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Trimont Manufacturing was a maker of pipe wrenches, plumbing tools, and nut wrenches operating in Roxbury, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1888.

Company History

[1896 Notice for Trimont Mfg.]
Fig. 1. 1896 Notice for Trimont Manufacturing. [External Link]

The notice in Fig. 1 was published on page 1818 of the 1896 edition of the New England Business Directory.

[1900 Listing for Trimo Pipe Tools]
Fig. 2. 1900 Listing for Trimo Pipe Tools. [External Link]

The text notes that the company was organized in 1888 with $150,000 in capital, and lists E.L. Button as president and E.O. Ely as treasurer and secretary.

The company's products were sold primarily under the "Trimo" brand.

The ad in Fig. 2 was published on page 62 of the February, 1900 issue of the Journal of Railway Appliances and shows Trimo pipe wrenches, chain pipe wrenches, combination nut and pipe wrenches, and pipe cutters.

[1909 Advertisement for Trimo Tools]
Fig. 3. 1909 Advertisement for Trimo Tools.

The scan in Fig. 3 shows an advertisement summarizing the company's tools, as published on page 145 of the September, 1909 edition of Engineering Review.

[1911 Advertisement for Trimont Wrenches]
Fig. 4. 1911 Advertisement for Trimont Wrenches. [External Link]

Fig. 4 shows a later advertisement for the company's wrenches, published on page 585 of the October, 1911 edition of the Automobile Trade Directory.

One of the company's popular products was an improved Stillson style pipe wrench based on patent 1,012,037, filed in 1911 by J.H. Vinton and issued later that year, with assignment to Trimont Manufacturing.

The patent specified a circular disk next to the adjusting nut, to prevent accidental changes in adjustment.


Trimont Manufacturing: Issued and Licensed Patents
Patent No.InventorFiledIssuedNotes and Examples
D19,168 J.H. Vinton12/26/188806/18/1889 Design for pipe wrench jaws
536,553 J.H. Vinton07/27/189403/26/1895 Chain pipe wrench
536,554 J.H. Vinton07/13/189403/26/1895 Pipe cutter
1,012,037 J.H. Vinton08/10/191112/19/1911 Adjustment protection for pipe or similar wrenches
Trimo 12 Inch Monkey Wrench


Trimont used "Trimo" as its primary brand and first registered it as trademark #63,620 on July 2, 1907. A later registration was issued as trademark #210,584 on March 16, 1926.

Trimont Mfg.: Registered Trademarks
Text Mark or Logo Reg. No. First Use Date Filed Date Issued Notes
Trimo 63,620  03/16/1907 07/02/1907 Pipe and monkey wrenches
TRIMO 210,584 01/01/189410/17/1925 03/16/1926 Pipe and monkey wrenches, chain wrenches, pipe cutters.
Pipe vises since 1924.
Serial 221,936. Published 01/05/1926. Renewed 03/16/1946.
Sando 255,222 11/07/192811/15/1928 04/16/1929 Wrenches
Moroco 255,223 11/01/192811/15/1928 04/16/1929 Wrenches

References and Resources

Photographs and observations of particular tools are based on items in the Alloy Artifacts Collection.

Currently we do not have any catalogs for Trimont Manufacturing.

Industrial Distributors

Trimont tools were widely available through industrial distributors.

Selected Tools

Trimo 12 Inch Monkey Wrench

[Trimo 12 Inch Monkey Wrench]
Fig. 5. Trimo 12 Inch Monkey Wrench, with Inset for Reverse Detail, ca. 1910s to 1920s.

Fig. 5 shows a Trimo 12 inch monkey wrench, marked with "Trimont Mfg. Co." and "Roxbury Mass. USA" forged into the shank, with "Size 12" and "Pat'd 12-19-1911" forged into the reverse, as seen in the inset. (The inset has been rotated for readabiity.)

The wrench also has a "Trimo" marking forged into the body near the jaw, and the movable jaw has "Drop Forged" forged into the shank, with "Trimo" forged into the reverse (not shown).

The overall length is 11.4 inches closed and 14.0 inches fully extended. The finish is plain steel.

The patent date corresponds to patent 1,012,037, issued to J.H. Vinton in 1911 with assignment to Trimont Manufacturing. This patent was originally issued for pipe wrenches and describes a circular disk placed next to the adjusting nut, in order to prevent accidental changes in the adjustment of the wrench.

Trimo 10 Inch Pipe Wrench

[Trimo 10 Inch Pipe Wrench]
Fig. 6. Trimo 10 Inch Pipe Wrench, with Insets for Side View and Reverse Detail, ca. Mid 1930s to 1940s.

Fig. 6 shows a Trimo 10 inch pipe wrench, marked with "Trimont Mfg Co" and "Roxbury Mass USA" forged into the shank, with "Trimo Size 10" and "Drop Forged Pat'd" forged into the reverse.

The carrier shell is also stamped "Trimo Alloy", and the movable jaw has "Cr Mol" forged in near the bend.

The overall length is 9.6 inches closed and 11.0 inches fully extended. The finish is plain steel.

The patent notice corresponds to patent 1,012,037, issued to J.H. Vinton in 1911 with assignment to Trimont Manufacturing.

A review of published references found the Trimo alloy pipe wrenches first mentioned in 1934, with continuing references into the 1940s.

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