent 2,064,351     National No. 120 Wrench
  Patent 2,065,340, 2, 3     Ratchet Adapter, 1/2-Drive
  Patent 2,065,341     Ratchet, 1/2-Drive Auto-Clé
  Patent RE19,341     Rationale for 27 Hexagon Sockets
McNaught, N.F. Patent 1,902,878, 2     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 45
  Patent 1,932,796     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 80
  Patent 2,027,922     Socket Set, 1/2-Drive No. 83
  Patent D103,579, 2     Socket Set, 7/8-Drive No. 76
  Patent D104,869     Socket Set, No. 1 Auto-Clé
  Patent D105,337     Socket Set, No. 10
  Patent D105,338     Socket Set, No. 11
McWethy, G.E. Patent 1,712,473     Socket Set, No. 13
McWilliams, J.E. Patent 1,647,878   Mossberg (Cont.) Socket Set, No. 14
Mead, H.A. Patent 2,600,512, 2, 3, 4     Socket Set, No. 30
  Patent 2,669,145     Socket Set, No. 6, 2
Mears, P.L. et al Patent 2,853,909     Socket Set, No. 65 Ever-Wear
Mechanics' Tool & Forge MAC Tools [logo] Trademark     Socket Set, No. 7
  MAC Trademark     Socket Wrench, 17/32x21/32
Meier, W.R. et al Patent D177,636     Socket Wrench, 19/32x19/32
Meier, W.R. Patent D177,636, 2, 3     Socket Wrench, 23/32x25/32
Merdian, F. Patent 1,538,721     Socket, 1/2-Drive 5/8
Merit See also Sears, Roebuck & Co.     Socket, 1/2-Drive 7/8 Cr-Mo
  Adjustable Wrench, 10 Inch, 2     Socket, 11/16-Drive 31/32 Ever-Wear
  Adjustable Wrench, 6-8 Inch     Socket, 11/16-Drive 5/8 Ever-Wear
  Brand Used by Sears, Roebuck & Co.     Socket, Pressed-Steel 1-3/32
  Model 6216 Wrench, 2     Socket, Pressed-Steel 13/16
  No. 1027 Wrench     Socket, Pressed-Steel 31/32
  No. 2022A Wrench     Socket, Pressed-Steel Auto-Clé
  No. 2027 Wrench     Sterling Brand Wrenches
  No. 2031 Wrench     Sterling No. 1 Wrench
  No. 27 Wrench, 2     Sterling No. 2 Wrench
  No. 2725B Wrench     Sterling No. 3 Wrench
  No. 2729 Wrench     Sterling No. 30 Wrench
  No. 31 Wrench     Sterling No. 5 Wrench
  No. 723 Wrench     Trademark for Mossberg Wrench
  No. 729 Wrench   Motiv See also Vlchek Tool
  Offset Box-End Wrench, 1/2x9/16, 2     Model N727 Wrench
  Pliers, Bent Thin-Nose 7 Inch     Model X-24 Wrench
  Pliers, Waterpump "BT", 2     Model XB1618 Wrench
  Production by J.P. Danielson     Trademark for Vlchek Tool, 2
  Production by Vlchek Tool, 2, 3   Motor Age 1908 Ad for Bay State Autokit
  Wrench Set, 6-Piece Open-End     1908 Ad for Q.M.S. Auto-Clé Set, 2
Merritt, J. Patent 1,067,876, 2     1908 Notice for Mossberg Auto-Clé
Metal. & Chemical Eng. 1917 Notice for Kraeuter     1910 Ad for C.M.B. "Silver King"
Midget Trademark for Williams, J.H. & Co.     1918 Ad for Goodell-Pratt
Mill Supplies 1915 Ad for Armstrong Bros.     1919 Ad for Blackhawk
Miller Combination Tool Company History     1920 Ad for Bay State Pump
  Extension, 5/8-Drive 6 Inch     1920 Ad for Goodell-Pratt
  Patents Issued     1920 Ad for Larson Tool
  Ratchet, 5/8-Drive "Giant"     1920 Ad for Snap-On Wrench Co.
  Socket Set, 5/8-Drive "Giant"     1920 Notice of Blackhawk Welded Socket Construction
  Socket, 5/8-Male Drive 1-1/4 4-Point     1921 Ad for K-D Valve Lifter
  Socket, 5/8-Male Drive 1-1/4 Hex     1922 Ad for Allen Mfg. Socket Set
  Universal, 5/8-Drive     1922 Ad for Bethlehem Quickway
Miller Tool & Mfg. Auto Service Tools [logo] Trademark     1922 Notice for Bay State No. 21-1 Set
  Company Profile     1922 Notice for Bonney CV Wrenches
Miller Tool Model 7541 Wrench     1925 Ad for Walden
Miller, A.H. Patent D142,888, 2   Motor Boat 1919 Ad for Blackhawk No. 8 Set, 2
Miller, C. Patent 845,716, 2, 3, 4   Motor Cyclopedia 1909 Notice for Syracuse Wrench
  Patent 845,717   Motor Record 1929 Ad for K-D Manufacturing
  Patent 853,930   Motor Spec See also Diamond Calk Horseshoe
  Patent 909,439     Model K110 Pliers
  Patent 952,435     Model K18 Pliers
  Patent 952,436   Motor Specialties See also Mosco
Miller, Charles Company Company History     Company Profile
  Extension, 5/8-Drive     Mosco Brand
  No. 99 Socket Set   Motor Tool Specialty Catalog (1925) Milwaukee Wrenches
  Patents Issued   Motor Transport 1924 Ad for Walden Worcester
  Ratchet Wrench   Motor Wheel Corp. Model 03522 Wrench
  Sliding Tee Head, 5/8-Drive   Motor World 1916 Notice for Ray Socket Sets
  Sockets, 5/8 Male-Drive     1917 Notice for Ray Socket Sets
  Trademarks Registered     1922 Notice for Bethlehem Quickway
Miller, E.S. et al Patent 1,696,444   Motorcycle Illustrated 1914 Notice for Syracuse Wrench
Miller, E.S. Patent 1,534,537   Moulthrop & Jackson Patent 1,155,158
  Patent 1,671,159   Mueller & Braunsdorf Patent 828,895
Miller, F.W. Founder, Hinsdale Manufacturing   Mueller, C.F. Patent 634,016
  Patent 1,281,050     Patent 695,110
  Patent 1,765,496   Multiflex Trademark for Bingham-Herbrand, 2
  Patent 1,808,856   Multihex Trademark for Bingham-Herbrand, 2
Millers Falls Company Profile   Multitype Trademark for Bingham-Herbrand, 2
  Model 199 Screwdriver   Munro, W.H. Patent 933,096
  Model 803 Tapered Punch   Murray, A.T. Patent 2,181,764, 2
Milwaukee Tool & Forge See also MTF   Mustang See also New Britain Machine
  See also Tru-Fit     Model MS41 Ratchet
  Company History     Trademark for New Britain Machine
  Model HS-3 Tee Handle   Myers, C.H. Patent 288,098
  Model HS-6 Offset Handle     Patent 446,072
  Model MH-17 Ratchet     Patent 869,255
  Open-End Wrench, 15/16x1-1/16   Myers, E.W. Patent D57,252
  Open-End Wrench, 5/8x11/16     Patent D59,506
  Ratchet, 1/2-Drive   Mystery Tool Brace Bit Adapter, 1/2-Drive
  Ratchet, 5/8-Drive 5Z1948     Model 41-W-642-25 Wrench
  Tappet Wrench, 1/2     Model SSR14 Ratchet
  Tappet Wrench, 3/4x7/8     Model ST-10001 Socket
  Tappet Wrench, 7/16x1/2     Pliers, Battery Terminal
  True Fit Trademark     Screwdriver Socket Wrench
Mitoloy Flex Handle, 1/2-Drive      
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